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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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Character Introductions
This thread is for posting characters. These will be altered as characters develop, and are subject to GM approval/alteration with discussion. Players should post their RP information here, not their character sheet. Your character sheets will be stored with your RPOL character profiles, so they can't easily be abused (except, of course, by us GMs. *evil laugh*)

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Shirinova Elena Borisovna
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 02:49
Doctor Shirinova Borisovna


Doctor Shirinova Borisovna, known by her friends as Lena, is a loyal comrade of our glorious Soviet Socialist Republic.

Graduate of the 1924 Moscow School of Medicine, she is a fine example of how superior, Soviet education can produce excellent medical experts without the vast overspending so obviously seen in the capitalist nation of the United States of America.

We have followed her post-graduate career with considerable interest, and Comrade Chairman Antonovich has shown support for the good doctor's introduction to the Soviet Army as soon as is possible.

With this in mind, I therefore humbly suggest a travel visa to exit our borders and expand her experiences outside the Soviet Union in order to better serve her comrades in arms in the future.

Her background as a young member of the Leningrad elite, educated at the finest schools that her bourgeois parents could buy, along with her happy and complete acceptance of the pure, communist regime as her true parents following the glorious rise of the people against the capitalist royals, will serve her in good stead.

She will not be swayed by the decadent nature of the west, especially their so-called 'democratic freedoms' and that most detestable of music styles: jazz.

Evelyn Bennett
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 07:33
Doctor Shirinova Borisovna
Evelyn Bennett, or Evie to her family, came west to Hollywood after growing up on a farm in Kansas with her father and her three brothers. Although the family rarely travelled into town Evelyn was treated when a travelling movie theatre through on her birthday. It was Greta Garbo's first role, a romance called The Torrent, set in a small town. Evelyn fell in love with the silver screen and like so many young men and women of that time she was determined to become a star. She bided her time as time went by and when she felt she was old enough she finally convinced her father to let her go to Los Angeles.

Beautiful and with a silver tongue she came to Hollywood and managed to talk her way into a minor role on a new film, African Hunter, where she played the role of a white Jungle Queen. Released last year it was a talkie and Evelyn's beautiful voice and poise in front of the camera got her noticed. The studio signed her up on a long-term contract and, after she was flown to New York by the studio for a party, Evelyn began to feel that she might have made it although she isn't well-paid yet. The studio still has her doing some publicity work and now she's looking forward to her next role. The studio have her typecast a little and it's likely to be another adventure movie.
Dorthea Smith
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Sat 14 Oct 2017
at 03:04
Doctor Shirinova Borisovna
Dorthea is a scholar and linguist. She speaks, at the moment, seventeen languages and counting. Dorthea Smith is listed as being 26 years old, impressive for a Ph.D. in several ancient and living languages as well as lesser degrees in history and philosophy among others.

JJ Pachano
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Sun 15 Oct 2017
at 19:27
The Mechanic
The 1920s was a time of challenge for the entire world, as the Great Depression had a huge impact across the globe and made a lot of countries to halt it's own development, focusing on finding alternate currencies to cushion the crisis. Some other countries were totally blessed that their main export IS a valid commodity as an alternate currency and thus, the Great Depression did not affected them at all, in fact they might even have enrichened themselves even more. Such miracleous event happened in Venezuela where the oil boom exploded and all citizens could rejoice despite the authoritarian local goverment.

Coming from a wealthy family but with the local goverment being totally against educated and academical citizens, Juan Jose Pachano went big in getting a Mechanical Engineering degree in the Michigan State University and settling himself comfortably in Lansing, with a small and humble workshop.

Trying to make a name for himself he builds sportscars and hopes to one day enter on a prestigious endurance racing league like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but nobody would sponsor a nobody with no background or even proof his car can actually run. So to get some validity on his words he tweaks his cars to be top notch bootleggers to prove his craftmanship. And with the ongoing Prohibition, not only he starts seeing little results of his work but also can get a little money too as a side reward.

William James Isaac
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Mon 16 Oct 2017
at 04:49
The Mechanic

Name/Title: William James Isaac
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Occupation: Ex Pilot, Jazz Singer
Current Residence: Bristol, U.K.
Colleges, Degrees: Sussex univeristy. BSC (Hons) Psychology
Birthplace: Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom


A man of average height. Slim with short blonde hair. His eyes appear either blue or green depending on the surrounding light. His features are youthful, giving the appearance of a man in his early twenties.

Black narrow and straight trousers with a short-lapelled white shit and black 'dickie' bow. The trousers are held up with black braces and these are worn under a short black jacket buttoned at the waist. He also wears a pair of white silk gloves and a black top hat, with a pair of dark brown oxford shoes. In his breast pocket is a white handkerchief and an ornate golden pocket watch.


William was born in Bristol, in the United Kingdom, in 1897. He was educated in Sussex University where he studied psychology. He graduated at the age of 19, just in time for conscription. He decided to enlist himself rather than wait for forced enlistment and joined the front line in February 1916. He served as a soldier until August when he volunteered to join the royal flying corps as an observer, flying with a british-chinese pilot called Gang Wei. Encouraged by Gang who saw his potential after proving himself as an observer, Will began pilot training in December 1916. He began his career as a fully fledged pilot just in time for Bloody April (1917) where he saw many of his colleague's killed, including his friend Gang Wei.

When Will returned from the war in 1918. He worked for a while as an orderly in a local mental hospital. The work was emotionally draining, but will had a creative outlet, he was a skilled songwriter with a good singing voice. He joined a Jazz troupe known as the Ezekiel's and they would play the local clubs. By 1923 they had begun to make a name for themselves and started to make it big in America so eventually Will quit his job in 1926 and the whole band emigrated to Chicago, where they found plenty of work. With prohibition in full swing they started playing in many illegal speakeasies, sometimes run by rival mobs. During this time Will experienced some horrible crimes but the Ezekiel's were well liked and they kept their heads down and maintained a neutral stance that helped them survive. In 1930 their act drew the attention of Holywood and they were hired to perform in the new musical 'talkies' of the time. By the time prohibition ended in 1933 Will decided to return to the U.k.

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