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Allison Webster
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Thu 9 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1

    As soon as she inhaled, she could feel the weed woking its magic. The jumpy feeling had stopped, the desire to look around constantly to reassess her surroundings was fading. She could finally relax, finally actually breathe.
   "So you're really going to do it?"

Allie's brow furrowed -why would she her something mid hit?- and slowly blew the smoke out through her nose.
 "Yeah. I've already got my stuff packed in my room- I can't do it anymore. I'm leaving tomorrow night."
Usually when she talked about her home life she cussed, but not when she was getting high. She knew by now she had to watch how she felt or things would get real ugly real fast. She didn't curse.
 "Don't know where I'm going or what I'm going to do but anywhere's gotta be safer than my place."

It was then that Randy, Kate's boyfriend, came back with sodas from the gas station. Allie decided to drop the conversation. So what if she was running away from home because of her abusive asshole acoholic dad- Kate was pregnant. And besides, Randy was big and bulky like  a younger version of her dad. While she had never seen him hit anyone ever, that nagging feeling nudged at her. Or at least it would til she got a little higher.

Allie leaned up against the Walmart brick wall.
"Thanks, Randy." she said quietly, taking her coke. Randy gave a small smile. He didn't say much. Her thin hand poked out from an overly large black hoodie that hid bruises on her arms and torso. She forced herself to stop ruining the high and opened her coke, savoring the hiss and feeling the tiny uptick of her heart beat as she watched it threaten to overflow. For now none of that shit mattered. For now, the world had shrunk down to the sun on her face, the coke in her hands, and the company of her best friend. She wanted to make this last.

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Brett Holland
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Thu 9 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett was on his way home from school just like any other day, his backpack slung over one shoulder and the tie on his school uniform hanging loosely around his neck. As usual, he had a pair of earbuds in and wasn't paying attention to his surroundings as he passed behind the Wal-Mart on his way to the bus stop on the other side, so he didn't notice the other three teenagers standing back there as he walked through; neither did any of them notice him as he walked right into their gathering and collided with Randy hard enough to make the larger boy drop the packed bowl he was about to light and take a drag from, shattering it  and sending the rest of the weed within scattering all over the ground>

"Oh crap, sorry man. I didn't even see you there."

     He sounded not the least bit alarmed or hurried as he spoke, pulling the earbuds from his ears and only now taking note of those present as Randy glared at him murderously. He looked downed at the destroyed piece and frowned.

"That sucks. But a pregnant girl and a father-to-be shouldn't be smoking anyway."

     The slim, athletic-looking blonde boy was talking to and about Kate and randy, but his eyes were fixed firmly on the girl in the oversized hoodie, looking right through both of them like they didn't even exist.

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Allison Webster
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Thu 9 Nov 2017
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The Meeting- Chapter 1
   Allie did and didn't know what was happening as their little group was interrupted. She looked up from her seat next to Kate, right into the eyes of a stranger. It struck her just how green his eyes were. Where they glowing or something, or was she just really high?
   It was like she knew what was going to happen, as she slowly watched the bowl leave Randy's fingers and drift to the ground. She got the feeling she could stop it if her wanted to, reach out and catch it, but she was distracted by the sudden rush in her head and stomach as she watched Randy's face contort.
  If she hadn't been high, she might have freaked out. She knew the edges of a panic attack at the confrontation was there at the edges of her mind. But she finally broke the blond guy's gaze and looked down at the shattered bowl.
  There was no way he could have known that Kate was pregnant. She was positive she'd never seen him before at school- or at least she was pretty sure she hadn't. This whole thing was kinda...weird.
  She looked at Randy and she could hear her heart pounding. Randy was going to kick this kid's ass- they'd all had way too much going on in their fucking lives. She watched as Randy's brow furrowed, the little vein poked out on his neck. It was probably that she was high, but Allie wasn't anywhere near as worried about this as she would usually be. In fact...She felt she knew exactly what to do. Her oversized hood felt like a cloak or something around her shoulders, like there was Hero Wind behind her or something.

  I got this.

 And she did. The thin, pale girl reached out and put a light hand on Randy's arm, reaching across Kate.
  "Dude, Randy, chill." she offered.
 When she spoke, her voice seemed older to her, somehow. Like hers but not hers at the same time.
  "I got a joint in my bag It was an accident, dude."
 Randy calmed- maybe it was the contact high.
  There was not wind, so they could pick up the leaves as best they could. The bowl was about 20 bucks. They could get another one. It was a pain in the ass, but they could do it.
 She slowly looked away from Randy to get her joint.

Who was that guy? Why was he looking at her like that? She waited quietly. Sometimes when she was high, she heard a voice. Or well, it wasn't so much as voice as it was a general sense about something. Maybe it was her gut.
  Whoever this kid was...She got the sense he was important, somehow. But The Stillness didn't offer anything else.
  "We all gotta do what we gotta do, ya know." she offered to the stranger, looking back down at the bowl.
Brett Holland
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 08:43
The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett was so transfixed with the hooded girl that he barely even registered what she was actually saying; he just stared at her as the enraged Randy cocked back a meaty fist to take his swing at him, but the instant before the blow would have landed on his face the smaller, slender boy just reacted, stepping just far enough to the side that Randy's punch missed him entirely while simultaneously stepping into his body and lashing out with a flurry of blazing-fast punches straight to the solar plexus that sounded like a jackhammer crunching through fleshy pavement and not only stopped Randy's momentum, but sent him stumbling back several paces, his expression stunned and the wind was knocked out of him as he found himself on the ground doubled over in pain, clutching his abdomen and wondering what had happened.

     All this happened in less than five seconds, and to Allie, it was like time slowed to a crawl and she could see the every second of every action in perfect detail as it happened, but couldn't react to it quickly enough to do anything about it if she even wanted to. When it was over, the thin boy stood there in a practiced stance with both legs widely but evenly spaced and both his up in fists, his expression one of calm and detached focus like it was as natural as breathing to him and then as quickly as the conflict had begun his expression changed to concern as he saw Randy on the ground gasping for breath.

"Oh..crap! Sorry man! Are you okay?!"

     He seemed more worried that he might have seriously hurt Randy than he was about the fact that Randy had just tried to attack him, albeit unsuccessfully.

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Allison Webster
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 09:18
The Meeting- Chapter 1
  Allie had thought she'd calmed Randy down, but the stress of this kid talking about him being a new father on top of everything else must have made him snap. Allie was at first really worried about the skinny kid- Randy looked like he was twice as big around as the smaller one.
 She knew people fucking saw some crazy shit when they were high, but she was able to track exactly what she saw. The blond kid seemed to know Randy was going to hit him and moved just in time, like something out of a movie! Like some crazy Neo shit.
  And then he kicked. Randy's. Ass. Or well, punched, but what the fuck ever. He punched him over and over again, so fast Randy probably didn't even know what was happening. And despite how things had started out, Allie's concern for the stranger turned into rage.

 Not only was Randy her friend- kinda. But this was- Allie's face went from joking to eerily flat as she watched this stranger toy with someone obviously weaker and less skilled than them. She'd been around her dad long enough to know a bully when she saw one.
 Suddenly she was on her feet- she hadn't even realized she was standing. And suddenly she was moving, marching up to the blond boy with all the bearing of a queen.

She wasn't even thinking, propelled by pure emotion and ego. No One was going to pull that shit around her, Ever. His concern didn't seem enough to her- to Allie it only partially registered.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

The girl didn't raise her voice- she didn't need to. She just stared at him, making eye contact.
"How fucking dare you trick him into a fight you know you'll win. That's not what martial arts is for. You should be disgusted with yourself. If you want to be that much of a fucking bully, how about a round two!?"

The entire time she didn't raise her voice, but slowly slid off her hoodie to reveal large bruises, some rings as though she'd been grabbed roughly by a much larger and stronger hand, and all were in different stages of healing.
   It was clear to see she was too pale, a bit too skinny- not in the fighting condition her opponent was, but she was there nonetheless.
Brett Holland
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Sat 11 Nov 2017
at 09:32
The Meeting- Chapter 1
     Brett blinked slowly at the girl as she advanced on him. Despite her suggestion that she intended to try to fight him, he didn't so much as raise a hand. He was, once again, just staring at her like he wasn't even there, and he let her angry admonishment finish before he said one thing:

"Victory is never assured until the contest is over. Your friend attacked me because he believed that victory was assured before he threw the first punch. If i wanted to hurt him, he'd be doing a lot more than catching his breath right now. You, on the other hand, look like you've been around somebody with a great deal less skill and none of that restraint. Someone i'd very much like to show what martial arts is for."

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