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Thu 19 Oct 2017
at 17:05
[OOC] Game Request
The post rate for a group should be agreed on between members before setting out. Use the OOC thread or private messages to accomplish this.  Please give people some time to answer in the threads when looking for a group.

I find that a good size for groups is 4 to 5 players. I'll take as low as 3 and as high as 6 though. There will be plenty of adventure to be had and there are a lot of people who want to play D&D so take the initiative and get out there.

While I do my best to read every post in every thread, this thread is the official "We have a group. This is what we're doing. Let's go." place.

Only one person from your group has to post with the following information:

Group Members:
What are you doing?

That's it!

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Bright Eyes
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 Human Artificer
Sat 21 Oct 2017
at 15:35
Old Temple Expedition
group members
Maol Ben
Quari Baldovino
Synovar Solaria
Thadras Greenwood
 & Bright Eyes

Travel North&West to find the Old Temple and
the Clerics that have not returned from seeking it out.

Than Thinbeard
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 Mountain Dwarf
Sun 22 Oct 2017
at 00:58
Re: Old Temple Expedition
Group Members:
- Birel Nailo - Wood Elf Druid
- Kleek - Aarakocra Ranger
- Sindarin - High Elf Wizard
- Rydel Aratis - Wood Elf Ranger
- Than Thinbeard - Dwarf Wizard

What we are doing:
- Escorting the lumberjacks.
Irae the Damned
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 Warlock (Raven Queen)
Sun 22 Oct 2017
at 15:55
Re: Old Temple Expedition
Who we are: The "Forlorn Four and Friends" (Or the Fiend-born Four and Friends?)

Edit: Fourlorn and Fourmidable? (Gods...someone stop me...)

Portia (I assume a bit here, but how could she not join us?),

What we are doing:

Retrieving the body of the valiant knight, Gwenevere the Guardian, as well as her magic shield 'Honor's Pride'. Ensuring she receives a proper burial. We want to start at her house in the morning?

(Did I miss anything folks?)

The Fiendish Four?  The Friendly Four, with Special Guests?  Oh...I have it...The Faustian Four and their Feckless Friends? I probably better stop there.

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 player, 21 posts
Wed 25 Oct 2017
at 10:18
Kobolds and Dragons
Group Members:
Bahl - Fighter
Khaaven - Wizard
Mark - Paladin
Zephyr - Cleric

What we are doing:
- Looking for Kobolds and Dragons.

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Norton Alderend
 player, 10 posts
 Halfling Sorcerer
Wed 25 Oct 2017
at 19:13
Shipwreck Investigation
Group Members:

Norton AlderendHalflingSorcerer
Hurnon GraytoothMinotaurMonk
HrakHalf OrcMonk
Erdan LiadonElfRanger

What are you doing?

Investigate the shipwreck on the southern beach that ran aground during a storm.

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 player, 26 posts
 Firbolg Druid
Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 21:38
Shipwreck Investigation
The Treehuggers

Group Members:
Malcor Ironhand
Dirk Derringer
Adrie Amastacia
Alwynn Siannodel

Our Quest:
To investigate the western watchtower, then rid the building and area of evil.
Pat Higglesworth
 player, 14 posts
 Lvl 1 Cleric (Knowledge)
 Explorer and survivalist
Wed 1 Nov 2017
at 02:56
Cave network
Group members:
Pat Higglesworth
Alsyana Sivir

Our Quest:
To discover, explore, and loot the "huge network of caves that is home to all manner of things."