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Welcome to Death Note: Paradise Sought
On March 20, 2017 all of you had passed through the New York Botanical Garden for some reason or another.

You may have been there to or from work or school, you could've been exercising, you might have been on a date. Regardless of your purpose, you were there. Only you know why you were there, and you alone know whether or not you possess the Note.

Some time after March 21 the killings began.

At first, they seemed to be just happenstance. People die every day, after all. Illness strikes when it pleases, accidents happen, the pressures of life become too much and individuals choose to remove themselves from the equation. Over time, however, the pattern became clearer. The world had begun to heal, but the scab had not fully disappeared. Fear and paranoia gripped the populace, whispers of a name uttered back and forth. The question on every mind, webpage, and television screen became unavoidable: Had Kira returned?

The role you play in this grand story is up to you. You may stand by and do nothing, waiting to be judged and ignorant of the gravity of the state of affairs. You can support this new killer, joining the forums or actively trying to further their goals. You can instead choose to oppose them, cry out against this murderer who believes themself God, join in the effort to oust them, assist what law enforcement and investigators try to bring them to justice. The choice is yours.

Regardless of your choice, upon checking your email you find waiting on you an invitation to an online chatroom from a mysterious sender known as Valkyrie. The chatroom is labelled Valhalla, obviously some sort of reference or joke. The invite is not presented in question form, but rather in a manner that implies you really don't have a choice. One line reads:
"You were chosen, and for a reason. It would be in your best interest to join this room, as it may or may not affect the outcome of the events to come. Speak your support, your opposition, or your indifference. Regardless, not joining may result in unwanted consequences."
You're not sure if that was a threat or not, but you can't help wonder how they got your email address in the first place.

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Sat 18 Nov 2017
at 18:46
Welcome to Death Note: Paradise Sought
Death Note: Paradise Sought is a game that will be run systemless and diceless.

It will take place in the State of New York but will not be restricted to any one particular city, borough, or county. There will be events that require the PCs to all be in an area roughly around the same time but this is not necessarily something that will happen regularly.

As the campaign progresses, this may change. For now, each of your first posts should take place in and around the Bronx, New York.

Your character can be anyone, subject to my discretion. They can have any occupation, live anywhere within the state, and attend any educational institution they choose. Your character may be no younger than 13 years old, but that is the only age requirement.

This game will include dark and adult themes. Not one of your characters will be exempt from such circumstances unless the narrative requires it. Rest assured, your character will end up in situations you may find uncomfortable. If your character is a minor, this does not make them exempt. If you would be uncomfortable with a minor you are close to being in any sort of dark and/or adult situation, turn back now.

It will be necessary to join the Discord server I have created for this game, the link for which which is found on the Game Links page. The main channel will serve as the online chatroom that your characters will speak in. You must create an alias that your character will associate with themselves but will not obviously reveal their identity. This means changing the nickname from your standard Discord name. Create the name as if your character created it, not your offline persona.
It is imperative that you in no way reveal your character's identity in the main chat. If you choose to share this identity in-game or in a Private message on the server that is up to you, but be wary of possible consequences. It is not always assured that you will be able to identify offline contacts as an online contact and vice versa.
You can also directly contact me via PM for questions and concerns if you would prefer it not be directly in the OOC chat channel.

As far as rules go, please exercise common courtesy and general role-playing decorum. As much as I feel like I shouldn't have to say it, you are all FORBIDDEN from trying to use OOC knowledge to determine a character's identity. This includes, but is not limited to: analyzing writing styles, tracking post histories, and/or checking previous games a players has been in. I have certain measures in place to counteract some of these things, which you will see over time. Regardless, anyone who is discovered doing so will immediately be banned from future games and the game will be terminated.

Anyone who does not post within 13 days will be killed by the owner of the Note. This means your identity will be revealed. The player who assumes the role of the lead detective would be wise to not have themselves eliminated in this fashion. The same goes for the owner of the Note, as their identity will be revealed to the authorities. Depending on my particular mood at the time, this may be prevented with prior notice. This will be decided on a case by case basis and will not be a standard ruling. If a player returns after thirteen days with good enough reason as to why they were gone and could not notify me prior, I may make a narrative exception and create a scenario in where their character faked their death or faked their identity and still lives. This, also, is not a likely occurrence and will not likely re-occur. If not that, and if I have not had your character replaced by another or another player altogether, I may at least allow you to re-enter as a new character. Everything previously mentioned is also predicated upon my belief in your story.

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