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Tue 2 Jan 2018
at 18:29
Character Experience and Awards
This thread will be used for the Marshal to report awards of Experience Points to players for their completion of chapters and important milestones in the campaign. Players will also use this thread to track their redemption of experience for the improvement of their characters.

I’m going to request that all players use the following format in keeping up with their advances, which makes everything easy to see at a glance:

Audit Trail
00: Free Edge - Duelist
00: 2 Minor Hindrances => Alertness Edge
00: 1 Major Hindrance => Smarts from D4 to D6
05: Gambling and Notice from D4 to D6
10: Edge - Nerves of Steel

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Tue 26 Jun 2018
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Character Experience and Awards
Okay, while we're awaiting a final pronouncement on Señor Segovia's fate, we can attend to another piece of business.

For dispatching the wolves and rescuing the children from the scarecrow and his minions, I'm awarding each player 5 XP, which is good for one advance.

Please report your chosen advances in this thread, using the "Audit Trail" format.

If anyone has less than five fate chips on hand, go ahead and draw enough chips to bring your total up to five.

As well, as everyone involved showed both courage and ingenuity in contending with the perils of New Mexico, each player should take an additional white chip.

Also, if you've used any adventure cards, please make a card draw to ensure that you're holding two cards in your hand. In addition, if anyone wants to discard one or more of their cards and make a new draw, you can do so at this time.

Lastly, I'll give everyone another day or so to decide how to deal with Segovia. If the matter is still up in the air after that, I'll move things forward and have the gunman spontaneously combust...or something.
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Wed 27 Jun 2018
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Character Experience and Awards
Audit Trail
00 Major Hindrance  => Agility to d8 from d6
00 Minor Hindrances => Agility to d10 from d8
00 Free Edge => Duelist
00 Extra Special Bonus Advance (Linked Backgrounds) => Strong Willed Edge
05 => Quickdraw Edge
10 => Shooting to d10 from d8, Fighting to d8 from d6
15 => Spirit to d8 from d6