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The Sleepover

  Danielle arrived to the event shortly before Sarah did- in fact she'd been talking to to Tia. They'd first gotten to talking as Sarah arrived- though she was so quiet it was hard to say the girl could have done anything to truly interrupt the conversation between her and Tia.
  The seal of Solomon. Now that was an interesting accessory. The writer and reporter inside her itched- what kind of girl would wear a necklace like that? And where had she gotten that scar across her eye? Not that the other women meant to size up Tia, so to speak, but even at first glance Dani could sense the redhead reminded her of Roger in a way. They were both confident and self assured, charismatic. How could anyone miss it? Except, unlike Roger who seemed quietly confident, Tia's expanded outward. Something about her was intense, shining out for attention like a star fallen to earth.
   Was it bad part of Dani labeled her as someone who could run a successful cult?

  They got to chatting about her pendant, but before Dani could say much dinner was ready and she STUFFED HER FACE. She thought she might pop like a balloon or throw up with how much she ate- luckily neither of those happened and embarrassed her. After the boys stampeded in and out, they all went up to Tawny's room. It was a decent sized- bigger than Dani's at least, with burgundy accents, including a bed set. She idly wondered if you'd see wine at all if you spilled some on on comforter. Oh, you'd definitely see it on the grey accents, but the rest was the same shade of red wine.
   Everyone settled around the room and she continued her conversation with Tia.

  "So, you asked what I know about the Seal of Solomon?" she began.
  "I admit, I don't know everything about it bur as a future journalist, I pride myself on not being an ignorant cretin. I try and learn at least a little bit about everything. The Seal of Solomon was, supposedly, a magic ring engraved by God and given to the King made of brass and iron. It could be used to control demons,"
  As she spoke she ticked off fingers on her right hand as she thought.
 "Sinbad gave a cup with the seal engraved to HaRun-a-shid in The Arabrian Nights."

The Arabic felt familiar on her toungue and he thought for a second she smelled spices.
 "Stories about it started in the Arabic nations, but over time it became associated with Judaism. Which, it is, in a way and to many it's the same as the star of David. I haven't had the chance really sit down and go through everything, but that's a good jumping off point. Right now I'm working on Second Empire Victorian architecture."
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Wed 3 Jan 2018
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The Sleepover
"That's pretty much the gist of it, but what most legends get wrong is that the seal doesn't just allow command over demons - it allows command over all things created by God under Heaven and upon the Earth, for those who have the will to do the commanding. Which most people don't."

Tia was dressed in fuzzy pajamas and a tank top, which showed off the girl's skinny frame even more than usual; muscular she was not, but there was a certain willful presence about her that made people want to either get closer, or move as far away as possible. It wasn't just heat or an inner was fire.

"That includes the elements and even the spirits that hide just beyond our world. It's even used in alchemy as a symbol of change and transformation. But like i said, none of that matters if you don't have the strength of will and of soul to access its true power."

She said this while spinning the pendant between her fingers, looking at it entranced "Some people are drawn to the flame, and they'll either burn or pass through it forged anew. Others see it and flee in terror, and never again know wisdom. Or so my dad always says."
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The Sleepover

  "Makes sense."  Dani remarked shortly. While she didn't say much, thinking to herself as she grabbed her own sleepwear from her bag- Tweety themed fuzzy pants and a similar, if more subtle matching top-
 "In more ways than one. Of course a ring given by God himself would have command over all things made by Him. It's really the only conclusion."
  She slipped off the white dress shirt she had been wearing previously, continueing with her train of thought.
  "It's possible the true nature of the ring isn't widely known because - well, frankly, if such a thing were true and known by people who couldn't handle that much power, can you imagine how much destruction it would cause? My brother can't even make our Labradour sit- how well do you think he'd handle one of the Generals of Hell, or even do something simpler like make a flower bloom? I'll tell you right now that he wouldn't. It's exactly as you said- not everyone has the sheer strength of will to do a thing like that."

But you can.

Dani wasn't sure where the thought came from, if it was about him or Tia- it seemed like it could apply to both. Dani had never thought much about romance- there was always so much going on that it wasn't something she had the time or really the inclination to seek out, but Tia...Whatever it was about Tia, she felt it drawing her closer.

 It had been a long time since Dani had had a really good discussion with someone and it was a refreshing and...stimulating experience. The fact she was changing in front of her ...may have had something to do with it was well.

She slid her shirt over her bra and reached back to unclip herself. The soft cotton felt good against her skin.
 "Your dad sounds interesting. ...I'd think, when it comes to a matter of will like this, it's one of those things where you'd either know you can do it or you can't. Like money, if you have to ask the answer is no."

 Now when it came to spirits and the elements...could she do something like that? It was hard not to wonder while they were on the topic. Did the fact that she wondered give her that answer? She liked to think she could...She was 99.9 percent sure in fact that she could, if she had the tools to do so. She had always thought she had the world at her fingertips if could just know the means to get what she wanted.

"If I knew how, I could do it." she told Tia, "Alchemy, which you mentioned earlier, has the same general rules as modern science, so if we're using that concept as a basis, I could say, turn led into gold given I had the proper tools and things like that. That's supposed to be advanced alchemy, though, but it's something I'd do in time. I don't see any reason why I couldn't."
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Thu 4 Jan 2018
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The Sleepover
"Knowing how to do something and having the strength of will to do it successfully are two different things. You know that old maxim, 'knowledge is power?' well it's true - knowledge is one form of power, but real power is just...power. There's a certain point at which knowledge and strength of will and even skill just don't matter anymore. I learned that a while ago, the hard way."

She laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, her fingers circling and making the lights flicker for a moment as she spoke with her seal held in the other hand "Some people see the fire and go toward it, and burn or are reforged. Others turn away from it. But a few, the rarest ones, call down a storm and make the sea march against the flames. They roll over it like an unstoppable tide and grasp the embers that remain, then shape them into something else: lightning."

She sighed wistfully, and frowned "You can boil the seas and scorch the earth, but you'll never catch lightning."
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The Sleepover
It was obvious to Dani they had reached a point in the conversation where the black girl didn't know enough to understand what they were talking about. Whether it was really lightning they were talking about, or something else entirely, Dani had no idea.
  Then the lights began to flicker- she looked at her companion and back at the lights. She wasn't stupid and she could see the connection. Most people probably would have asked how she was able to do that. Danny's answer? 'Because she can.'
And wasn't it true? It wasn't hurting anyone, and if she could and was responsible about it, why not make the lights flicker?

 Dani wanted to be able to do what she did, but wasn't sure how to go about getting what she wanted in this case. Just that she knew she wanted it, and she'd get it, somehow. She was quiet for a moment as Tia's wistful tone faded, looking at her for a second as she pushed herself up slightly so she was sitting partially upright against the headboard.
  The way Tia spoke of lightning, that longing stirred something in Dani. Could it be so easy?

"I feel the same way about gold- it's so hard to get ahold of." Her fingers drifted to her earrings, small but thick hooks in her years.
 "I've been trying to get it for years, but..."
She saw it glinting in her dreams and chased it, but never found it. Always the goal at the end, but she never saw what it was.
  "It sounds like you know exactly what I'm talking about already."
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Fri 12 Jan 2018
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The Sleepover- Porch
Sarah had awakened in the wee hours of the morning- before even the grey of pre-dawn had tinged the sky. Not that the hour for her was in itself too unusual- she was a notoriously early riser whether it it was for private prayer, to help with a project for the church, or to help her siblings get ready for school. The reason for her awakening was one she could place. Had it been a sound?

  The young woman strained her ears in the darkness- nothing broke the silence save the quiet breathing of her companions in Tawny's bedroom. With the darkness, the red seemed black. It reminded her of sin. She eased herself into a sitting position, gazing at Tawny's naked form. Truly an example of the Lord's majesty, that He could create something so beautiful. Her eyes traced the other woman's curves, recalling their union earlier that evening with a faint blush rising to her cheeks. She stood by what she had told her lover earlier- such a thing she did not feel to be a sin despite the contradicting scripture. Tawny was a beautiful child of the Lord- surely that Sarah could love her in such a way was proof of her being made in God's image, for the Lord loved all His children regardless of their gender.

At the thought she gently put a hand to her breast. Tears burned her eyes in wonder. She had read the Bible her entire, but never had she diverged so much from scripture in her personal philosophy.Yet she knew deep in her soul what she thought was the truth. It could not be otherwise.
 The strength of her belief bid her to rise and she did so, easing her way out of bed and making her way outside onto the porch, admiring the natural beauty of the Lord's creation.

  All was still as a painting. She considered kneeling to pray, as was proper, but it did not feel as natural as it usually did. The world felt more vibrant, almost painful to her eyes, as though prior to this evening she had covered herself in a veil to preserve her modesty. Sarah felt she was witnessing God's glory as she gazed at the trees, at the wood grain in the porch, at even her own reflection in the sliding glass door. She'd never been so struck by it.

  Sarah watched herself make the sign of the cross. Up. Down. Left. Right. And suddenly was struck by an idea. As though in a trance, she opened the sliding glass door again and went to the kitchen to get some water and a cup. Light from the full moon outside glinted off the metal fixtures and the glowing water from the faucet. Waiting until the glass was three fourths full, she turned off the water and raised the glass to her face and peered into the cup, blowing on it gently, watching her breath causing ripples on its surface. The Lamb had turned water into wine. Surely with just a fraction of His Grace as a product of the Divine, she could be a conduit for miracles.

   Water had been a symbol of God's Word. Mimicking the actions of her local priest, she dipped her right thumb in the water and walked to one of the small potted plants -Tawny had pointed out the small herb garden before dinner- and placed her dripping thumb in the plants soil.
  "Blessed are you, Lord God, king of the universe: you have made all things for your glory. Bless  this herb and grant that we may use it in your service and for the good of all your people." she whispered.