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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 05:45
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Here's an out of character thread for the Legacy 2nd Edition game. The current playtest version is 1.6, with the basic play materials available here with a few additional family and character playbooks here. I don't know how likely most people are to be familiar with this game, so don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear or to PM me if those links don't feel sufficient to get a sense for the game. For context off the bat, each player chooses a Family playbook that will remain, grow, and evolve across generations, and a Character playbook that's normally swapped out with each "Turning of the Ages."

Unless there's a strong preference among the group to reign in the weirdness the setting is capable of, I'm planning to keep Ruins, Echoes, and Mirrors playbooks all fair game.

I'll copy paste an excerpt from the MC section of the book where it describes the default expectations regarding PvP. This is negotiable, and that's part of why I'm posting it.

"Legacy assumes that your families will spend most of their time somewhere between a cold war footing and wary alliances, with outright violence and altruistic cooperation equally rare. Similarly, characters are intended to be acquaintances, old friends or rivals, with room for those relationships to slide towards fierce loyalty and absolute hatred in play.

All of this is to say, your game shouldn’t have outright conflict between players at the start of the game but can certainly end up there thanks to events in the fiction."
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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 06:10
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I am 1000% down for this.

I would like Enclave of Bygone Lore, or Cultivators of the New Flesh.

Also I haven’t looked at the game in a while since I kickstarted it, holy crap it got some cool new art and interesting groups added.
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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 14:04
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I think I'm Most interested in, Order of the Titan,  Lawgivers, or Tyrant Kings

Just giving another read through and really like how things are getting fleshed out, I like how the surplus/needs are more solidly defined now.  Very excited to get my hands on the final version soon

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Johnny Shadowtail
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 03:15
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
What in holy is this beautiful madness? I am also 1000% down for this one though this is pretty well the first I've seen of it.

I call (barring any conflict) The Uplifted Children of Mankind!

This game looks incredibly fascinating and awesome. Thanks for calling this one up, Briar.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 05:35
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Glad to see there's enough interest to start a game! I was a little unsure.

I'd still leave it open to one or two more, but I feel comfortable suggesting that you can go ahead and start selecting, statting up, and thinking about your family playbooks and what they suggest about the shared history- the wonders of the World Before, the horror of the Fall, and the shape of the wasteland today. Like I've said, world-building is big in this one. (Though I will try to move things along faster than I have in the past and let more of the world building happen in play. I've made the mistake before of making set-up more convoluted than it was meant to be.)

With thirteen family playbooks available and fourteen character playbooks, I'll be surprised if there's much conflict there even if we get another two or three players. (3-6 being my goal)

I'll note that the Harbinger character playbook is the most recent and probably least tested one, and it does strange things with the progression system. That said, it is there for playtesting if someone is intrigued by it. Also, one element the designer is interested in testing out is making the Family Quick Character moves available for regular characters as well, so if one of your QC moves catches your eye when you're making your character, feel free to take it as a replacement for one of your starting moves.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 16:50
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I am a bit torn on which family to choose. If I choose the cultivators of the new flesh, and we have both the order of the titan, AND the uplifted children of mankind, we are going in a very bio-punk direction. I would prefer a bit more variety, so if we get more people, I’ll be cultivators, otherwise I’ll go with the enclave.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 17:32
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I could easily go lawgivers or tyrants.  Didn't list mine in any particular order
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 18:34
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
That’s cool, but I still think I’ll base it on whether we have a 3 player game or if more players join.
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Sun 19 Nov 2017
at 19:43
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Okay cool.  I'm probably kicking in on lawgivers either way after spending some more time thinking about things
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 23:54
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Aw Heck, Lets do this!

The Harvesters
Playbook: Cultivators of the New Flesh
Stats: Reach -1, Grasp 1, Sleight 2
The fall completely supplanted the original ecosystem with new and alien forms of life
Doctrine: Nature's Acolytes
So long as my family members only consume the food and drink they've produced, they will not fall ill or be attacked by mundane wild animals.
Lifestyle: Settled
My family's farms and facilities are extensive, and can work on the creation of multiple new Surpluses simultaneously.
A managed bloodline
A  sterile and analytic style
Led by a pantheon taking on Nature's aspects
Surplus: Land, Progress
Need: Barter Goods, Medicine, Crops

Evolutionary Leap

We are defended with: Hides and homespun fabric (Utility, tough)
We Travel with: Mobile Research Station (Land, Medbay)
We draw upon: Farmers (Quality 1, Growing crops and herds)

I'll refine this soon.
Johnny Shadowtail
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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 03:31
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Here's a start from me:

The Runaways, an alliance of uplifted stray and feral dogs.
Playbook: The Uplifted Children of Mankind
Stats:Reach +1 Grasp +1 Sleight -1
We needed to adapt to the homeland’s hostile habitat.
Doctrine: The Scavengers
My Family descends from omnivores. I have Advantage infiltrating and scavenging for resources.
Lifestyle: Land-Based
My phenotype is ideal for speed and endurance, and I will not grow tired before my prey or pursuer does
A family of the same race
Crude armours of our own design.
Loud anarchic democracy
Surplus: Morale, Safety
Needs: Recruits, Scouts, Fresh Water
Before - A museum of extinct species and biomes.
The Fall - Urban areas used to hide from persecution
A Threat - Extreme weather upsetting the food chain.

The Strength of the Pack
Add +1 Quality to any group of followers entirely made of members of your family.
"When they act as one", both character and followers roll with advantage.
If your pack is ever completely wiped out, gain Need: Vengeance.

Home. Family. Future.
When your Family fights for survival or supremacy,you can gain Need: Recruits, Morale and/or Motivation. For each you take, choose one:
- One of your foe’s champions will be overwhelmed.
- One chosen champion of your Family will decimate scores of your foe’s regular troops.
- Those who witness the battle will be forever marked by the nobility of your people.

History TBD
Character TBD

EDIT: Updated Name, Landmarks & Moves

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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 04:57
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
Good to see people already have ideas about what they want. I'm not sure if I should even mention it since there was concern about being too focused on BioPunk elements, but the next family playbook has had its first draft teased, as well, for people who want a family with pets, familiars, or a non-Afflicted version of lycanthropy. (Think Marat if you're a Codex Alera fan.) It is still lacking quick character moves. (I'm a little surprised at the pace at which the new playbooks seem to be coming now, personally. In a good way.)



I'm wondering if the handout section is sufficient for introducing all of the mechanics and I'm going to try to comb through it for obvious concepts that might have been forgotten. For one thing, you can convert freely between points of Tech your family holds and individual Devices held by characters.

"You'll most often come across Devices in the field, but you can also spend
1 of the Family's Tech stock to outfit a character with a device when they're
gearing up. When you do this, describe the device and give one clue to its
function; the GM will give you one other clue."

When you bring a Device back to your family, it mechanically becomes a technically undifferentiated point of tech, but when you spend tech it's always good to describe what kinds of forces you're working with.

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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 15:46
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
The Harvesters tell a story, that the fall was caused when Gaia took a new lover. She spurned her old lover the sun, who had grown harsh and abusive. Now she has lain with the moon and births a new family. Humanity must prove that they are still first among Gaia's children. And that by accepting and taming this new life, they will be accepted by Gaia in the new world.
Now many Harvesters take this story or at least its message, as true, and seek dominion over all types of beasts and growth. Others take it as a fable encouraging adaptation. And that things change, and we must too.


From the time before: A plantation of heavily modified trees
The Gilded Pines - These trees were created to slowly sap the metal from the earth. The needles are all made of pure metal or crystal. Most attempts to uproot these trees have met with failure, so instead people search this forrest for trees of gold or iron, to harvest their bounty. But the floor is covered in shed needles of glass, and the air is known to harm those who stay too long.

From the Fall: Catacombs filled with failed genetic experiments
The Sky Cradle - said to have fallen from the heavens. Now buried under half a mountain. From it came forth many of the worlds beasts. The Harvesters call it Gaia's womb, and that the thing that fell from the sky was the seed of the night god.

A Threat: A plague too efficient and dreadful to be natural
Grey Rot - This sickness begins as a bad cough, but as the rot gets hold, the victims body is slowly converted to flakes of grey ash. It's highly contagious, and can effect any animal. There is no cure, but the outbreaks can be contained with fire. It takes a few days to show symptoms, and if not properly purged, small bulbous mushrooms grow from soil tainted by the diseased ashes of the stricken.

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Johnny Shadowtail
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 02:07
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
updated my post to include a name, landmarks and moves.  being my first time, how am i doing so far? am i missing anything? what the heck are landmarks?
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 04:22
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
You are doing great so far! I don’t think you missed anything. As for landmarks, they are meant to be added one at a time to a map, to build the games “homeland” The before landmark is a hint of what life was like before the apocalypse. The Fall landmark hints at what tragedy befell us, while the threat is there to give the current setting some teeth and to act as a possible antagonistic force or GM hard move. The options are also meant to be tied to how our factions became as they are, and help ground them. All the landmarks are potential sources of need surpluses or causes for more needs.

As a bit of clarification, the game assumed (in version1) that at game start, we are the major factions/families in the Homeland, but represent a small part of the population. The first age each faction is between 20-100 people strong. And there are a smattering of settlements and people living in the homeland. We are the the first generation post fall to focus not on survival, but on growth, exploration, and progress.

Does that answer your questions?
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 06:42
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
That's about right, Johnny. Feel free to expand more on your landmarks to decide in more detail what they imply about the history, or leave it as something to discover in play. They could become anything from the basis for settlements to dungeons or forests filled with monsters to mere mysterious landmarks or environments to explore or traverse.

The map is arguably central to the game, but is also something I've had poor luck trying to implement in play-by-post. The idea is that we'd normally all share a sheet of paper (or even a file) and add symbols of particular landmarks one by one, going around, and then adding other terrain features by group consensus. We can set up some kind of editable grid or just suggest grid coordinates for each landmark you want to place so they can be represented on a map with relative locations. The map will likely change often, with Turnings of Ages and Wonders and families taking on projects and fighting battles that affect the landscape, and some of even the basic move options involve marking something new on the map.
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 12:11
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I'll be getting my lawgivers stuff up tonight.  Busy last couple days
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 22:52
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
The Paladins
Playbook:The Lawgivers of the Wasteland
Stats: Reach 0 Grasp 2 Sleight -1
Law and order saved mankind from extinction
Doctrine: Righteous Vigilantes
When my family comes to a scene of violence, my family can ask the GM one question about the victim or the attacker
My Family is known as the local law and our judgments in all matters are respected
distant descendants of cops and soldiers
sturdy trail clothes and a deep hood
complex legal codes overseen by elderly judges
Surplus: Weaponry, Leadership
Need: Defences, Recruits, Transport

We Fight with Heavy Pistols
We Travel on Speeder Bikes
We can draw on Magistrates

Laying Down the Law
Everything you do is motivated by a strict moral code, held by all the

The Weak always deserves protection My Family and Character have
advantage while protecting them.

Slavers always deserves our justice  My family has advantage while
pursuing them.

My Family’s code prevent them from Torture  in the name of
justice. My Family and Character roll with disadvantage on all moves if
you go further, until the GM thinks you’ve made amends.

This is a Civilized Land
As long as my Family patrols a region and keeps its citizens safe, they’ll
know through rumours and whispers when someone breaks their laws. Its
people will gradually start behaving according to our principles over time.

History and Landmarks TBD
Forged (GM)
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Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 15:33
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
So far we have: The Harvesters, The Paladins, and The Runaways.

Here is my summation of the setting, mixed with my own interpretation

Before - Hover Tech (speeder bikes, sky cradle), And lots of genetic engineering(The Uplifted, and the Cultivators). If this is earth, we have ruined our ecosystem (Why else have a museum of all we destroyed) If this isn't earth, we destroyed the local ecosystem. The area pre-fall had a large urban area, and a section has survived until now.

The Fall - A whole new alien biosphere supplanted the original (Ironic considering pre-fall we ruined the ecosystem as well) This new biosphere is hostile to people (human or otherwise) And the only reason people still live is due to Law and Order, some kind of emergency protocols enacted by the government? Maybe a last ditch show of force by the military?

The Homeland - The Homeland has completely new flora-fauna that isn't very friendly. And the food chain is being disrupted once again by Extreme weather. While a deadly plague threatens people. As the fall seems biological, the infrastructure of the area known as the homeland is relatively intact. (We have a museum, and urban areas)

I see most people assuming that life in the homeland is poisonous/deadly unless proven otherwise.  Since the Paladins don't abide Torture, or Slavery, It can be assumed that there are groups in the homeland that practice both. Very likely there is a species gap, there is a good chance that either uplifts enslave people, people enslave uplifts, or both. Are there multiple species of uplifts? or is there only the one?

I look forward to seeing how the world turns out, and how anyone that joins could twist the setting further.
Player 12
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Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 10:27
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC

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Forged (GM)
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Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 15:42
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
With Briar out, I think I'm the only other player with the Legacy 2nd ed materials. Once Masks is up and running I could be convinced to run this as well.
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Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 17:39
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition OOC
I shall be on hand to try convince you when the time comes. ;)

The more I read about it the more it seems like AW+ and I enthusiastic about that prospect.