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Dramatis Personae
As additional NPCs of note join the story, they will be added here.

Dramatis Personae

The House

L.G. Murphy - Owner of the largest ranch in Lincoln County. Reportedly has business interests throughout the New Mexico territory. Believed to be the mastermind behind the recent murder of British immigrant and rancher John Tunstall, presumably for the purpose of absorbing Tunstall’s land and property. He has also been credited with efforts to drive numerous farmers from the valley. Murphy has several individuals in his employ, including known outlaw Jesse Evans and his gang. He served as an officer and infantry commander in the Union Army. Murphy was one of the guides of a doomed wagon train that was lost in the Capitan Mountains, and is long believed to have been the only survivor of the journey. Murphy is rarely seen outside of his ranch and the office he maintains in Lincoln.

James Dolan - L.G. Murphy’s chief lieutenant, responsible for overseeing many of the day to day operations of his businesses. Dolan is said to be highly educated and has traveled extensively. Rumor has it that he resided both in the Far East and in South America prior to settling in the Confederate West. Dolan is regarded as the public face of “The House” and is the most visible leader of the organization publicly.

Jim McDaniels - Largely believed to be another of Murphy’s lieutenants. Purported to be a gunfighter of some ability, McDaniel’s past is largely shrouded in mystery. The only persistent story regarding his origins alleges that he rode with William Quantrill in Missouri during the Civil War. McDaniels has the reputation of an accomplished gambler. For years, his left hand has been concealed beneath a bandage.

Jesse Evans - A feared gunman and outlaw, infamous in Texas and the New Mexico territory prior to coming into the employ of L.G. Murphy. Evans is said to serve as the foreman at Murphy’s ranch, though most within Lincoln understand him to be Murphy’s chief enforcer.

Dolly Graham - Believed to be an experienced bank robber from the east, Graham is Jesse Evans’ most trusted associate and, by reputation, a remorseless killer.

Nicholas Provencio - A member of Evans’s gang. Reportedly a champion pugilist in several southern states.

Frank Baker - A rifle marksman who was employed by ranchers, protecting their herds from rustlers, following his service for Dixie Rails in the Rail Wars. Currently works for L.G. Murphy and is part of Jesse Evans’ crew. Implicated in the murder of John Tunstall’s foreman, Richard Brewer.
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Dramatis Personae
The Regulators

Henry McCarty/William Bonney/Billy the Kid - A charismatic young man of Irish descent, rumored to hail from New York City. In the wake of the death of Richard Brewer, John Tunstall’s foreman, he ascended to leadership of The Regulators, a group of ranch hands who were employed by rancher John Tunstall and were deputized in the wake of his murder to arrest those responsible for his death. McCarty is reportedly a capable gunfighter, though dangerously impulsive by reputation. The Kid is believed to be behind the violent course the Regulators have taken, in which they appear intent on killing those involved in Tunstall’s murder, as opposed to arresting them, including some individuals not named in the warrants they were originally issued. Billy is said to be no more than twenty years of age.

Josiah “Doc” Scurlock - One of John Tunstall’s first ranch hands and a capable rifleman. “Doc” tends to be soft spoken and determined in purpose. He was involved in assisting Kansas Kate’s attempt to deceive Jesse Evans and his gang. He has demonstrated the ability to inspire fear in others and to put individuals to sleep with the touch of his hand.

Jose Chavez y Chavez - One of Billy the Kid’s closest friends, who shares many of his views regarding obtaining justice for John Tunstall. Purported to be an accomplished tracker and guerilla fighter who has resided in the Coyote Confederation for much of his life.

Charlie Bowdre - A young cowboy, believed to be wanted for multiple instances of cattle rustling in Colorado. Persistent rumors state that Bowdre viewed John Tunstall as a father figure.

Steve Stephens -  A former trapper and mountain man who sought employment with John Tunstall during a recent, difficult winter.

Tom O’Folliard - A well liked young cowboy who has lived most of his life in the Rio Bonito Valley. Recently served as the eyes and ears of The Regulators in Lincoln. Targeted for death by Jesse Evans. Kansas Kate and “Doc” Scurlock faked his death and Tamsin River assisted in finding him a safe shelter in the Capitan foothills.
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Dramatis Personae
Lincoln Residents

Renata Montano - A widow and lifelong resident of the Rio Bonito Valley. Operates the Montano Store and the Patron House, a boarding home located on Lincoln’s Main Street. Montano is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the valley and the adjoining Capitan Mountains, as well as the legends that surround them. Montano has been an outspoken opponent of L.G. Murphy’s attempts to control the region and has corresponded with a number of territorial authorities, requesting their intervention in the area.

Michael Kibbee - The publisher of the Lincoln Independent, the newspaper that reports on happenings in the town and the surrounding valley. Like Renata Montano, Kibbee has frequently spoken against L.G. Murphy’s efforts to dominate the area. Kibbee’s office previously burned to the ground, forcing him to relocate the paper to Lincoln’s Assay Office. Kibbee’s son was recently kidnapped in another attempt to silence him and, following the boy’s return, the newspaperman suffered a severe bearing.

Desiree Thornton - The courageous proprietress of The Thornton-Curry Saloon. Born and raised in Louisiana, Thornton has been open in her support of those that oppose L.G. Murphy. Her saloon is known as a gathering spot and safe haven for individuals that act against “The House”, including members of The Regulators. Thornton’s father serves in the territorial legislature, working for wide ranging regulatory reform.

Reverend Thomas Benton - The pastor of the Lincoln Methodist Church. Benton was well regarded throughout the community. He recently disappeared, following attempts to investigate a rash of grave robberies.

Aileen Kearney - A mustanger from Colorado who has family residing in neighboring San Patricio. By virtue of her hunt for wild horses, Kearney is familiar with much of the wilderness in the Rio Bonito Valley. Kearney has volunteered on multiple occasions to assist those that have been effected by “The House’s” strong arm tactics.

Valentina Perez - The schoolmistress of Lincoln, she is protective of her charges and opposed to “The House’s” efforts to terrorize those that oppose them. Reportedly the focus of Texas Ranger Bryan Lee’s romantic ambitions.

Ike Ellis - The proprietor of the Ellis Store and Livery. The multitalented Ellis wears many hats in the community and appears ready to assist individuals in need, even at risk to himself. The services offered by his stable are relied upon by many in the Rio Bonito Valley.

Father Emiliano Narvaez - The priest assigned to La Iglesia de San Juan Bautista in Lincoln. Like Thomas Benton, he is highly regarded in the community and his council is frequently sought on matters both practical and spiritual. He has also expressed concern regarding the recent spate of grave robberies.

Henry Cooper - A rancher who owns a modest spread west of Lincoln. Well respected in the county for his honesty and fairness in business dealings. Cooper has been steadfast in his refusal to sell his land to L.G. Murphy and has been known to provide money and help to farmers in the area that find themselves in difficult circumstances. The uncle of Albert Cooper.

Ava Winter - An accomplished herbalist and healer who resides in neighboring San Patricio. Like Renata Montano, she is well informed about the history and legends of the Rio Bonito Valley. She has served as a mentor to Tamsin River.

Quinn Murdock - The owner and driver of the stagecoach that provides service to and from Roswell. Murdock is close friends with Ike Ellis. He has frequently contended with robbers and wolves on his trips in and out of the Rio Bonito Valley.

Thomas Horn - Murdock’s stage guard. He gained a reputation as a marksman and a ruthless enforcer while guarding the herds of ranchers in Texas from cattle rustlers.

Patrick Garrett - A buffalo hunter who traveled to the Rio Bonito Valley in search of employment, either through hunting bison west of Lincoln, or as a hand at one of the area ranches.

Andrew “Buckshot” Roberts - A gunman and bounty hunter, Roberts is known by reputation in the New Mexico and Arizona territories. Rumors persist that Roberts was also part of the doomed wagon train into the Capitan Mountains and, like L.G. Murphy, managed to survive the journey.

Shabbakasha - (“Roving Wolf”) A Comanche shaman who claims that his ancestors worked to contain the darkness resident in the Capitan Mountains and who continues their guardianship. He believes that the recent grave robberies are part of an effort to raise, and control, the dead.

Earl Wood - Lincoln’s resident physician. His child was one of those kidnapped from the Lincoln Schoolhouse.

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Dramatis Personae
The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

William Brady - The current sheriff of Lincoln County, Brady is viewed by many in the community as ineffective or corrupt. Brady discussed the travails of his position with Ranger Lee, confessing that Lawrence Murphy and “The House” had proved able to constrain many of his efforts to police the valley, by virtue of their economic clout and influence.

Lena Bauer - One of Brady’s deputies and the one that he identified as being entirely trustworthy to Ranger Lee. Bauer has taken a particular interest in the disappearance of Reverend Thomas Benton and has been actively searching for answers regarding the missing minister’s fate.

Wrias Raines - Suspected of being on L.G. Murphy’s payroll. Noted for his cruel treatment of prisoners in the Lincoln County Jail. A frequent patron of Wilson’s Saloon, the favored watering hole of employees of The House.

James Bell - A young man and one of Sheriff Brady’s newest deputies. Reportedly honest and trustworthy.

Robert “Bob” Olinger - Olinger served as a deputy in Dodge City, Kansas as a very young man. Said to be brutal in his handling of most accused of breaking the law. Olinger has made several public statements expressing his support for L.G. Murphy and “The House”.
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Dramatis Personae
The Tunstall-McSween Ranch

Susan McSween - Susan McSween took control of John Tunstall’s ranch following the Englishman’s murder and has proven gifted at running a cattle outfit. McSween openly opposes L.G. Murphy’s ambitions of monopolizing the range in Lincoln County, but does not advocate the violent methods espoused by The Regulators. She is well respected by her employees for both her toughness and fairness.

Frank Coe - One of the men first hired by John Tunstall to work on his ranch. A experienced cattle hand and hunter, Coe serves as Susan McSween’s foreman. Rarely at the ranch house, Coe is known for spending long hours on the range, keeping a close watch on his employer’s property.

Jim French - Tall, lanky, and a man of few words, French is a capable cowboy who is reputed to be highly skilled with a lasso. Scrupulously honest, he is frequently looked to for leadership by his fellow hands.
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Dramatis Personae
Other Important Individuals in the New Mexico Territory

John S. Mosby - A former Confederate Colonel who gained notoriety during the Civil War for his guerilla campaign against the Army of the Potomac in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Appointed the Territorial Governor of New Mexico in October, 1880.

Alexander McSween - A lawyer. The husband of Susan McSween and a close friend of the late John Tunstall. McSween recently traveled to Santa Fe in hopes of lobbying the Territorial Governor and Legislature to intervene in the Rio Bonito Valley and bring a halt to the actions of Lawrence Murphy and “The House”.

John Chisum - Owner of the the largest ranch in the New Mexico territory, located in the vicinity of Roswell. Credited as being the first man to perceive the difficult terrain of New Mexico as viable for raising cattle. His accomplishments and considerable wealth afford him a great deal of influence in territorial matters.

Melissa Ayuso - Commander of the Confederate garrison at Roswell. Charged with maintaining safety and order throughout eastern New Mexico.