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Prologue: The Treasure of the Broken Hoard

Tiamat the Avaricious, the Undying Queen of Evil Dragonkind

The portal collapses as the shrieking Dragon Queen disintegrates and is dragged back to the Nine Hells. She will remain trapped there until someone else can recreate the conditions of the Cult of the Dragon's ritual and try again to free her. Victory belongs to the side of Good. For now.

In the aftermath, even victorious, the armies of good have paid a steep cost in the fight against Tiamat's threat. In addition to soldiers, leaders representing the ruling nobility of countless regions and houses have fallen in the fight. Hundreds of unrepentant cultists still remain loose in the world, hungering for power and revenge in light of their recent failure.

Amongst the Cult of the Dragon's former allies, the vindicitive chromatic dragons scatter back to their lairs, but only after many try to claim choice pieces of treasure, or barrels bulging with gold and gems from the Cult's hoard. Furious at having their queen vanquished, the chromatic dragons engaged in sprees of destruction not seen in Faerun for centuries.

However, the situation is not all bleak. Stirring instances of generosity and cooperation stand out amongst the darkness - and none of those will be greater than the legend of the adventurers. For generations, folk will look to the exploits and sacrifices of the heroes for inspiration as they rebuild and set their sights on better days.

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Prologue: The Treasure of the Broken Hoard

One of the most famous treasure hunters in the Realms, Veradda Stoor, has put out a call for assistance in tracking down caches of treasure hidden by the now-defunct Cult of the Dragon in the Greypeak Mountains. Through luck, skill, and perhaps the intervention of your faction, you have been chosen to assist her. You were told to meet her in a clearing along the Black Road, east of the village of Parnast.

Your trip along the Black Road showed signs of goblin presence, but has otherwise been uneventful. Other travelers you met claimed to have seen evidence of giant activity: runecovered boulders, huge footprints, and missing livestock. You saw none of that evidence, however. Maybe it was just the overactive imagination of scared farmers and merchants?

When you reach the rendezvous point, Veradda Stoor is nowhere to be found. Countless footprints of various sizes, and lots of bloodstains, mar the ground.

OOC: Describe your character as they appear to the others. What is he/she doing? Is there anything in particular that stands out to the casual observer? How are they interacting with each other? How are they reacting to the current situation?

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