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Tue 2 Jan 2018
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Rules and Expectations
There honestly arenít many ďrulesĒ to be observed in taking part in the game. But what few there are are as follows:

1. Posting Expectations: The games that I have run in the past here on RPOL have had a relatively relaxed posting rate, a tradition I intend to continue with here. My general expectation would be for everyone to enter two or three posts a week. Granted, that rate can change during the ebb and flow of the campaign, but I generally wouldnít want to take on a speed thatís much faster to honor those whose real life obligations require them to keep to the aforementioned pace. On occasion, I will update things on weekends, but I recognize that often, Saturdays and Sundays are busy times for some, self included. So I won't expect much posting on those days.

2. Absences: If you anticipate being absent, please make certain to alert me and your fellow players. Iíve set up an area of the game specifically for that purpose. In such instances, I will do my utmost to NPC your character in a manner thatís fair and hopefully in keeping with the characterization youíve previously demonstrated, though if you have specific instructions regarding how he or she is to be played, youíre certainly welcome to send them my way.

Should you vanish without any communication, I will generally proceed with running your character as an NPC after a weekís time. Iíll also shoot you an rMail around then, checking to see if all is well and inquiring if youíre still interested in participating. If I donít hear from you in two weeks, Iíll proceed with removing you from the game and will assume control of your character. That said, I certainly recognize that emergencies happen and that real life circumstances can preclude signing into RPOL for an extended period of time. So, should you be removed from the game, it doesn't mean that you couldnít be reinstated at a later date, once your situation has calmed.

3. Disagreements: Any of us in the role playing hobby can become very invested emotionally in our characters and the outcome of a given mission or quest. Should you disagree with a ruling that I make, please communicate your concern to me via a private message. I believe myself to be both fair and open minded as a Game Master and Iíll certainly give your viewpoint serious consideration. I canít promise that Iíll change my decision just because you object, but if I donít, Iíll be sure to give you a clear explanation regarding how I arrived at my position.

As well, not everyone at the same table always sees eye to eye. If you have a problem with one of your fellow players, please try to speak with them about it via private message. If youíre uncomfortable discussing whatever might be bothering you, youíre also welcome to send a PM to me so that I can address the matter and try to work out a reasonable compromise with both parties.

What I ask that you refrain from doing is bringing a disagreement with me, or with another player, into one of the game threads. Public arguments disrupt the game for everyone and can pretty quickly drain the fun out of the proceedings. I would certainly step in should such a situation develop.

4. ĒHazingĒ: Deadlands Reloaded holds some similarity with certain iterations of Dungeons and Dragons, in that, much like the Drow and Tieflings of certain settings, some characters in Deadlands, chiefly those with arcane abilities, may be met with distrust by others, including members of their own posse.

Please understand that I am all for people role playing their characters to the hilt, flaws and all. However, I want to ensure that the game is enjoyable for all participants. And, to be completely honest, Iím not especially fond of ďplayer vs. playerĒ situations, that set one PC against another. While I certainly recognize that each character will have their own personal goals to pursue, it is my sincere hope that the group as a whole is united in their efforts to contend with the horrors of the Weird West.

I certainly understand characters being mistrustful of one another at points, especially as certain key secrets about their fellow heroes come to light. Role playing suspicion for a time is expected and acceptable. However, please understand that I, as the Marshal, will be monitoring those situations to make certain that they donít devolve into conflicts that can drain the fun of the proceedings from some (or all) of the players participating in them. When such things come to light, donít be surprised if I PM the participants to ďcheck inĒ on things from time to time. If the situation has become one thatís curtailing a playerís enjoyment of the campaign, be aware that Iíll ask for everyone to bring things to a reasonably quick and satisfactory conclusion, so the group as a whole can move forward.

5. Have Fun: Okay, this isnít actually a rule as much as a reminder of why we engage in this fascinating hobby. Fun is definitely the focus here. If thereís ever anything that I can do to make the game more enjoyable, please donít hesitate to let me know.