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HEX / Ubiquity Help
This thread is for helpful information about the Ubiquity system as it applies to the HEX (Hollow Earth Expedition) game.
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HEX / Ubiquity Help
Below is a text format HEX character sheet, to be filled out once everything is approved and added to your own character sheet space.

Age    : ___
Gender : __________
Height : ___ft ___in
Eyes   : __________
Hair   : __________
Skin   : __________

NAME: xxxxx
ALIASES (if any): xxxxx
ARCHETYPE: xxxxx (Put this in your Tag)
MOTIVATION: xxxxx (put this in Bio1

BODY.......: x    CHARISMA....: x

SIZE.......: 0    INITIATIVE..: x
MOVE.......: x    DEFENSE.....: x
PERCEPTION.: x    STUN........: x

Size = 0
Move = Dexterity + Strength
Perception = Intelligence + Willpower
Initiative = Dexterity + Intelligence
Defense = Body + Dexterity
Health = Body + Willpower
Stun = Body


SKILLS (15pts)
Skill                       Base + Levels = Rating (Average)
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2
__________________________   x       y         z      Z/2

Choose one Talent or Resource


Choose a Flaw
__________________________ (put this in Bio2)

Primary Attribute    = Attribute Increase x 5 points
Skill                = Skill Increase x 2 points
Skill Specialization = 3 points
Talent               = 15 points
Resource             = 15 points

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HEX Character Creation
What I am now going to attempt to do is explain how to create a HEX character without reproducing the entire character generation chapters (which would be naughty, hence summary method).

Step 1: Choose an Archetype. Archetype: example characters
Archetype could be looked as a catch-all 'class', with it having little effect on your actual character, but helping you decide on what attributes are most important, skills to pick, talents or resources to decide on, and what flaw to take. If you have your own idea for an Archetype, you can obviously talk to the GM about it.

Academic: Cultural Anthropologist, Famous Historian, Ancient Language Specialist
Adventurer: Daredevil, Flying Ace, Smuggler
Celebrity: Hollywood Starlet, Movie Director, Playwright
Criminal: Con Man, Innocent Fugitive, Gangster
Doctor: Jungle Doctor, Ship Surgeon, Veterinarian
Engineer: Blacksmith, Civil Engineer, Vehicle Mechanic
Everyman: Accountant, Mechanic, Taxi Driver
Explorer: Cartographer, Fearless Leader, National Hero
Hunter: Big Game Hunter, Native Guide, Tracker
Lawman: Bounty Hunter, G-Man, Private Detective
Missionary: Evangelist, Jesuit Priest, Theologian
Moneyman: Tycoon, Financier, Movie Producer
Monk: Hindu Yogi, Shaolin Monk, Tibetan Lama
Occultist: Fortuneteller, Occult Investigator, Spiritualist
Reporter: Biographer, Investigative Reporter, Photographer
Scientist: Eccentric Inventor, Naturalist, Theoretical Physicist
Soldier: Government Agent, Ex-Marine, Soldier-of-Fortune
Spy: Double Agent, Femme Fatale, Saboteur
Survivor: Castaway, Political Refugee, Stranded Traveler

Step 2: Choose Motivation. Motivation: Likely archetypes
Motivation is a roleplaying assistant. It helps you define why your character is adventuring in the first place, and can provide potential drama/conflict between characters as well as NPCs. If you believe a different Motivation from the list below is more appropriate, talk to the GM.

Accomplishment: Academics, Explorers, Scientists
Duty: Doctors, Soldiers, Criminals
Escape: Adventurers, Criminals, Survivors
Excitement: Adventurers, Celebrities, Explorers
Faith: Academics, Missionaries, Occultists
Fame: Celebrities, Explorers, Reporters
Greed: Adventurers, Criminals, Moneymen
Honor: Doctors, Hunters, Monks
Hope: Adventurers, Everyman, Survivors
Justice: Lawmen, Reporters, Soldiers
Love: Celebrities, Explorers, Reporters
Mystery: Missionaries, Occultists, Spies
Power: Moneymen, Occultists, Scientists
Redemption: Criminals, Missionaries, Soldiers
Revenge: Hunters, Scientists, Survivors
Survival: Doctors, Hunters, Survivors
Truth: Academics, Reporters, Scientists

Step 3: Primary Attributes. 15-points. Initial Range 1-6
Body, Dexterity, Strength, Charisma, Intelligence, Willpower

Step 4: Secondary Attributes. Derived from your primaries
Size = 0
Move = Dexterity + Strength
Perception = Intelligence + Willpower
Initiative = Dexterity + Intelligence
Defense = Body + Dexterity
Health = Body + Willpower
Stun = Body

Step 5: Skills. 15-points. Nothing higher than 5 at this point of character creation.

SkillAttributeSpecializations and Disciplines
Academics*IntelligenceHistory, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Religion
AcrobaticsDexterityBalance, Breakfall, Contortion, Juggling, Tumbling
Animal HandlingCharismaCats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Reptiles
ArcheryDexterityBlowguns, Bows, Crossbows, Nets, Slings
Art*IntelligenceMusic, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
AthleticsStrengthClimbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming, Throwing
BrawlStrengthBlock, Disarm, Dirty Tricks, Grapple, Kick, Punch, Throw
BureaucracyIntelligenceAcademia, Business, Government, Legal, Military
ConCharismaBluff, Fast Talk, Lies, Tricks, Seduction
Craft*IntelligenceCarpentry, Chemistry, Electronics, Mechanics, Medicines
DemolitionsIntelligenceDefusing, Dynamite, Gunpowder, Improvised, Incendiary
DiplomacyCharismaEtiquette, Leadership, Negotiation, Persuasion, Politics
DriveDexterityBuses, Cars, Motorcycles, Tanks, Trucks
EmpathyIntelligenceBody Language, Emotions, Intuition, Lies, Motives
FirearmsDexterityArchaic, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine Guns
FocusWillpowerConcentration, Courage, Meditation, Resistance, Resolve
GamblingIntelligenceCheating, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette
GunneryIntelligenceArtillery, Bombs, Cannons, Machine Guns, Rockets
IntimidationCharismaInterrogation, Orders, Staredown, Threats, Torture
InvestigationIntelligenceCrimes, Enigmas, Interview, Research, Search
LarcenyDexterityLockpicking, Pickpocketing, Safecracking, Security, Sleight of Hand
LinguisticsIntelligenceCodes, Deciphering, Gestures, Lip Reading, Translation
Martial Arts*StrengthAikido, Boxing, Capoeira, Judo, Kalaripayattu, Karate, Kung Fu, Savate, Tai Chi Chuan, Wrestling
MedicineIntelligenceDiagnosis, Diseases, First Aid, Surgery, Veterinary
MeleeStrengthAxes, Clubs, Knives, Spears, Swords
PerformanceCharismaActing, Dancing, Musical Instrument, Oratory, Singing
Pilot*DexterityAircraft, Balloons, Drilling Machines, Ships, Submarines
RideDexterityBulls, Camels, Elephants, Horses, Mules
Science*IntelligenceBiology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics
StealthDexterityCamouflage, Disguise, Hiding, Shadowing, Sneaking
StreetwiseCharismaBlack Market, Carousing, Haggling, Rumors, Scrounging
SurvivalIntelligenceForaging, Hunting, Navigation, Shelter, Tracking
WarfareIntelligenceLogistics, Organization, Strategy, Tactics, Terrain

*Skills with an asterisk require the player must be bought as specialized, and spend points for each specialization as though it were a normal skill. Skills without may have a specialization attached (just one per skill initially) during the character creation phase, at 1/2 pt each (so you'll have to pick two for two different skills), and 3 pts during the XP phase.

Notes on the Martial Arts skill: Martial Arts represents your character’s expertise in traditional forms of hand-to-hand combat. It includes both Eastern and Western fighting styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Characters with this Skill have spent time studying a particular style (e.g., boxing, judo, or karate) and can use its various techniques to incapacitate opponents. Your character must specialize in a specific fighting style.

Aikido+1 bonus -1 penalty-1 penalty+1 bonus
Boxing+1 bonus-1 penalty +1 bonus-1 penalty
Capoeira+1 bonus-1 penalty+1 bonus-1 penalty 
Judo +1 bonus-1 penalty-1 penalty+1 bonus
Kalaripayattu +1 bonus-1 penalty+1 bonus-1 penalty
Karate -1 penalty+1 bonus+1 bonus-1 penalty
Kung FuVaries (see sidebar)    
Savate+1 bonus-1 penalty+1 bonus -1 penalty
Tai Chi Chuan+1 bonus-1 penalty+1 bonus-1 penalty 
Wrestling+1 bonus+1 bonus-1 penalty-1 penalty 

Step 6: Talents. Select one at character creation.

AccuracyReduced called shot penalties
Agile*+1 Dexterity rating
Alertness+2 Perception rating
Animal Affinity+1 Charisma bonus dealing with animals
Attractive+1 Charisma bonus dealing with people
AutofireFirearms 4Improved autofire attack
Blind FightReduced penalty for poor visibility
BlockBrawl 4Perform block as a reflexive action
Blunt StrikeMelee 4Do nonlethal damage with lethal weapons
Bold AttackCharisma 3Use Charisma with a specific combat Skill
Bold DefenseCharisma 3Use Charisma for Defense rating
Calculated AttackIntelligence 3Use Intelligence with a specific combat Skill
Calculated DefenseIntelligence 3Use Intelligence for Defense rating
CaptivatePerformance 4Temporarily entrance targets
Charismatic*+1 Charisma rating
ClimbImproved climbing speed
Combat AptitudeIntelligence 3Exchange attack and Defense dice
Combat SkillSkill 4+2 Defense with specific non-combat Skill
Danger SenseReduced surprise penalty
DiehardImproved death threshold
Direction SenseAlways know direction
DodgeAthletics 4Perform dodge as reflexive action
Dual WieldDexterity 3Reduced penalty for two-weapon attacks
FearsomeIntimidate 4Temporarily frighten opponents
Finesse AttackDexterity 3Use Dexterity with a specific combat Skill
FlurryDexterity 3Reduced penalty for multiple strikes
Focused AttackWillpower 3Use Willpower with a specific combat Skill
Focused DefenseWillpower 3Use Willpower for Defense rating
Giant*+1 Size rating
GuardianIntelligence 3Provide Defense bonus to allies
HeadstrongWillpower 3Use Willpower for Stun rating
High Pain ToleranceReduced penalty for wounds
InspireDiplomacy 4Provide Skill bonus to allies
Instant ReloadReload weapon as reflexive action
Intelligent*+1 Intelligence rating
Iron Jaw+1 Stun rating
Iron Will*+1 Willpower rating
JumpImproved jumping distance
Keen Sense*+4 Perception rating with a specific sense
Kip UpStand up as reflexive action
Knockout BlowBrawl 4Improved knockout ability
Lethal BlowBrawl 4Do lethal damage with Brawl attacks
LifesaverMedicine 4Improved healing ability
Long ShotDouble weapon ranges
Lucky+2 bonus to any one roll per game session
Mobile AttackDexterity 3Move and attack simultaneously
ParryMelee 4Perform parry as reflexive action
ProvokeCon 4Temporarily provoke opponents
Psychic Sensitivity*Sensitive to psychic phenomena
Quick DrawDraw weapon as reflexive action
Quick Healer*Body 3Double the normal healing rate
Quick Reflexes+2 Initiative rating
Rapid ShotDexterity 3Reduced penalty for multiple shots
Robust+2 Health rating
RunImproved running speed
Skill Aptitude+2 Skill rating to a specific Skill
Skill MasteryIntelligence 3General expertise with one Specialized Skill
Staggering BlowBrawl 4Improved knockback ability
StrafeFirearms 4Improved strafing ability
Strong*+1 Strength rating
Strong AttackStrength 3Use Strength with a specific combat Skill
Strong DefenseStrength 3Use Strength for Defense rating
Swift+2 Move rating
SwimImproved swimming speed
Time SenseAlways know time
Total DefenseDexterity 3Improved Defense ability
Total Recall*Never forget anything
Tough*+1 Body rating
Tough AttackBody 3Use Body with a specific combat Skill
Vigorous DefenseDexterity 3Reduced penalty for multiple attackers
Atlanteann/areplaced by Atlantean Language below
Atlantean Blood*Longevity and improved abilities
Atlantean CommandsAtln.Power Words Can issue complex commands
Atlantean LanguageLinguistics 6Fluent in Atlantean language
Atlantean Power WordsAtln. LanguageCan issue one-word commands
Artistic*Art discipline 4+4 in Art specialization
Big Lungs-Special (Addendum page 2)
Breaking BlowBrawl/Martial Arts 4Damage Structure with unarmed attacks
CounterstrikeBrawl/Martial Arts 4Damage attacker with a successful Block
Damage ControlCraft 4Reduced penalty for Structure damage
Delayed BlowBrawl/Martial Arts 4Can delay damage from unarmed attack
Drive-by AttackFirearms/Gunnery 4Reduced penalty for speed
Evasive ActionDrive/Pilot 4Perform evasive action as reflexive action
FieldcraftStealth 4Cover increase by one category
Hard Drinker-Consume BODY+2 alcoholic drinks in one hour
Jack of All TradesIntelligence 3Improved untrained Skill rolls
Jury-RigCraft 4Can improvise repairs
Invaluable AssistantRelevant Skill 4, Bureaucracy 4Assistance bonus +3
Magical AptitudeAbility to channel magical energy
Medium*Psychic SensitivitySpecial (Addendum page 3)
Missile DeflectionBrawl/Martial Arts 4Can block ranged weapons
MoneywiseIntelligence 3Improved Wealth Resource
Natural LeaderCharisma 3Recruit temporary allies
Paralyzing BlowBrawl/Martial Arts 4Can paralyze target with unarmed attack
Psychic Ability*Ability to use psychic power
Quick RepairCraft 4Improved repair ability
Reckless DriverDrive/Pilot 4Improved driving and piloting
Ricochet ShotFirearms 4Reduced called shot penalty for cover
RiposteMelee 4Damage attacker with a successful Parry
Skilled AssistantImproved teamwork bonus
Spark of LifeWeird ScienceCan create intelligent artifacts
Subtle StrikeStealth 4Can use Stealth for attack roll
Unarmed ParryBrawl/Martial Arts 4Can block melee weapons
TinkerCraft 4Improved tool bonus
Virtuoso*Performance 4+4 Performance specialization
Weird ScienceScience 4Ability to create weird science artifacts
Well-ConnectedCharisma 3Improved Contacts Resource
WheelmanDrive/Pilot 4Reduced penalty for adverse conditions
* This Talent is only available during character creation. Unique Talents are listed in italics.

Step 7: Resources. Pick instead of Talent, or additionally during creation experience stage. Ask the GM for more information/options. Secrets of the Surface World have replaces all Resources with updates rules..
AlliesClose friends and relatives that can be counted on for help
ArtifactUnique and powerful items in your character’s possession
ContactsNetwork of associates that may be called on for items and information
FameReputation, notoriety, and influence due to your character’s popularity
FollowersFaithful friends and retainers that accompany your character
MentorA powerful patron, teacher, or protector who looks out for your character
RankRank and membership in a secret or exclusive organization
RefugeA safe and comfortable home, private retreat, or secret laboratory
StatusSocial status and income due to your character’s profession or birthright
WealthIncome and assets, plus amount of money available to invest

Step 8: Flaws. Pick one, or talk to GM for options, especially for those Flaws in italics.
Physical Flaws 
BlindAutomatically fails sight rolls
DeafAutomatically fails hearing rolls
DwarfNot as big or strong as others
DyingHas an incurable disease and may soon die
Hard of HearingPoor hearing and may misunderstand speech
LameHas a bad leg or foot and moves slower than others
MuteCan’t speak and must write or gesture instead
One ArmMissing an arm and has trouble doing work
One EyeMissing an eye and has poor depth perception
Poor VisionBad eyesight and has trouble identifying things
ClumsyHas poor coordination
CrippledCannot walk
ElderlyAdvanced in age
Glass JawEasily stunned and knocked out
IllnessMay be incapacitated by illness
Low Pain ToleranceHas extreme sensitivity to pain
ObeseLarger and slower than normal
SicklyIllness causes major discomfort
SkinnyHas a weak physique
YoungChild or youth
Poor Olfactionpoor sense of smell
No Olfactionno sense of smell whatever
Mental Flaws 
Absent-MindedOften forgets or overlooks important details
AddictionHooked on a specific substance or activity
AmnesiaHas lost his memory and may have flashbacks
CowardAfraid of conflict and may run from a fight
IlliterateDyslexic or uneducated and cannot read or write
ImpulsiveImpatient and reckless and often gets in trouble
ObsessionA compulsion to perform a particular activity
OverconfidentFoolhardy and sometimes gets in over his head
ParanoiaAnxious and distrusts everyone around him
PhobiaScared of a particular thing and will avoid it
BlaséEasily jaded and bored
CuriousFascinated by the unknown
DelusionSuffers from hallucinations
DepressedSad and pessimistic
MegalomaniaDelusions of grandeur
Short TemperHas trouble controlling anger
SkepticNever takes anything at face value
Thrill-SeekerAddicted to danger
TimidNervous and anxious
VowSworn to an action or organization
Not The Face!believes he's got a money maker in his face
Prized Possessionhas a possession that he values above everything else
Worthlessfeels worthless and has low self-esteem
Social Flaws 
CallousSelfish, uncaring, and insensitive of others
CondescendingHe is better than everyone else
CriminalBelieved to have committed a serious crime
DisfiguredUgly, unattractive, and repulsive to others
IntolerantBiased and prejudiced against a certain thing
PacifistOpposed to violence and war for any reason
SecretHas an embarrassing or shameful secret
ShyDislikes social situations and tries to avoid them
Speech ImpedimentTrouble speaking and may be misunderstood
SuperstitiousGoes out of her way to follow her unusual beliefs
AloofDistant and remote
FanaticalZealous and dedicated
GullibleBelieves almost anything
HonestNever lies
InscrutableMysterious and hard to read
LiarConstantly embellishes the truth
LovelornLovesick and forlorn
MercifulCompassionate and forgiving
StubbornObstinate and hard-headed
VainEgotistical and narcissistic
Chequered PastStigma on your past life
Honorablefollows rigid rules of honor
Minoritysecond-class citizen (race, ethnic group, religion)
Overprotectivemust protect a specific person or type of person
Sucker For A Damewomen find you easy to manipulate
ZealotLike Honorable, only turned up to eleven!
Misc. Flaws 
Danger MagnetAttracts trouble through no fault of her own
PrimitiveUnfamiliar with modern technology
UnluckyCursed, jinxed, or otherwise unlucky
HuntedPursued by an individual or organization
PoorDestitute and bad with money
Weirdness MagnetAttracts supernatural occurrences

Step 9. Spend Creation Experience Points (30)
(We are altering the initial XP spending, as it is overly complicated in HEX)

Item increasedCost
Primary AttributeAttribute Increase x 5 points
SkillSkill Level Increase x 2 points
Skill Specialization3 points
Talent15 points
Resource15 points

Basic process is:
  • Pick Archetype, or think up your own (talk to GMs).
  • Pick Motive, or think up your own (talk to GMs).
  • 15 points shared between primary attributes (nothing over 6).
  • 15 points shared between skills (nothing over 5, specializations info in character creation guide).
  • Pick one talent or resource (some talents can ONLY be gotten at character creation).
  • Select a Flaw, or come up with your own (talk to GMs).
  • Spend 30 XP on initial character advancement.
  • Calculate Secondary Attributes.
  • Submit character for double-checking and approval.

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Rolling for Ubiquity in RPOL
Ubiquity requires that you roll a dice pool of even-sided dice (i.e. d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d30. Any dice with an even number of sides. And yes, I know. Who the heck make dice with odd-sides? They DO exist).

As you can't set this up in the RPOL dice roller, we are using a different method. Instead of picking any ol' dice, you should pick d6 (the number being set by the skill or attribute roll you are making), set the system to Target Number, set the target number to 4, and have it Record Each Die. You should only have access to your own name for the ID of the roll, and should not be rolling for, or on behalf, of anyone else. An example of the roller set up is shown below.

Ideally, you should also enter WHY you are rolling, and give your Dice some color with the Die colour option.

(Yes, colour is spelled the English/Canadian/Australian way. RPOL servers and the owner are in Australia)

The GM has final say if and when you should be rolling. Remember that if the difficulty is lower than the skill average, you can always TAKE that as a basic success.
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Rolling for Ubiquity in RPOL
alright I will be running a slightly advanced game so the number of starting experience you guys will have to spend is going to be 30 points.

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