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Tue 2 Jan 2018
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Character Creation
Before you take any formal steps with character creation, I would encourage you to share your initial concepts with me. I enjoy learning about playerís ideas for protagonists and Iíll be happy to provide any assistance that I can in bringing your vision into the gameís setting.

Characters for High Lonesome should be created using the following guidelines:

  1. Characters will begin play at Novice rank with two advances (ten experience points).
  2. All player characters in the Deadlands setting are human, so each character will receive one free Edge.
  3. Points should be invested in Attributes and Skills as outlined in the Makiní Heroes chapter of the Deadlands Reloaded Playerís Guide. As noted in the guide, all standard skills that are described in the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook are available in Deadlands.
  4. Calculate all Derived Statistics. Be certain to include Grit, a secondary statistic unique to Deadlands. For most starting characters, it will be 1, unless it is modified by Edges.
  5. Anyone taking an Arcane Background should follow the guidelines given for their chosen path in the Deadlands Reloaded Playerís Guide. Players portraying Blessed characters should utilize the updated background features outlined in the Good Intentions Playerís Guide. Note that both the Hexslinger and Harrowed backgrounds described in the Stone and a Hard Place Playerís Guide may also be selected.
  6. Purchase your starting equipment utilizing the price list given in the Deadlands Playerís Guide. Please make note on your character sheet if any items you purchase are ĒEl Cheapo GearĒ.
  7. Draw three Fate Chips per the instructions given in the Fate Chip and Experience Thread. Record the result of your draws in that thread.
  8. Each player should also draw the Adventure Cards that they are entitled to, which should be two cards at Novice rank. Make those draws using the instructions and card descriptions in the Adventure Cards thread and record your results there.

Either before or after youíve finalized the mechanical elements of your character sheet, I need you to provide me with the answers to a few questions:

Who are you? What is your characterís story prior to the events that unfold in High Lonesome? Provide me with some idea of his or her origins and background. This can be as detailed as you want to make it. I recognize that some elements of a character become fleshed out during the course of play, so itís certainly okay to leave some things open for later interpretation. But provide me with some foundations here. Some of the essence of what mad your persona who he or she is.

Why are you here? At the gameís opening, the characters will be traveling to Lincoln, New Mexico. What, specifically, brings your character there? Does your character have family or friends that reside in the area? Lincoln is an area where work can be found, be it on a ranch, on a farm, prospecting, or at one of townís saloons or stores. Is that what your character is seeking? Is he or she coming to the relative isolation of New Mexico to get away from something? Is Lincoln just a stop off on a much longer journey? These are just ideas. Any reason that fits within your characterís background will work.

Who do you know? Provide me with a couple of non-player character friends/relatives/contacts that your persona knows in the Southwest. They donít necessarily have to be from Lincoln proper, but they should have influence in the area or it be possible for them to travel there, at least occasionally. Youíre not limited to only two contacts, if you have ideas for others, but please provide me with at least two to start.

In addition, give me an idea for one individual that your character has some bad blood with. An enemy or rival from their past thatís still potentially wandering the frontier.

Finally, you may also (and are encouraged to) forge ties with some of your fellow player characters.

What is your worst nightmare? Last but not least, what is it that your character fears most? What is the most horrific outcome he or she could face? Please understand, there is a very specific reason I need this information. Weíll hope together that it never actually has to come into play.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance during any portion of the character creation process, donít hesitate to let me know. Iím here to help.