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XII - A Heart of Thorns
When the riders reach Ike Ellis’ stables, dusk has turned the sky over Lincoln into a bruised violet, a gibbous moon and a scattering of stars making themselves visible in the darkening firmament. Henry Cooper, along with four of his cowboys, are gathered in a small group, speaking quietly with Patrick Garrett and what the group presumes to be three of his deputies. Also part of the gathering are Quinn Murdock, the stagecoach driver, and his guard, Thomas Horn.

Ellis waves as the posse enters the yard, his demeanor friendly, but somber. He and one of his workers are carrying metal coffeepots and battered cups, supplying drinks of the steaming beverage to any who want them. At the stables, the riders notice that Ellis’ other hands are saddling additional horses, apparently for any who might require mounts.

Henry Cooper and Patrick Garrett each greet the group in turn, the Sheriff asking if the assistance of the Regulators might be forthcoming. As Garrett asks the question, Lena Bauer and Jose Chavez y Chavez ride into the yard. Between them is Aileen Kearney, mounted on her mare, her wrists bound together with rope.

Bauer clears her throat. ”’Fore anyone jumps to any conclusions, you may want to listen to what she has to say,” the deputy offers quietly, nodding at Kearney.
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XII - A Heart of Thorns
Lee takes a cup of coffee with thanks. He answered simply with, "they'll be comin' along" as to the Regulators assistance, but before he was able to say more on what else they had learned from Bonney and Ulsan, Kearney arrived with Chavez y Chavez and Bauer.

"Well then, let's hear it." He looked expectantly at Kearney, his expression blank as he waited for her explanation of the situation.

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XII - A Heart of Thorns
Kearney looks Lee in the eyes, her voice clear when she speaks. ”I never gave anyone in Murphy’s camp anything until we rode back in from Angus. I did tell them the truth of what I’d seen when we’d faced McDaniels. What each of you were capable of. I wasn’t thinking straight then, and I’m certain I told them more than I should have. That’s no excuse. It’s just the truth of what happened.”

“When I rode over to San Patricio to send a telegram to my folks in Colorado, I found my aunt and uncle gone. Cecil Hutchinson, my uncle’s hired hand, was in the barn, his throat cut ear to ear. Fella by the name of Chambers found me, said my family were somewhere safe, that Mr. Murphy wouldn’t let any harm come to them if I was to cooperate.”

“I saw Chambers again today. I told him a group tin stars and regular folk were gettin’ ready to storm Mr. Murphy’s home and businesses sometime next week. That a bunch of ‘em were meeting over near Angus around nine o’clock tonight to talk strategy.”

She looks over at Garrett, then back to Lee. ”I can’t deny it. I provided help to Murphy and his people. Information they could use to hurt those trying to put a stop to them. I’ll take whatever punishment’s due me. In a courtroom, or here. Whichever you think is best.”

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