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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 19:21
  1. If roll20 gives you a d20 result of 3, you may reroll the 3.  Monsters do not have this option.

  2. Characters start at 1st level.  XP is evenly distributed regardless of whether you went off on your own to kill something solo.  Meaning the whole team gets credit for the kill, not just you.

  3. No homebrew except as allowed by all other players and DM.  Vanilla, please.

  4. Vanilla means no variant rules or 3rd party stuff.

  5. Unearthed Arcana stuff is only permitted with approval from all other players and DM.  (See below)

  6. Character sheets are to be publicly viewable by all.

  7. If your character sheet doesn't have a spell, you can't use it.  No exceptions.  No matter how funny it would be to spontaneously cast grease on the annoying NPC.

  8. Non-Ritual spells are not for sale by any NPC in the world.  If you want more spells in your spellbook than is allowed automatically by your class, then you'll have to get everyone's approval to be allowed to loot it off a badguy.

  9. If you want to interact with another character in any physical or magical way, you MUST roll an attack roll.  NPC or PC.  Even if you want to grab up Nathan in a big bear hug or shower him in harmless magic sprinkles.  You may say, "Igatho reaches to grab up Nathan in a big bear hug." without making an attack roll.

  10. Your stats before racial mods are: 15, 14, 13, 12, 12, 10.  Or you can go with this array: 15, 15, 14, 10, 10, 10

  11. For starting gear you may either take the starting gear allowed by your class and background, or you may spend up to 200gp to purchase starting gear.

  12. For level 2 and beyond: Do not roll your HP.  We will be using the "average HP" optional rule.  For example: +d8HP every level becomes +5HP every level.

  13. Gunpowder does not exist, nor can it be invented.

  14. No evil characters.

  15. Ignore the stuff that discriminates against small sized races.

  16. There's literally nothing in the PHB that says you cannot deal subdual damage with any attack.  DM ruling: Nothing says you must deal lethal damage under any circumstance.  Seriously.

U.A. ranger variant has the approval of the following players so far:  DM, LaserFace

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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 00:59
About stealth and perception.  After reading up on how it's supposed to work, there's a lot of details left ambiguous.  Probably deliberately.  So as an experiment, I'm going to go with the following DM ruling for our first encounter.

The goblin with the worst stealth roll happens to be the one closest to the group.  Grand total of 9 stealth.  So if your character is within 30' of that goblin, indicated by the black circle, you'll spot him.  If you're farther than 30' but within 60', indicated by the white circle, AND your character's passive perception is greater than 13, then you'll spot him.  If you are beyond 60' you do not spot him.

The stealth results of all the other goblins are stored in the red circle above the goblin tokens when you click them.  They are on the GM layer right now to indicate that they are hiding.

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Sat 18 Nov 2017
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to be clear, i define the classic murder hobo type character as evil.  DM: "You find a goblin, stuck in a pit along the side of the road.  'please help jengis!  jengis not bad gobbie!'"  do you: a - question him to find out that he was attacked by bandits then help him out of the pit?  Good aligned.  do you: throw him some loose branches he can use to get himself out?  Neutral aligned.  Do you: kill him and take his money?  Evil aligned.  "but he's a goblin!" you might argue.  EVIL!  DM SAYS YOU'RE EVIL!  GET OUT!

example game:  DM tells the group, "no evil characters, please."  so we join the game with goodie two-shoes characters with classic paladin mindsets.  the other players show up with 1) a gnoll the player boasts is "rabidly unlikable." and 2) a character with multiple personality disorder with a personality for every one of the 9 classic alignments.  these two character are later found out to be the kind to burn a village down because they were annoyed with the people.
"my character sheet says neutral.  so the character is neutral."
no.  that's a lie.
murdering people because they annoy you is a reprehensible act of evil in every culture in the world.

not good or evil is neutral. Which is fine. We're just saying no evil. But if you like, I could list what we mean by "evil". Primarily, it isn't evil itself so much as "My character is going to do things that cause the team to try to kill or imprison my character". We just want you to have a character that will be able to stay in the team

objection! !

*watches video*

it sounds like i could sit down with the guy in the video and the two of us would be in agreement on "the alignment system is dead."

i could also agree with him that darth vader is an interesting character.  among my favorites in movie history.
so is hannibal lecter.  the joker.  lex luthor.  etc. etc.  there's a LOT of movies that are that much more amazing because their antagonist.
but would batman team up with hannibal lecter?  probably not.  would lex luthor go on a dungeon crawl with spider man?  unlikely.  much more likely would be an adventuring group of darth vader and dracula.  because their ideals are compatable.
i do not run the darth vader meets dracula type game because things quickly spiral down to very dark places of player's guilty pleasures.  S&M, snuff films, child abuse, etc. etc.
i enjoy movies on a very different level than gaming.  i game to escape from reality, not to be reminded of the horrible things of real life.  hence my very strict "G rated only" dialogue and "no evil characters."
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Fri 24 Nov 2017
at 02:50
Added "you may spend up to 200gp to purchase starting gear." to the house rules.  Optionally, if you would rather go with rolled wealth for reasons you needn't explain to anyone other than your psychiatrist, I rolled it for you.  These are the results for each class.

Barbarian 2d4 x 10 gp result: 20gp
Bard 5d4 x 10 gp result: 100gp
Cleric 5d4 x 10 gp result: 140gp
Druid 2d4 x 10 gp result: 20gp
Fighter 5d4 x 10 gp result: 90gp
Monk 5d4 gp result: 15gp
Paladin 5d4 x 10 gp result: 140gp
Ranger 5d4 x 10 gp result: 140gp
Rogue 4d4 x 10 gp result: 90gp
Sorcerer 3d4 x 10 gp result: 90gp
Warlock 4d4 x 10 gp result: 90gp
Wizard 4d4 x 10 gp result: 70gp
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Mon 4 Feb 2019
at 04:42
 I'm told that in 5e, you can only declare non-lethal damage with melee weapons.  Or, "ask your DM" what can count as non-lethal.  Consider this my ruling for all future questions on the topic, "sure, go ahead."  All attacks can be non-lethal if you simply declare it thus.  Including bouncing someone off the moon then into a volcano full of dire lava sharks with vorpal chainsaw teeth.  Just please be sure that you make it clear that the villain survived because you're just that good with a crossbow.  I don't want to expend any mental effort on explaining away how this NPC somehow drank from the cup of indestructibility and was still just a mook in a 1st-level gang.