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Characters and Ending Sessions
Once you are added to this game, you can participate in quests and scenarios. To do so, you may use a standard, pregenerated character - or your own character. If you create a character, PM me the name of the character, and your account will be renamed after that character.

Character Sheets:
A link to a myth-weavers character sheet must be provided in the sheet of your character in this game. A link to Myth-Weavers is available in Game Links.
In the "Campaign"-field, write your character's faction!
Slotted Boons are displayed in the "Feats / Class Features / Abilities" section and clearly displayed as boons. Example:
Faction Boon: Acquisitives Champion

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GM Ventrikel
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
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Characters and Ending Sessions
A session is a scenario or a quest arc - or in some cases just a short quest. After a session, the GM will report the session as played, and all characters will receive credit. To be credited as having played the session, some info has to be reported to the GM:

Character Name:
Organized Play Number:
Character Number:

In case you do not have an organized play number, you will be given one.
If you do not report your organized play number, you will be reported as a new player - with a new organized play number.

Character number and organized play number can be found by logging in on the Starfinder Society website (see Game Links), and clicking Create Character. Organized Play Number is the long number following a #, and each character has your Organized Play Number followed by a dash and a character number.


Character Name: Fitz-5
Organized Play Number: 261996
Character Number: 701
Faction: Acquisitives

Looking up Fitz-5 in my list of characters, before the name I find "# 261996-701 STAR" followed by the symbol for Acquisitives. # precedes the Organized Play Number, - precedes the character number, and STAR identifies Fitz-5 as a Starfinder Society Character.

After this, the GM will record your chronicle sheets, and you will have up to a week to make any additions to it (dayjob, purchases etc) before it is signed and reported.

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