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Malark Chondathan
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Thu 9 Nov 2017
at 02:01
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Malark had seen this before. Maybe even once too many times in the past. An army marching towards a destination stopped by a peaceful servant of whoever only to be ambushed as soon as shields touch the ground. So it was somewhat surprising when Fzoul let it pass when Malark simply stood there not even smiling as he was waiting to be ambushed the moment everyone else had that palms up.

"*#&^$(#)! Portray strength, project peace fellas! Doesn't mean you have to open yourself up to an attack!" nagged the voice in Malark's head.

Alas, he was relieved with the suggestion from Fzoul. He takes a small step closer to the rest of the party to show solidarity before addressing Fzoul. No need for obvious gestures to show his very obvious weapon.

"Apologies. This weather is making my brain numb. I'm Malark. Malark Chondathan. It's a pleasure to be acquainted."

He tries to take some cue from the others about whether they want to take up Fzoul's offer but quickly realises he can read nothing off their faces.

It is indeed a cold night.
Randolph West
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 11:04
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"A fine proposal. There is always safety in numbers." West laughed, though inwardly he was still remaining cautious. "What say the rest?"
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 15:14
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Never quite one for conversation in large groups, Fern nonetheless sits with the rest, listening and smiling at the exchanges and conversations while he drank sparingly from his own waterskin. The elf's eyes narrow a little at Fzoul's suggestion, natural suspicion of the Zhentarim warring against pragmatism. Finally, Fern nods, his muffled voice sounding almost puzzled as he asks;

"Certainly, though would the night watch be split amongst us as well?"
Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 16:48
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Cory chuckled too as the tension eased, although her laughter was a bit more forced - it wasn't easy to stand up to an intimidating swordsman that was twice her height.

"The offer does sound good," she replied as Fzoul's mercenaries lowered their weapons, trying her best to keep up a confident front. "It'd be more sensible to travel together in this desert, rather than apart."

"Fern makes a good suggestion,"
the halfling added when the elf brought up the topic of the night duty. She'd kept her share of watches herself, when travelling with her mentor's caravan. "What about one person from each party per shift? Would that serve both our interests?"

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Randolph West
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 02:28
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
West joined the main group huddled at the fire and sipping at this traveler's mug of... some sort of alcohol? Alcohol was something West tended to avoid, dulls the mind and the senses. Information leaks from a drunkard like a barrel. But he wasn't adverse to social drinking, though he'd barely finished even a quarter of the mug. He offered it to his owl, now perched on his shoulder, and the bird pushed the container away with its talon.

When it came to his turn to share a tale, West thought for a moment. He didn't have much in the way of typical adventuring, so he instead he began describing a thesis he'd wrote back in college regarding the mental effects of a Guards and Wards spell on different humanoids.

"So the easiest effect one could craft is the illusion of a giant spider, since the spell creates webs, but since the effects don't create an actual illusion, you have to get creative using dark corners and the dancing lights." he recounted. "If you can get the subject to line up with the webs before the lights in a dark corner you can easily entrap them. Of course, this doesn't work against particularly strong individuals, but the effects on the regular person are fascinating. Three subjects soiled themselves and one outright fainted and would have suffocated in the web had the spell not been dispelled."

10:22, Today: Randolph West rolled 13 using 1d20-1.  Charisma Check.

As the others discussed the watch schedule, he stuck with the Zhentarim caravan for a bit longer. Keeping watch wasn't something he'd look forward to, given his need for arcane preparation, so he kept out of the discussion for now. He hoped, given the number of armed guards, the watch wouldn't be an issue.
Fzoul Slovis
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 03:46
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
The night grows deeper and the shadows grow longer as you join Fzoul and his group of Zhentarim mercenaries for a meal of ale and stew about the campfire.

Raucous laughter soon fills the air, as Fzoul downs mug after mug of ale. With each successive stein, his mirth and laughter grows louder and louder and Fzoul goes around slapping everyone on the back. He seems especially friendly with West, and in return for his tales of, uh, magic school, Fzoul shares his experiences on the Great Sand Sea, Anauroch.

From his drunken lips you learn that the goblins up and down the Black Road have been a problem for the past few months. Usually the Zhents buy them off or turn them against one another, but they've not been interested in either of these methods lately.

"And the problem with stamping 'em out is, there're always more gobs the moment you turn your back!"

Recently, in addition to the goblins, there have been bugbears, hobgoblins and gnolls stirring up trouble along the Black Road and up towards the Greypeaks. If you guys are planning to head back up that direction towards Parnast, Fzoul recommends giving it a wide berth.

"The problem is them gnolls. Those cunning bastards are surprisingly well-organized for monsters, and like setting up traps and ambushes."

There's a toll station set up a couple days travel from here, leading into Vuerthyl. It's manned by hobgoblins; decently armed and armored ones at that. Combine that with a defensible position and it would have been a really hard fight. The merchants in Fzoul's party opted to pay the 15gp toll.

"Ah, how times have changed. In the old days, no one would believe you if you told them that the Zhentarim had to pay tolls to travel along their own road! We would have pulled together a raiding party, brought the fight to their doors and beat their sorry asses!"

Fzoul pulls out his longsword to demonstrate, promptly tripping over the leather straps of his scabbard and falling on his face. Even more laughter fills the camp area, and Fzoul sulks and retreats to his bedroll. You are unsure as to whether or not his red face is due to the alcohol or his embarrassment.
Randolph West
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 11:44
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
West pays attention to the details regarding the goblin menace. He knew Vuerthyl had been having a bit of a goblin problem lately, but it sounded far worse than he expected. It was likely Veradda's killers were goblins or subspecies thereof. The main problem being the tollbooth. In all likelihood, the best option would be to pay the toll, but these were goblins (and hobgoblins at that). There was no civility or honouring when it came to life or death transactions. It was likely Fzoul's party had only been let through because they would have put up a significant fight.

Meanwhile, most of the persons in their little entourage looked like scrawny travelers, with a single beefy fighter. They might look like easier prey.

Even as Fzoul stumbled comically around, West was still deep in thought. He'd have to look into a way to possibly bypass the route. West wasn't sure about the others, but he never looked forward to fighting. At most he'd raised a hand to a street urchin, or zapped a couple of vermin with his fingers. Well trained hobgoblins in a defensive formation were beyond his experience.

West looked at Malark. Guy looked like he'd been through bigger scrapes.

"So, um... Malark, was it? What do you think about the goblins, do you think we'd be able to handle them with the four of us?"

OOC: Is there a possible route to bypass the location of the hobgoblin toll? We should note its exact location.
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 11:56
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
As the others laugh and cheer in the campfire night Fern hides his scowl in the depths of his scarf, nursing his half-empty mug of water. The elf seems listless, perhaps even jittery in the company of the Zhentarim , but otherwise does his best to not cause trouble.

Talk of goblins and hobgoblins aside, Fern decides to size up their fellow travellers. Funny that the others seemed so concerned about some goblinoids far away, when there was the yet-unknown threat of their would-be hosts hanging over their heads. Pragmatism was good and all, but that did not mean he had to like it. The wanderer nods and grunts with the sharing of stories, even as he counts up the number of travellers in the Zhentarim caravan: its people, their fitness and what weapons they might carry. In particular he sought out those that might have a flair for the magical. Always best to keep an eye on those. Just in case.

Fern is trying to assess the caravan's strength. Look out specifically for who might be fighters/bodyguards, and if any might be spellcasters. If he can tell at a casual glance what they are transporting too, that would be ideal.
 GM, 16 posts
Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 14:19
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Speaking to the other members of the caravan, you learn that the hobgoblin toll plaza had been erected where the Black Road passes through a steep-sided canyon. The hobgoblins have put up a stone wall, and with this defensive structure, they own the road and passage to the east.

You could take your chances by navigating around the toll plaza to find another route, but it would likely cost the party at least a day or two longer. But if that means getting to avoid trouble with the hobgoblins, it might be worth it. For the Zhentarim and their caravan, it wasn't an option, as travelling off the Black Road would have meant risking their lives and cargo if the wheels of their wagons got stuck in loose sand.

Fern spends some time snooping around the campsite as discreetly as possible. There are six members of the mercenary group in total, led by Fzoul. One of them is a dwarven priest of Waukeen, and makes no move to hide his identity. The rest are militia of various species. The Zhentarim's cargo is split amongst two wagons.

One wagon contains the food, water and other supplies, including a shipment of medicinal herbs. You have already had an opportunity to eye the cargo when Fzoul's lieutenant cracked open a barrel of ale from it to drink at dinner. The other wagon contains a shipment of timber from the Border Forest. The Zhentarim make no move to stop you from observing their cargo, although they will stop you if you attempt to lay your hands on it.
Malark Chondathan
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 14:58
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
It's been a while since Malark last spent a night in the desert amongst adventurers. It most certainly brought back memories of a more glorious moment in his life. Alas, it was nice to be drinking in the dark, hearing the stories of others by the fire. In the midst of all of this though, he had to remind himself he was not in the company of allies - and even then his temporary "allies" were potentially facing a bigger threat from the wilderness.

He turns to West, "I don't see why not - especially if we play to our strengths. We're going to have to trust each other though. But I think we also have to be prepared for what lay ahead tonight. I'm going to volunteer to help with the watch. I think if these goblins hit us tonight, we can take em on. Tomorrow though, I think we should find a way to make it through the tollgates. Perhaps we could get Fzoul to help us lend some weight in addition to paying the fees those goblins are going to extract from us. And if they won't help, I guess we'll just have to go the long way." He questions his confidence for a moment but doesn't dwell on it.

But then Malark goes into a whisper, "But I'm not sure how this is going to pan out if our hosts turn on us while we sleep..."

He notices Fern is quietly looking around but elects to just hope the elf has got the scouting covered for the rest of them. Nifty fella that one.

He takes a last sip of his drink, picks up his Warhammer and ambles over to Fzoul, "Hey there! You guys need help with the watch tonight?"
Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 18:20
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Cory relaxed a bit more as everyone gathered around the fire for dinner, especially after the ale started to loosen the tongues of their fellow travellers.

Not that she was going to let herself go entirely, she thought, watching Fzoul stagger off to his bedroll. A jovial drunk the man might be, but that didn't make him any less dangerous. She'd let West handle the mercenary - his tale was awkwardly worded, but it had done the job.

At least the caravan appeared genuine - she doubted that a priest of the Coinmaiden would lend himself to blatantly false enterprise (although she wouldn't discount the possibility of smuggled goods). It was all too easy to suspect the Zhents, even if they were being honest - the old tales still held a lot of clout.

"The goblins trouble the Zhentarim as much as they do us," Cory mused as she sat in on West and Malark's post-dinner discussion. "I think they'd be quite happy with anyone who manages to drive them off - what the hobgoblins are doing is pretty much highway robbery." She sighed into her ale for a moment, before continuing. "I doubt Fzoul'll stick his neck out for a quartet of strangers he just met on the road, so we'd best prepare to take the long route. Maybe Fern could point us in the right direction, once we get started."

"That may not be an issue, Malark"
she added, as the fighting man started to rise. "They have too much to lose in their cargo." The halfling took another sip from the (to her) oversized mug, before carefully setting it down. "I'd join you for the watch, but you might be better off with someone who can see well at night."
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
at 13:54
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Goblins are easy enough," grunts Fern, having returned from his ambling around the campsite, "hobs are a bit trickier. Smarter, too. Normally I'd take the long road too, but we're pressed for time right?"

The elf sets his staff down by side, clearing a space for himself in the sand;

"Not that it matters - I've no coin to pay the toll, so round the spot it be for me. 'Less you lot have a better idea,"
Fern shrugs nonchalantly, taking a sip of his waterskin, then adds in a lower tone "and whether they need help with the night watch or not, I'll be keeping a look out at least. Hey, mage-" he calls over at West, "that owl of yours still nocturnal?"

If the others have nothing else to add, Fern will observe the campsite a bit more, then find a quiet spot away from most of the Zhets to trance.
 GM, 17 posts
Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 06:55
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
The Zhentarim gladly accept your offers to join in the night watch, and the rest of the party tend to their equipment and turn in for the night. The drivers and Fzoul bed down for some sleep, leaving the caravan guards to do their duty. Camel spiders, sand scorpions, snakes and large-eared hopping mice come out at night to casually murder each other. They also try to get into the tents.

The night-time desert is bitterly cold and dry, and Malark huddles closer to the campfire, lost in his thoughts and cursing the sand that enters into the joints in his chainmail. You hear a strangled exhalation, and an ugly tearing noise. Small, furtive, humanoids have snuck unnoticed by the guards into the wagons and killed one of the drivers. You see the blood dripping from the blade of a goblin's dagger, as black as the night sky in the moonlight. A cry of alarm goes up from the camp.

OOC: Combat time! To save time, no need to roll Initiative order, just tell me what you intend to do, and I'll arrange things in a way that makes sense both narratively and mechanically.

Goblins have surrounded the campsite. Fzoul and his mercenaries are busy fighting off goblins on the other side of the camp, leaving you and your party to deal with the remaining group of 4 goblins (1), and one goblin boss mounted on a worg (2). There are 2 sleepy camels tethered to the wagons (C) who might lash out at anything nearby if they get startled.

The caravan wagons can be crawled under or climbed over for half movement. Standing behind one offers three-quarters cover. You can also attempt to collapse the tents in order to climb over, characters attempting to move through the tent's area treat it as difficult terrain. With the nearly full moon above, and reflective sands all around, the dunes are bathed in a pale, dim light.

The party members have been resting in the western tent, but are now scrambling to pick up their equipment. Except for Malark, who already has all his gear, the rest of the party only has what they have on their persons and what they can grab in the chaos. Indicate which square you guys are currently standing in your next post.

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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 06:12
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Goblins. Of course it was Goblins. Little things were the cockroaches of the adventuring community - no matter how many you killed, there were always more goblins.

Hobs were a different story altogether of course. But still. Goblins

"It was a good trance..." the druid grumbles outloud, standing up in the tent. Even in the dim light of the night, Fern's eyes remained sharp as ever. The elf almost grabs his bow before remembering that he had used the last of his arrows a week back. Grumbling, Fern instead picks up his trusty quarterstaff and heads out of the tent, creaky and mildly annoyed from the small cramped conditions he had been forced to meditate in.

Following the source of the commotion, Fern carefully circled around the campsite, trying to get into position to cast a spell. Seeing as they were all bunched together nicely, it would do well to keep them there, away from the camels; he'd do the Zhets that little favor, at least.

Starting square: B9
[Move] 30ft to G9
[Standard] Cast entangle, centered on K4, 20ft radius difficult terrain. Strength saving throw vs DC 13 or be restrained. Should hit all of them, including the leader.

Malark Chondathan
 player, 9 posts
Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 11:28
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Oh crap. Here we go." Malark utters to himself.

He takes a quick look around to make sure his comrades are at least scrambling and immediately decides to move towards the direction of their foes.

[Starting Square] G8
[Move] 10ft to G6
[Action] Ready. If any hostiles come within melee range, Malark initiates an attack.

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Randolph West
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Tue 14 Nov 2017
at 15:19
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road

A bundle of feathers burst into West's face as he woke up startled and swearing. He pushed the frantic bird aside as he flung the tent flaps aside, wondering what was going on.

"Oh just great. he was about to call for Fzoul's band when he spied them already busy on the other end of the camp.

"Even better." he grimaced, flicking his wrists and casting a sheathe of glimmering force over his person, which faded away as the magic took hold. Picking up the closest thing he could call a weapon (his travelling staff), he trundles towards the neighbouring tent, keeping cover from the goblins.

Action: Cast Mage Armor, duration 8 hours.
Starting square: G8
Ending Square E7

Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 00:54
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Cory groaned and rubbed her eyes as she sat up in the tent. She'd just gotten to sleep - what in the Nine Hells was that ungodly racket?

And then she heard the cry of alarm.

Jerking to full wakefulness, she grabbed her crossbow, hissing as Fern nearly stepped on her on his way out. After a quick check to confirm that she'd brought ammo and her drum, she slipped out of the back of the tent.

Peering cautiously around the tent they had been sleeping in, she stifled a gasp at the spindly humanoids milling around the first wagon - halfling-sized, but somehow more misshapen. Where had those goblins come from?

Taking a deep breath to calm her racing heart, she made a quick dash to the large boulder standing several feet away. Ducking behind the rocks, hoping that the goblins hadn't spotted her yet, she loaded a bolt into her crossbow and began to wind the crank.

Start: B8
Move: 20 ft. to B4
Standard: Ready an action - shoot the first goblin to pass between the boulder at G3 and the first wagon.

 GM, 18 posts
Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 05:43
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Fighting affected people in different ways. Some people relish the thought of besting others with their skill or guile, while others shy away from the risks and dangers involved. But one thing's for sure, a bloodthirsty band of goblins disrupting your sleep is definitely not something to be happy about.

*confused grunting*

The party is rudely awakened from their sleep by the cries of alarm and confused grunts of the tethered camels. Scrambling for their equipment, they crawl out of their cloth tents to find that goblins were swarming all over their campsite.

West bumps into the already-armed Malark as he emerges from the tent, distracted by his panicking familiar. The wizard mumbles an apology, rubbing his forehead where Malark's sturdy iron shield, only to black out as two smooth stones strike the back of his head.

[Language unknown:  "N hi alons! Te toare po!"]

West is hit by 2 sling stones, one of which lands square in the back of his head, causing a concussion. He takes 5 and 4 damage respectively, and falls unconscious. On his turn, make a death saving throw.

Cory leaps into action, grabbing her crossbow and rolling behind a boulder for cover, only to find her boulder already occupied by a slightly surprised goblin militia. She fires off a shot at the passing Goblin Boss, but is distracted and her shot goes slightly wide, and the mounted goblin manages to fend the bolt off with his wooden shield, at the expense of his own wild swings at Malark also hitting air. The goblin, equally surprised, attempts to hurl the stone meant for Malark at Cory instead, but its shot also goes wide, soaring a distance into the desert landscapes.

[Language unknown:  "Mecknt at iou der! Esout t ers icble!"]

Cory ducks behind the boulder and looses a bolt at the Goblin boss but misses narrowly. The goblin attempting to hide behind her boulder slings a rock at her, but also misses.

Malark stares in horror as West drops to his knees, reeling from the impact, before keeling to his side - unconscious. Two goblins had managed to leap onto the caravan behind their shared tent and took the opportunity to attack the human while he was distracted.

He leaps into battle, only to encounter 300 pounds of vicious muscle, teeth and claws. Even the most seasoned fighter could only do so much against the hungry beast, and Malark goes down, bleeding from a nasty bite wound to the neck.

[Language unknown:  "K ofar to laroreort! N and sti astnotrut!"]

Malark manages to fend off the goblin boss attack with some help from Cory, but alas, falls prey to the worg's powerful jaws, suffering a critical hit. He takes 20 damage and falls unconscious. Make a death saving throw.

How could things have gone south so quickly? One moment Fern was in the middle of his peaceful trance, and the next, all hell had broken loose, goblins were running rampant in the camp, and now West and Malark were on the ground, possibly dead. Fern did the best thing he could - summon plants everywhere to make things more chaotic.

Green vines erupt from the desert sand, creeping over goblin, worg, caravan, and camel alike. If the camels were sleepy before, they sure are awake now. The vines surround the feet of the goblins and the worg, but the goblin boss and one of his minions manage to avoid the worst of it.

*confused grunting intensifies*

Unhappy at having its feet tangled amongst the greenery, the camel lashes out with its hooves in an attempt to get free, narrowly missing the head of a startled nearby goblin.

[Language unknown:  "In!!! Ons est li m ughconnde u!"]

[Language unknown:  "Llit se wa fo we latet ro ta aresantic metoar!"]

Fern's entangle spell catches the goblins by surprise, but one of the goblins and the goblin boss manage to succeed on their save. Refer to the tactical map for more details.

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 player, 12 posts
Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 13:10
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Horseshit," Fern remarks, watching as the chaos unfolded before him. And it seemed like a good idea too...the panicked camel's baying distressed him, as did the sudden collapse of his two comrades;

"Malark," the elf calls out, prodding the man's unconscious form with his staff, "Marlark. Get up."

A small stream of green energy surges down from the elf's hand and through the wooden staff, tracing the outlines of numerous intricately carved beasts, ranging from small birds to grinning cats. The light pools around the gaping teeth marks in the human fighter's side, hissing as the flesh stitched up;

[Bonus] Healing Word on Malark;
21:04, Today: Fern rolled 4 using 1d4+3.  Healing Word.

"And you. Get off," he snaps, swinging the heavy quarterstaff like a cudgel at the nearest goblin;

[Standard] Smack goblin, melee attack
21:09, Today: Fern rolled 20 using 1d20+2.  Quarterstaff attack.
21:09, Today: Fern rolled 1 using 1d6.  damage.

Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle
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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 01:12
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Cory yelped as the sling stone whizzed past her head, throwing off her aim. Whirling around, she glared at the goblin perching on the boulder above her.

" green-skinned robber-cile - go away!" she snapped, power lacing her words as they slammed into the ugly creature in a disorienting wave.

Not waiting to see what effect she'd had, the halfling scrambled back towards the campfire. Her fellow travellers had not fared so well against the remaining goblins. "And you," she muttered, echoing Fern as she focused on West. "Get up!"

A second, greater surge of power echoed through the air at her words like a resounding drumbeat, converging on West - as the sound died away, the worst of the swelling on the hooded man's head began to recede.

She hoped that getting West back on his feet would be worth it. They were going to need all the help they could get.

Standard: Cast vicious mockery (cantrip) on goblin at D2 - make a DC 13 Wisdom Save or suffer 4 psychic damage and disadvantage on next attack roll before end of next turn.
Move: 20 ft (after terrain) to C8
Bonus: Cast healing word on West. Heal 5 HP.

09:11, Today: Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle rolled 5 using 1d4+3.  Healing Word on West.
09:10, Today: Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle rolled 4 using 1d4.  Vicious Mockery on Goblin.

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Randolph West
 player, 13 posts
Fri 17 Nov 2017
at 11:39
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Ooomph...."West roused himself groggily. "Why am I even doing this?..." He rolls to the side and lifts himself off the ground, scrambling behind the little cover offered by the campfire.

Black sparks trail from his hand. While he wasn't much of a fighter, it didn't mean he could at least fire an occasional bolt to scare off animals. Goblins were... only slightly smarter than them. He assumed.

Whatever it was, a black ray of dark energy peels from his palm, aimed at the goblin that had been lucky enough to escape the vines.


Stand from prone, using 15ft of movement
Move to E10.

Fire Chill Touch at Goblin at H7
Attack: 19
Damage: 5

19:36, Today: Randolph West rolled 5 using 1d8.  Damage.
19:35, Today: Randolph West rolled 19 using 1d20+5.  Chill Touch Attack.

Malark Chondathan
 player, 10 posts
Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 01:01
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Arghhhh." Malark exclaims as he regains consciousness only vaguely aware of what had happened to him but immediately jumps back into the chaos...

Stand from prone(15ft of movement)
[Bonus] Rolled 2 using 1d10+1.  Second Wind.
[Move] Moves to J8 (15ft)
[Standard] Melee Attack Goblin on I7
Attack: 25
Damage: 7

08:34, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 2 using 1d10+1.  Second Wind.
08:55, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 25 using 1d20+5.  Melee Attack.
08:56, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 1 using 1d8.  Damage. Add +3 for Strength modifier.
09:06, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 3 using 1d8.  damage re-roll for attack roll crit.

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 GM, 19 posts
Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 03:09
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
[Language unknown:  "Ioca ingintbut ortul ivec rom ounbutson!"]

One of the goblin yells excitedly. It appears that it has found something of interest in one of the caravan wagons. Unfortunately, the other goblins are too busy freeing themselves from the grasping vines to pay any heed to him.

The worg and the entangled goblin manage to pull themselves out of the Entangle spell's hold and quickly move out of the area, closing in on the party. The goblin pulling out a nasty looking scimitar.

Pulling out scimitars, really just rusty lengths of metal, the goblins re-assemble themselves through the chaos and wade out of the area of magical vegetation.

The goblin boss leads the charge, leaping across the campfire and slashing wildly at the healer druid. Surprised at the ferocity of his attack, Fern manages to parry most of the wild swings with his quarterstaff, but suffers a nasty cut across his leg when he steps backward and bumps into the tentage.

Fern takes 7 damage from the goblin boss's flurry of attacks

He is followed by another goblin, but its skills fortunately did not equal its zeal. Stepping on a log originally destined for the fire, it slips and its blade falls short of hitting Malark. The combined assaults on it by Fern and West's spell soon overwhelm the goblin's untrained guard, and it collapses, foaming at the mouth.

The goblin swings at Malark, but misses. Fern and West manage to finish it off - well done!

These goblins were clearly amateurs. Their armor had not been properly maintained for a long time, and their blades were rusty and blunted. Nothing compared to the power of a well-trained soldier like Malark. With a tremendous roar, the semi-conscious Malark leaps into action with a heavy blow so powerful that it shattered his target's blade, cleaving it nearly in two.

Malark expertly takes out one goblin.

West is clearly not comfortable being in the middle of the melee fray. As he retreats however, the worg takes the opportunity to leap onto his back, sending him to the oblivion of unconsciousness once again.

OA on West hits and deals 11 damage, knocking him unconscious once again.

At the same time, Cory and the lone goblin to the side are having a face-off. It swings its scimitar wildly, and scores the Halfling across her back. They bring their fight closer to the fire, creating dancing shadows all over the boulders and tents in the campsite.

Cory and the goblin's battle (actually more like Cory's retreat and the goblin's pursuit) leads them to the center of the campsite. Cory's attempt to cast Vicious Mockery on the goblin is shaken off. The goblin deals 4 damage to Cory.

Meanwhile the camel has freed itself from Fern's spell, but discovers to its consternation that it is still tied to the wagon. It tugs at the leather reigns, to no avail.

The camel manages to tear itself free of the Entangle spell.

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Malark Chondathan
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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 08:22
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
"Take that you scum!" declares Malark as he takes down the goblin before turning his head around in time to see West crumbling to the ground with that damned worg. That must be that the creature that he himself fell prey to earlier he thinks to him. He also manages to see Fern fending himself from the Goblin Boss.

He takes a moment to consider if there was anything he could do for West before deciding it be best he attempt to take down of their threats.

"Hang in there, comrades."

[Move] 15ft to E10
[Standard] Melee Attack Goblin on F9
Attack : 24
Damage : 4

16:18, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 24 using 1d20+5.  Melee Attack.
16:19, Today: Malark Chondathan rolled 4 using 1d8+3.  Damage.

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Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle
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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 09:05
Chapter 1: Black Riders on the Black Road
Cory gasped and fell onto the tent as the scimitar struck, the oiled canvas sagging under her weight. Panicking, she struggled out of the tangled fabric as the goblin leered at her, seemingly none the worse for the wear. The halfling still had her crossbow, but it would do her little good with that rusty blade right in her face.

"I-I said go away!" she exclaimed, focusing her will once more as she smacked the drum hanging from her side.

As the power-laced drumbeat faded away, a faint, mist-like powder began to drift down over part of the caravan; scrambling backwards, she directed the powder to settle over the goblin standing over her, and as many of its compatriots as she could safely cover.

Hopefully, it could at least buy her - them - more time...

Standard: Cast sleep, targeting a 20 ft. radius burst centered on intersection of E4, F4, E5 and F5. This should affect the worg and the goblin threatening her,
without hitting anyone else.
Move: 15 ft. to B11 (after casting).

17:03, Today: Cordelia 'Cory' Longsaddle rolled 16 using 5d8.  Total HP affected by sleep.

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