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The GM
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Sat 20 Jan 2018
at 21:35
The Journey to Hillsfar
The next morning, you exit your room to find a guard stationed outside your door, who leads you to a massive entrance hallway. Zaran meets you in the hall, wearing a suit of heavy looking iron armor with a bright white symbol,a right-handed gauntlet, held upright with the palm stretched forward.

"Ye ready t' be on our way? Which way're we goin'?"

The dwarf patiently awaits your response.
Ibro Utrada
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 23:58
The Journey to Hillsfar
Clad likewise in his protective armaments, Ibro nods to Zaran. "I for one would prefer to avoid the open waters. They don't make buoyant versions of this stuff" tapping his chest piece directively.

"Say, this place got breakfast setup somewhere?"
Lieam Whitewood
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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 00:51
The Journey to Hillsfar
Liam was up and ready to go, pausing when he spotted Zaran and shrugged a bit. Which way? Well...

"Don't matter to me none, suppose, so long as we arrive, aye?"
Ser Torrin
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 "Lightning Lance"
 The Knights of Thunder
Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 02:20
The Journey to Hillsfar
"Ah, good morning Zaran. Whichever route the others have picked works for me. May I ask the significance of your coat of arms?"
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Sat 3 Feb 2018
at 19:29
The Journey to Hillsfar
With a quill holding her long  blue hair in a messy top knot, Bavmorda walks out of her room with her nose in a book. Without looking away, she says, Well then, are we finally heading out?