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Travis's Beginning
While some of his classmates were taking their first steps towards Awakening and discovering the Traditions, little did one of them know that they were about to do the same...
 Travis had grown into an impressive specimen in his teenage years- he had always been physically imposing, while managing not to be intimidating. In stereotypical high school terms, he didn't quite fit into any particular clique, yet somehow everyone knew Travis. At least by name. He was popular, and yet far from a social butterfly. Deeper social connections were somewhat of a challenge for him- his brain just seemed to work differently from his peers.

 Maybe it was the fact he was adopted that attributed to that fact? It was something he'd known for a while. While his parents weren't outright neglectful or abusive, it was clear that once he'd reached a certain age they just weren't on the same wavelength. But they tried- his mother moreso than his father.
  Patrick was a Banker, a damn good one, but he was shrewd and business savvy. Not really the type of person you'd think of as a parent. But the two did have many late night conversations about science and math, and money, particularly when Patrick had a couple drinks in him.
  His mother, Cynthia was much more of a 'feeler'. While she must have known Travis was not her own blood, she gave no sign of it, taking pride in nutritious and filling home-cooked meals which she claimed was part of the reason Travis had grown up to be such a strapping young man. She was a nutritionist by trade, and loved creating new things in the kitchen. She was bright, and probably could have done more with her life, but to Travis at least she seemed content.

   It was just after second period when Travis recieved a text message from his adoptive mother.
 'Hey Trav, Dad wants Mexican and I want Italian for dinner- break the tie? And a package arrived today. I think its one of your science kits?'

  There was more than enough time to respond and get to his next class- Science with Mr. Briggs. He and Mr. Briggs were fairly close as far as teacher and student, Mr. Briggs admiring Travis' inquisitive nature and intellect. He lent the young man books every so often that might catch his eye and today was no exception.

"Travis!" The older man was displaying another of his unique ties again- this one was covered in tiny H20 molecules. "Hey there- I found a couple books that you might be able to sink your teeth into."
  He patted a small pile of books on the corner of his desk and lifted the first one.
"A Disenchanted Night, covers the evolution of gas and electric lights, and there's a couple more in there too. The others-"

 More students began to enter the classroom and Mr. Briggs had to cut their talk short. He looked a little disappointed.
 "If you have any questions, let me know, okay?"
When Travis went to his desk and examined the titles, the last book was a very thin volume with a jacket to protect the leather-bound cover. And it was in Latin. It might require a bit more research to translate.
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
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Travis's Beginning
Travis smirked when he got the text on the way to his next class, shouldering his backpack laden with a few textbooks and a lot of other nonessential books on various topics - mostly things like advanced physics, nutrition and some more esoteric subjects well outside the realm of modern science; he firmly believed that science had yet to explain or understand everything, and in fact could not. He replied to the text 'Chinese'. he would have been happy with either Italian or Mexican food, but he knew that if he chose on or the other it would start a fight that would end with his parents mad at eachother and the entire family ordering pizza and avoiding eachother for the rest of the evening.

With that done, he kept going on his way to his chemistry teacher Mr. Briggs' class, waving happily when he saw the man and looking at the pile of books he'd laid out for Travis to read - Mr. Briggs had gotten to be like a mentor to him, and was the one who had submitted a mensa application on his behalf and recommended him for numerous post-college scholarships; not many students maintained a perfect GPA and played on the football team, and Travis was widely regarded as the smartest student in school - the smartest student the school had ever had, actually. His only real academic competition was another boy named Turbo and a girl named Sarah, who while she was less intelligent than Travis and less inventive than Turbo managed to stay on their heels by sheer discipline and hard work. What she lacked in natural talent, she made up with determination, though Travis felt bad that her deeply religious family life would probably hold her back in life.

"Thanks, Mr. Briggs! This looks like it's going to be interesting stuff!" he started to shuffle the books into his backpack and went to sit at his lab station - all of them except one, a thin leatherbound text written in latin - much of which he could understand, but would still require some time to read in-depth. He flipped it open as he sat and Mr. briggs began instructing the class, barely paying attention but still keeping up as he struggled through the first few pages while working on the lab assignment with his partner. What little he could read was fascinating, even if it seemed a bit theorhetical - Luminiferous Ether? He remembered reading about the phrase before as a debunked theory, but still...what he could understand thus far made sense.

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Travis's Beginning
   Travis and his lab partner -a well known pothead named Andy- chatted through most of the lecture. About the book he was trying to translate to begin with, which soon led to other things. Remarkably, Andy finished his assignment before Travis did, despite not paying attention in the least to Mr. Briggs or the lab packet. Soon enough though, it was time to move on to the next period of the day. As Andy gave him a wave and headed off, Mr. Briggs caught Travis as he was heading to leave.

"So, Travis," While the older man had been lecturing, it was clear that he greatly enjoyed and had a passion for science. When speaking with Travis, however, it seemed to be deeper than a clear passion.
"I know I lend you books and things like that- you're a very bright young man. It's rare that a high schooler coming into my classroom shows such a knack for science the way you do, or has such a quick grasp of so many concepts that are, to be frank, generally reserved for college courses and rather advanced ones at that. I haven't heard back from mensa yet about your application, but I wanted to offer you something. I know you're on the football team, so the schedule would of course work with that, but I'm starting a club here at school for those interested in advanced pursuits. The sciences, philosophy, literature- it'd essentially be a chance to discuss topics with academic equals and work on personal projects. Do you think you might be interested? We already have a few interested students- Sarah Miller to name one."