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Sat 11 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1

"Regardless of what he thought you egged him on with your comment. What we do is our business. Randy shouldn't have punched you, but there was no fucking reason for you hit him so many times. Where the fuck do you get off?!"

When he brought up her bruises she looked no less fierce.
"Former boxer, current alcoholic." she informed him shortly. "But that's not your problem, that's mine and I'm dealing with it. You're not the America the Guy, my dad will get his. I'm making fucking sure of that."
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
"Well, technically you were getting high on private property, so it's your business, Wal-Mart Corporation's business and the police department's business. Then your friend took a swing at me rather than, say looking after his pregnant girlfriend or buying a box of condoms instead of that bag of Cheetos. Finally, if you go and try to make sure your dad 'gets his' you're not going to live to regret it, so do yourself a favor and don't."

     That last part sounded almost prophetic, and again Allie could feel that sense of stillness for a brief moment.

"That 'America the Guy' bit was funny, though. Anyway, good luck and have a nice life. I've got a bus to catch and you'd better get busy finding a bridge to sleep under. Running away isn't as easy as it looks in the movies."

     Then he went about his way, paying none of them any more attention as he adjusted his backpack and kept on toward the other side of the building and the bus stop beyond.
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1

  As the blond bully spoke, Allie would have shot off a comeback -was this guy seriously talking about narcing them out?- but the words about her dad made her close her mouth. Her expression changed, shifting to one of confusion. The way he said that she wouldn't live through it if she tried to get even with her dad the way she planned...Part of her knew that -look at the bruises he'd already left on her and her mom- but there was the absolute certainty in his tone that had nothing to do with logic.

The Stillness. That quietness inside herself that told her things that were true, even when she tried to lie to herself. He had it too. And her own Stillness was agreeing with him.

And with that realization, he was leaving. Who the hell was this guy?

She scooped up her bag with a 'Fuck!' And half-ran to catch up with him.

"Allie, what the hell!" Kate called out. "Where are you going?"

"I gotta go- sorry!"

Leaving her beat up friend and her pregnant best friend to follow a stranger to a bus stop. What the hell was wrong with her? She didn't know what she was doing, but the Stillness said this guy had the right idea. She was going to follow him.

"Hey, get back here!" she yelled to the stranger hussling to catch up.
Brett Holland
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     If she expected the blonde boy to slow down, she was bound for disappointment. He didn't run or anything, but he moved at a determined pace to the covered bus stop on the sidewalk and stood underneath it, looking up the street as Allie chased after him. As she approached, he said something very strange.

"I knew you'd follow me. But i bet you don't know why you followed me."

He was grinning as a bus rounded the corner down the street.

"If you wanna yell at me some more you'll have to do it while i eat. I'm going to the O'Tolleys by my house for a few burgers and a shake."
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
  Allie tried to run without looking like she was putting  too much effort into it. Didn't seem like the other kid was.
 She stopped up short as he stopped, revealing how hard she'd actually been running to catch up. The girl studied him for a minute.

  "I know you know." she grumbled. And that pissed her off, not knowing why she was doing something and getting called out on it. And that grin didn't fucking help.

 "I followed you because you're an asshole and a bully." she supplied. "I'm going to yell the fuck outta you."
  Weed could either making you spout wisdom or stupid shit. Can't win 'em all.
 "Bullies buying." She announced.
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
The bus pulled up to the bus stop and the boy stepped on as the doors opened, the middle-aged bus driver with his shaggy hair graying around the the temples greeting him warmly "Afternoon, Brett." he looked past the boy to Allie as Brett, whose name she now knew, moved aside and waited "Step on up and either show your pass or pay your fare, miss."

Brett chimed in then, and Allie felt that stillness once again "She's with me. I already paid her fare." she hadn't seen him pay any fare at all, even his own. He didn't even show a bus pass or an id, but nonetheless the man just nodded, closed the doors and the bus moved on as Brett moved to the back and sat down.

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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
 Allie was standing behind the guy, already pulling out her student pass that gave her free bus rides on weekdays. She watched the exchange, curious. Was he on the bus that often? An old regular? She'd never seen a bus driver be that friendly. Although...She took route 45, to the bad part of town, to get home.

 As they moved to sit down, she watched him suspiscuiusly until the bus pulled away from the curb. She chose a seat across from Brett- so now she had a name!

"So...I knew Jedi was an actual religion now, but I didn't think that shit actually worked."
 It could be explained away- maybe the two were just close, or the driver was a family friend- but that wasn't what she felt. And what she felt was a way better judge than what she could see.
  There were things that could be and things that were a certain way without a doubt. This was one of those things.
  "How did you do that?" she asked, leaning forward and narrowing her eyes at him.
  "And I don't care about the steps- I want to know about you, Brett. How were you able to do that? What's so different about you?"

She knew he had the Stillness, like she did. SHe just wanted to hear it from him.
Brett Holland
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett put his backpack next to him, shrugging nonchalantly at her questions as the bus pulled off down the street. She'd notice now that things seemed more relaxed, slower around him like the whole world just chilled out in his presence.

"Be like a still stone in the stream. Let the water will flow around you and the wind break upon you and the fire do naught but warm you." he said cryptically, leaning back against the hard bus seat and closing his eyes as he put his arms across the back of it.

"Smile at danger and laugh with the damned. Take joy in adversity and live every moment as if it may be your last."

His grin widened "In other words, chill the fuck out and everything'll be cool."
Allison Webster
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
Allie made a face at him and his cryptic saying. Sounded like a damn motivational poster.
 "Hey, your Stillness ain't mine."
The bus stopped a couple streets down and she watched an old man and his grand-daughter take spots in the front. Nice kid, thinking about her grandpa's old bones.
Or that was how it felt to her.

Reminded again of the importance of her instincts, she turned back to Brett.
"And don't say you don't know what I'm talking about- I know you do. I don't know what you call it, maybe you call it something else. You used it on Randy and you used it with the bus driver. Now spill it."
Brett Holland
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
"I would tell you my secrets, but there's nothing to spill. The world treats you kindly when you don't lose your chill. Hakuna Matata, beautiful. That's really all there is to it."

He was smiling now, and she'd realize that he hadn't moved his lips - she'd heard that in her mind. Also, he'd called her beautiful.
Allison Webster
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
at 20:53
The Meeting- Chapter 1
  Allie had heard more than enough of that 'smile and the world smiles with you're crap. The world -her world- didn't work that way. No matter how hard she fucking smiles, people fucked with her.
   Her face twisted with disdain, though the fact he's called her beautiful did make her really happy. She couldn't help her small smile. It seemed so easy around him.

  "Yeah, well I'm not really a Hakuna Matata kinda person."
  When she wasn't high she was a hell of a lot more intense, similar to their little confrontation behind Wal-Mart earlier. And she was about to say as much when the bus made another stop and passengers got on.

The first one, a skinny Hispanic boy with shaggy black hair and a faded red hoodie, smiles lazily as he took a seat next to Brett.
He looked over at Allie and winced a little before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar.
 "Hey man, I got you Cookies and Cream. It's not home made, but it's still really good."
 Allie could smell the pot smoke, but no one seemed to notice a thing.
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     "Well then, there's your problem." he said "If the world's gonna shit on you no matter what you do, there's no reason not to be happy. There are no unpleasant surprises; you know exactly what to expect."

     When the bus screeched to a stop at the next stop, Brett was still in his relaxed posture as the hispanic boy sat next to them and informed him that he'd gotten icecream "Hey, Andy. And thanks, man." He motioned to Allie "The grumpy-lookin' girl is Allie. She's a judgmental weirdo who's following me around for some reason, but she's alright far as those types go. Pretty, too. Aside from the bruises."
Allison Webster
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
Being called a grumpy judgemental weirdo made her frown, and probably look even more grumpy.
 The Hispanic kid -Andy- looked at her, eyes going a bit wider.
 "Shit, bruises? You okay? Here," he pulled out a Hersheys with Almonds from his oddly deep pockets and passed it to her.
 "Yeah, I'm fine.And uh...thanks, Andy?"

  She began to open the wrapper and caught him looking at her.
"What? "
"...You got a lotta stuff going on in your life, huh?" He commented.
"Doesn't everybody?"
It was hard to sound annoyed with a mouthful of chocolate.
"Well, yeah, but not like you. Right Brett? She got a lot of stuff going on?"
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett shrugged "None of my business, according to her. And you need to seriously do your shirt laundry, bro." then he reached up to pull the cord that would signal a stop "Roger is late getting to the bus stop." he explained, the bus rolling to a stop in front of a computer repair shop with nobody waiting at it. The doors opened as the driver expected people to stand and exit, but nobody did - then just as the driver began to close the doors, another nearly identical-looking thin. blonde boy came running out of the building shouting for the driver to wait, carrying a grey backpack and practically leaping inside as the doors opened again before fishing around and finding a beat-up old bus pass in his back pocket,which he handed to the driver before walking to the back and joining Brett, Allie and Andy.

"Hey you guys!" he looked at Allie, squinting, and that feeling of stillness was there again as he seemed to stare into her soul before settling in between his brother and Andy.

"Heya, Rog. You almost missed the bus."
Allison Webster
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Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 15:28
The Meeting- Chapter 1
 It seemed like they all had the Stillness- she wasn't sure about Andy, but she thought he might too. She pondered as she bit off another piece of the chocolate, watching curiously as Brett pulled the cord and another blond kid scrambled on just in time.
  Her high was starting to fade, but not as fast thanks to Andy's second hand high. She'd been going to make a comment to the other new arrival about staring at her, but something about the way he looked at her was creepy. It wasn't that the guy was creepy, but it was like he saw something he shouldn't about her. Allie shivered internally.

 "Heey, R-man. Cut it kinda close there," Andy grinned before replying to Brett.
 "My shirt smells good to me- besides you know nobody is gonna smell it. They never do unless, you know, they're looking for it. If it's bugging you, I can though." He leaned back against the seat, looking thoughtful.

"I'm Allie." she offered to -she though it might be Roger from the nickname- before Brett could do his own introduction. It felt weird bringing up the Stillness again with more people around.
"...So what'd you see?" she asked Roger, raising an eyebrow. Or well, she tried. She couldn't raise just one eyebrow yet. She was working on it.
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
"A girl." Roger answered with a grin identical to his brother's in most ways, though there were some subtle differences that Allie noted - Roger had a certain alertness about him that seemed to affect others; you couldn't help but be more aware of your surroundings when he was near.

"By all appearances, yes, she is a girl and an especially weird, stalker-y kind of girl, too. I think she followed me to tell me about what a mean bullying jerk I am for beating up her friend who, by the way, totally started it."

Roger quirked an eyebrow at him, then looked at Allie "Don't believe his crap. Girls follow him home all the time, and he never doesn't want them to. You've been had."

Brett stuck out his tongue at his twin "Nobody likes a cockblock, Rog. Besides, she really did follow me on her own. I was minding my own business, punching sense into her friend, when she just decided to get all judgey out of the blue. It's getting so a wandering martial artist can't even dispense justice anymore without people going 'waa waa his rights'. I mean seriously, what's the world coming to? Master Pai Mei would be disgusted if he knew about it."
Allison Webster
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Wed 15 Nov 2017
at 23:21
The Meeting- Chapter 1
Allie frowned. A girl? Just a girl? Come on!
The sound of a motorcycle roaring to life next to them made her glance over, wincing. Damn that was loud, louder than usual.
Even if the two hadn't looked so alike she'd have peeged them for brothers, They seemed to get along the way brothers did, messing with each other.

"You were being a bully," she put in as Brett began to explain who she was. "And I'm not a stalker- I just want to make sure you don't mess with anybody else."
Seemed like a no-brainer to her.

"Dude, this isn't a movie. Martial artists don't go around kicking the crap out of people. If whoever your teacher is told you that was real is messing with you."

"But hey, Allie, it could be a movie." Andy pulled out a piece of candy and popped it in his mouth, putting the wrapper in his pocket.
"We're all stars in our own movie- and right now we've got the beginnings of a new arc right here,"
 His face looked serene almost, but Allie still felt that Stillness from him, that 'ring of thruth' sort of thing.

"We've got the new girl, a handsome boy and his brother, and I'm the comic relief stoner kid. We've got a good cast, so why can't it be a movie? I'd totally watch it,"
Brett Holland
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Sat 18 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
"Life's a play and all the world's a stage, beautiful. And what's the point of having power if you never actually use it? The way I see it, there's a lot of jerks out there who need to learn that they can't get away with doing whatever they want."

Roger nodded in agreement "Way too many people just accept things as they are and don't do anything to make them what they could be. Nothing ever gets better that way."

"And a perfect example of that is the shiner you're sporting. Your own father kicks your ass because there's nobody around to stop him, and that's just small-scale. Imagine a personality like his in control of a corporation, or a city, or a country. Sure, I may be a bully but sometimes people need to get pushed around a little. I bet your friend won't be punching anybody just for looking at him anytime soon."
Allison Webster
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 15:37
The Meeting- Chapter 1
    While Allie definetely agreed with the sentiment, she didn't think vigilante justice was right. She'd seen Brett kick her friends ass when he knew full well what was going on in his life. He'd shown that with his comment about pregnancy.
  "He didn't punch you just for looking at him- you broke our bowl and made a holier-than-thou comment at a time when we were all super stressed. And you knew we were. My dad...That's a different case. He beats on me and my mom -you're right- because he can. And that's not right. That's the kinda person who you should go after- not a scared kid full of too much testosterone and too many responsibilities at a young age."

She leaned back in the seat.
"You knew that there was stuff going on in his life. I know you did. And knowing him personally, I know he looks like a big guy who likes to fight, but Randy's a lot more peaceful when he looks. Did you know he writes poetry? There's way more to people than what they do in the moment, Brett. And no matter how much you try and convince me otherwise, I'm always going to believe that Randy didn't deserve what you did. You attacked him for throwing a punch at you, but you left him dazed and in pain without any idea why, assuming he'd understand what you meant to teach him. What if he doesn't take that the way you meant him to? What if later he should attack someone and doesn't because of what you did today and that leads to his death or that of his child? Your actions reach way farther than you realize, Brett. That's why you have to target the right people, people who you know will learn that lesson. And if you're not sure, they will, spell it out for them."

"Woah..." Andy murmured. "That was pretty deep."
Roger Holland
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 20:03
The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Roger quirked an eyebrow at her after all that "And now I have to disagree with you. Breaking someone's stuff for no reason isn't something Brett would do, and you don't get to attack people for saying things you don't like. Also, neither being a poet or having problems in your life gives you the right to take a shot at someone. I mean, i wasn't there but again - i know my brother. He didn't just kick some dude's ass for no reason, and the fact that your friend is presumably still drawing breath proves that he wasn't trying to hurt the guy."

     Brett picked up seamlessly on his brother's comment as the bus rolled to a stop at a bus stop in front of a restaurant and a third boy, this one wearing black slacks and sneakers with a slightly-stained white cook's apron, stepped on. Both Brett and Roger waved at him as he got on "Whether he deserved it or not, the saying goes 'your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins' and he swung first and reaped consequences commensurate to his transgression. You pull that crap with some people and you'll get a bodybag for your trouble and no chance to lecture them on their moral character."

     The most recent arrival of the three took a seat one row up from the others since the back row was getting full "This sounds like I walked in on something intense. Did you run into a Suit or something, Brett?"

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Thu 23 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
Allies nostrils flared and her expression grew exasperated. Roger was completely missing her point, and so was Brett.
"Look," she began, straightening in her seat. She felt the Stillness again, and in the Silence she knew that was she was saying was true. She directed the feeling through her eyes at Roger and Brett, feeling the certainty of her words like a Lazer. She imagined it as a light bulb above their heads as they understood that she was right. Her sweatshirt again felt like a cloak around her shoulders and she felt like a Queen issuing a royal decree.

 Like Andy had mentioned about the movies, she felt like she knew all the lines and what would happen next. And that thing was exactly whatever she wanted it to be.
   "Brett comes along and breaks my friend's bowl, apologizes, and says that they shouldn't have been smoking anyway, because Kate was pregnant and Randy was a new father. Think about that- it sounds like that apology might not be sincere."

  She could have asked for their opinions, but she felt in the Silence this was the time for making sure Brett and Roger knew what was really going on.

"I'm not saying Randy didn't deserve to get hit for throwing the first punch. What is wrong is that Brett's skills were used on the wrong person, and he used more force than he needed to without explaining why he was doing it. He can't learn a lesson if he has no idea what it is. " she told them both firmly.

It was then that the new arrival boarded the bus. It was good timing too, because as Allies concentration broke, she felt the Silence fade away. At least she had gotten everything out that she'd wanted to.
  Now she felt awkward in the bus with strangers. Including apparently three brothers. She waved a hand nervously at the last of the brothers.
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Allie would find the stillness not broken so much as..even more still. As she tried to persuade the two brothers to her way of thinking, she encountered two placid places of calm - one that felt like trying to look at a blurry TV screen, and the other, more intense one, like chasing a white rabbit in a snowy field during a blizzard - difficult and exhausting. Now all three of the brothers were looking at her with what could only be described as intense disapproval.

"And like a true one-track mind, if you can't bring someone around to your way of thinking with rhetoric you resort to force." Roger said, with Brett and Laike nodding their agreement "Our stop's coming up, and this conversation is over." they seemed angry at her for some reason. Well, Brett and Laike did. It was harder to read Roger.
Allison Webster
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
 Allie folded herself into the seat. She had been leaning forward, emphatically trying to make her point, but now she leaned hard against the fabric coat over the hard metal bus seat.
  She blinked, feeling a headache start to throb like a band around her head. Allie didn't understand. Her head was reeling, and she even jerk Ed minutely in surprise.
  "We're debating- I didn't force you to do anything!" she shot back. "I was arguing my point! If you believe what I say, that's on you, not me."
  But she had wanted them to believe her- she really did! She knew she was right- why were they so pissed that she was trying to explain herself?

  Her heart skipped a beat and she swallowed hard, drawing her lips together and blinking a few times to try and rid herself of the sudden guilt and urge to cry. She didn't cry anymore, or at least had cried a lot less since the beatings had gotten worse.  There was no reason for her to feel bad- she hadn't done anything! Or it seemed like she had, she just didn't know what she'd done exactly.

"Dude, that was not cool," Andy was looking at her the way someone might a cockroach.
 He got up as the brothers did, moving towards the front of the bus as if she smelled like shit.
 She didn't understand why they were suddenly acting this way, but looked away for a moment and the four young men would see her tensing as she prepared to cover her confusion and hurt with a wall of anger.
  "Fine. I was done talking anyway." she lied.
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Sat 25 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett quirked an eyebrow at her, less angry now as a realization dstruck him "Unbelievable as it may be, i think she really doesn't know what she's doing. Not that it really makes a difference."

     "You can't be serious. How do you not realize you're warping reality?" Roger shook his head at her and tsk'ed.

     Laike, however, was less surprised now with that possibility put forth "Ask the Technocratic Union that same question. Regardless, Brett is right in that it hardly matters. Someone that stubborn will believe what she wants regardless of what anyone else says or does. And here is our stop."

     The bus squealed to a stop at the edge of a suburban neighborhood and several other passengers disembarked, the three brothers standing up as well. Before they got off, Brett looked at Allie "Anyway, it's not our problem if you wanna be a pushover and a punching bag who runs from problems or makes them worse instead of solving them while also taking zero responsibility for any of them. It's a sad waste of talent, but to each her own."

  Then they all got off and started up the street with not another word.

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Wed 20 Dec 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 2
  Chapter 2

   Allie's world had been turned inside out. Or at least it felt like it. Within the past 24 hours, her dad had been taken to the hospital and she was pressing charges for the abuse she and her mother had suffered for years. It was over- she knew there was probably going to be stuff with the cops, but as far as she was concerned it was done. Her father was gone- she and her mother could go anywhere. They could keep him away from them  with distance and restraining orders.

And then there was Brett.

  She cast her mind back to the night before, a blush coming to her cheeks. She'd lost her virginity to him and it had been the most romantic night she'd ever had- it seemed like the universe had plans for them. No matter what they had done, situations had changed. The movie theater had been filled with rats- though even if it hadn't been the only things that hadn't been sold out had been romcoms. Definitely not her thing. Okay...maybe she was a quiet, closet romantic. But she also knew that wasn't how the world. Except for last night.

It had felt so natural and right- like she had known Brett her whole life. It was like a movie, in the back seat of an incredibly expensive car at a drive in. She hadn't even known there had been a drive in in the city, mush less that it was still getting business.

 If she didn't know any better, she'd have said Brett had planned everything, but he had been just as surprised as she was at how the evening had gone. And it had just been too weird to be coincidence. The Stillness was involved, she knew that much. His and Hers both. And at this point she wanted answers as much as she just wanted to see Brett again.


    Her family circumstances being what they were, after an explanation from her mom, she had the next couple days off of school. She would have been gone by now if her dad hadn't suddenly had a heart attack. That was weird too.

  Allie was looking for answers in a strip mall- walking usually helped her get her head together and she was wandering the ailses of the main groccery store in the strip mall, staring at the frozen pizzas and without seeing them. What had tugged her in here -aside from her stomach- she wasn't sure, but there was something about this place and time that gave her a weird feeling.