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Fri 20 Oct 2017
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Game Rules
Welcome to Treasure of the Broken Hoard!

This is a play-by-post Dungeons and Dragons game based on the current storyline season of the Adventurer's League, the Storm King's Thunder. By participating in this game, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules:

The Golden Rule: "Whatever the GM says, goes. Don't argue with the GM."
As the GM, I get the last say on anything that happens in the game. This means that I have the license and right to break, modify or ignore any rules that have been printed in the rulebooks or even rulings that I have made in the past as I deem fit. That said, I do make mistakes, and if you sincerely think that I have misread or misunderstood something, please bring it up to me in a private message.

Posting Rate: "One post a day keeps a nagging GM away"
In order to maintain a brisk pace on the game, please make at least 1 post a weekday and 1 post per weekend. Although its not explicitly stated, please try to make the post a meaningful one that has your character engaging in whatever is happening at the moment. Players who will be absent from posting for 2 or more days should try to inform myself and the other players. I understand that sometimes RL butts in at the last minute, but please do not abuse this understanding.

Collaborative Storytelling and Mutual Respect: " Everyone has the license to tell the story of their own character, from their own perspective."
All roleplaying games are collaborative storytelling experiences. However, please refrain from assuming the reactions or personalities of other PCs, and don't put other PCs into situations that their owners wouldn't want. Everyone has their own story that they want to spin, and it is only appropriate for us to respect that.

Metagaming: "You should be seeing through the eyes of your character, and they shouldn't be seeing through yours."
Oftentimes, you as a player will possess knowledge that your character would not, perhaps because of OOC communications or information that is listed elsewhere. Please resist the temptation to act on that metagame knowledge.

Adult Game Policy: "Please keep the content if your posts suitable for all ages."
This game is unrated (and also mostly public), and so there may be minors reading it.

Rule 0: "Roleplaying games are entertainment; your goal as a group is to make your games as entertaining as possible."
If that means breaking the rules temporarily, or permanently as a house-rule, then so be it.
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Fri 20 Oct 2017
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Game Rules
Useful Reading:

Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Basic Rules -
Basic rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

D&D 5e SRD -
Basically the Basic Rules but listed in hypertext format for your convenience.

Adventurer's League Player's Guide -
Character Creation Rules listed in this document - You don't need a DCI as we aren't official part of the Adventurer's League. Also, take a look at the Code of Conduct.