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Weaver of Lies
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 12:57
Patrol duty
You all stand about the courtyard before the tower and inside the wall. There are four hobgoblins standing about looking bored, waiting for the patrol to start, and keeping to themselves. Your leader Sabstinia strides forward and looks you all over briefly.

Lolth seeks blood and I intend to give it to her, I want you to go out and bring me back some living sacrifices. The humanoid tribes nearby are sending scouts out towards our border lands, grab some scouts and bring them back. I am sure before Lolth feeds on them we can torture fhem for some useful information too. The hobgoblins willl drive the cart for the slaves. Try to bring me some living victims if it isn't beyond your ability.

The hobgoblins go off to fetch a small wooden cart with a built in cage with room for about 5 humanoid creatures. There are two tamed giant fire beetles that will pull the cart.
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 16:42
Patrol duty
As Sabstina finishes speaking Mindartis abases himself, kissing the shoes of the priestess. His musical voice floats up. "Your words are my thoughts holy one. I live to obey the goddess and her servants."
Phyxfryn Adin'ree
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 23:47
Patrol duty
The entire mission briefing, Phyxfryn stood proud and tall - or as tall as a five-foot person could make himself look - with his back straight, and his head only slightly bowed, his eyes boring into the female's knees. His brow furrowed, seeing the other male prostrate himself before the priestess as soon as she finished her speech. Was he expected to lick the dirt off of this female's slippers too?

"Yes, Priestess", he answers shortly, going into a respectful bow. He casts a glance at the other female in the room, the one dispatched to join in with them on this mission, waiting for either of them to dismiss the meeting before striding off.
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 15:05
Patrol duty
Well its good to see that you were raised to know your place and show proper respect for your betters, but thats enough for now. says Sabstina with a pleased smile on her face as she quite gently lifts Mindartis up from his prone position.

The priestess looks around to see if anybody has anything else to say, Ask, if you have any questions or requests before you go forth to do Lolth's will.