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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
The mountain remains quiet as the riders continue their trek, Roberts, Castillo, and Kansas Kate in the lead. The patches of forest that shadow portions of the narrow trail retain the same dead pallor that the posse has witnessed at lower elevations, the tree trunks the color of slate, flowering plants drained of their vibrant hues, their fragile forms appearing as though they would crumble at the slightest touch. Here and there, the jagged rocks are frosted with a light dusting of snow.

After an hour, the path abruptly snakes to the northeast, leading up a rocky rise that terminates in a plateau which is thick with tall grey pines. Through the dense cover, the riders can see that the level table of rock stretches out into an open flat, dotted with structures that are difficult to identify through the foliage.

Several members of the posse find their attention drawn to a spot just right of the path. There, between the trunks of two dead pines, a single blue spruce has sprouted, just over knee high, its needles rich with blue green coloration. At its base, a handful of harebells, their petals the color of a clear morning sky, have bloomed.

The wind whispers amongst the trees, a sharp chill accompanying its hushed voice.

OOC: Everyone kindly provide me a Notice roll. If you possess the Tracking skill, you can give a roll with that as well.
Kansas Kate
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
This whole episode had Kansas Kate on edge.  She was even more surly and sour than usual, but on the upside, it meant she was on the very precipice of the razor.

21:42, Today: Kansas Kate rolled 13,2 using d6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of (6+6+1)13,2.  Notice.
Jacinta Castillo
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
Jacinta kept a wary eye out for danger as they ascended the mountain, searching for more mottled tracks or other indication that they weren't alone.  Her keen senses rarely let her down, though her dealings with the supernatural were still rare enough that she didn't know exactly what to expect.

Notice: 5
Tracking: 7

22:34, Today: Jacinta Castillo rolled 4,7 using d8,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 4,(6+1)7.  Tracking.
22:34, Today: Jacinta Castillo rolled 5,3 using D8+2,d6+2, rerolling max with rolls of 3,1.  Notice.

Tamsin River
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
21:05, Today: Tamsin River rolled 4,2 using D8,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 4,2.  Knowledge: Herbalist.
21:03, Today: Tamsin River rolled 3,9 using D6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 3,(6+3)9.  Notice.

Tamsin stops at the sudden sign of life in the plants, dismounting her horse hurriedly to inspect the sapling and its friends. “Well, this is a good sign. This brings good fortune,” she says as her fingers touch the needles. ”But how are you here when everything around you is dead?”
Albert Cooper
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
"Hm." Albert was slightly perplexed at the blue spruce. It probably meant something, but he wasn't exactly sure what.

00:00, Today: Albert Cooper rolled 2,5 using d6,d6, rerolling max with rolls of 2,5.  Notice.<

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Bryan Lee
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
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X - High Lonesome
The Ranger's thoughts were distracted since leaving that cabin. The events of the last few days had taken their toll on him, and he wasn't paying as much attention as he should've been as he tried to think through what all information he had access to. He stared absent mindedly at Kansas Kate's hat as a landmark as he followed along.


15:50, Today: Bryan Lee rolled 1,3 using d6,d6, rerolling max.  Notice.

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Mon 2 Mar 2020
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X - High Lonesome
Examining the plants, River can see that both the spruce and the flowers are healthy, all showing signs of having successfully weathered the cold temperatures of the mountain heights. Glancing down, the herbalist's attention is drawn to the earth in which the plants are growing. She can see that, unlike the hard, gray terrain that makes up much of the riders' surroundings, the patch of soil where these specimens have found purchase is dark and rich, able to be turned by hand.

Kansas Kate sights motion within the trees to the right of the trail, shifting that Albert Cooper notices as well a split second later. Something in the fleeting movement suggests to both observers that what is concealed within the trees is human, not any sort of wild animal.

Castillo catches sight of a similar motion on the left of the path, a glimpse of a dark form keeping low to the ground, changing position from one vantage point to another.
Albert Cooper
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Wed 4 Mar 2020
at 01:10
X - High Lonesome
Albert removed the gun from his holster as he noted the movement. He considered calling out, but hoped that his movement would quietly alert the others.