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Fri 17 Jan 2020
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VIII - Darkness and Firelight
With dusk, the gray pines seem to draw in, pulling close to one another, blocking out the pale glow of the moon and stars. At the overhang, where the posse has built their camp, the resulting darkness takes on an impenetrable quality. Beyond the amber glow of the campfire, all becomes uncertain, the details of the nearby trees, and anything that might linger among them, lost. A few insects buzz outside the boundary of the firelight, but the mountain is quiet otherwise, giving only an occasional, rattling whisper when the wind passes among the forest’s dry branches.

The first watch passes without incident. If Kearney finds Dr. Wayland strange, she gives no sign, her interest in his inventions and theories clearly genuine. She listens more than she speaks, but she does talk about some of her career as a law dog, and about some the wonders she witnessed during her last trip to New York. ”All these new discoveries...they’re sure changing up the world. Not sure I’ll recognize a lot of it ten years from now.”

The second watch is mostly still as well, though an occasional close rustling among the nearby trees draw both Castillo and Bauer’s attention. Bauer asks several questions about Castillo’s service as a scout with the Army, then goes on to confess that she’s given serious thought to leaving Lincoln soon. ”Might try my hand as a bounty hunter. Or a stage guard. Somethin’ that would let me wander a bit. I’d just like to get a taste of what some of the rest of the country is like.”

Kansas Kate snaps awake several minutes before she is to take her shift. Cooper, long accustomed to the discipline of the range, awakens only a few minutes later. The wind picks up as the pair join Castillo and Bauer at the fire, cracks sounding from the branches of the nearby trees, the flame of the campfire wavering uncertainly. The gust abates after a moment, leaving a fresh chill lingering in the space beneath the stone overhang.

OOC: Everyone who’s awake, kindly provide me a Notice roll.
Kansas Kate
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Fri 17 Jan 2020
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VIII - Darkness and Firelight
13:52, Today: Kansas Kate rolled 2,5 using d6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 2,5.  Notice.

Not a derp roll!

Kansas Kate was never really pleasant per se.  Oh, she was certainly more fun when she was drunk.  But normally it was because she was nasty, dangerous and nihilistic.

At the moment, it was because she was coiled like a cat ready to pounce.  Nervous was not quite the right word, for she was more impatient than anxious.

She checked the scattergun and closed its action.  She'd lifted it intending to use it to disguise her murders, but it might presently serve another purpose.  Generally, she didn't favor shotguns.  A handgun was always with you, a rifle had much greater distance and held more ammunition before you had to start reloading.

But a shotgun was like that spider.  It had its place.  In a pinch, up close, it was the deadliest of implements.
Jacinta Castillo
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Fri 17 Jan 2020
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VIII - Darkness and Firelight
Jacinta nodded to the others as they joined them at the fire.  Her rifle lay across her lap as she cleaned the exterior with an oiled cloth.  She'd positioned herself perpendicular to the fire so that one side of her face still lay in darkness.  As the wind picked up, she lifted her eyes to the trees beyond.

Notice: 4 (+2 if avoiding surprise)

16:09, Today: Jacinta Castillo rolled 4,4 using d8+2,d6+2, rerolling max with rolls of 2,2.  Notice.

Albert Cooper
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Sat 18 Jan 2020
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VIII - Darkness and Firelight
Albert took a deep breath and yawned as he awoke, working his jaw briefly while consciousness returned. The hat he'd tipped over his eyes was returned to its rightful place atop his head, and the first place Albert looked was toward Brandy. Satisfied with where his faithful horse was resting, he next checked for his gun and gunbelt. He took the latter and strapped it about his waist, making sure that his etching tools were in the case attached to the belt. That Jacinta was on the prior watch would be rather efficient.

Albert nodded at the two that had been on watch. "Deputy. Jay-Lo. Let me know if y'all want me ta make some more of them bullets for ya. Goes for ya too, Double-Kay."

As the gust blew straight through Albert, he suppressed the urge to shudder.

OOC: Whatever is going on out there is a mystery to Albert

17:55, Today: Albert Cooper rolled 1,2 using d6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 1,2.  Notice.