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Spellblade Info
Spell Pool (Su)
At 1st level, the Spellblade gains a reservoir of mystical arcane energy that he can draw upon to fuel his magic and enhance his attacks. This Spell Pool has a maximum number of points equal to the Spellblade's Caster Level plus his Intelligence Modifier.
The pool refreshes with rest, regaining a number of points equal to the Spellblade's Intelligence modifier with each eight hours of uninterrupted rest.

The Spellblade has the ability to cast spells from his available Spheres as long as he has Spell Points left in his Spell Pool. In order to cast his spells, the Spellblade must speak in a loud, clear voice and have at least 1 hand unoccupied to gesture with. Using magic alerts all nearby hearing creatures to your presence and location, effectively breaking stealth. You cannot cast in an area of magical silence, or in any other situation where you are unable to speak clearly. When using magic, you cannot wear armor heavier than light without incurring a chance of arcane spell failure.

Imbue Weapon (Su)
By expending 1 Vigor Point and 1 Source Point, a Spellblade can take a Standard Action to enhance one weapon he currently wields in his hand with arcane energy. This imbuement last for 1 minute.
This allows the spellcaster to add his Intelligence modifier to his attack rolls with the weapon, and also adds an additional ability depending on which Sphere he is imbuing his weapon with.
A weapon may only bear one imbuement at a time.

       Desiccating Strike (Water) - The spellcaster can wreath his blade in a field of desiccating energy, which deals an additional 1d6 points of nonlethal (Vigor) damage on each successful hit, as it draws water from their target's body, dehydrating them. By spending an additional 1 Spell Point, you can increase this damage by an amount equal to your Caster Level.
        Every time you damage someone with this ability, you gain 1 Reservoir Point for your Aqueous Aura Reservoir Pool.

        Obsidian Edge (Earth) - This increases the threat range of the spellcaster's imbued weapon by 1 point, plus one additional point for every 10 Caster Levels.

        Slowing Strike (Time) - This imbuement inflicts the Staggered condition on the target of a successful attack with the imbued weapon (Will negates). This effect only last until the end of the target's next turn, but the spellcaster can spend 1 Spell Point as a Free Action (before the target makes his Will Saving Throw) to cause effect to persists for 1 round per Caster Level.

Spell Combat (Ex)
At 1st level, a Spellblade learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the Spellblade must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand. As a Standard Action, he can make his attacks with his melee weapon at a –2 penalty and can also cast any spell from the Spellblade spell list with a casting time of one Standard Action or less (any attack roll made as part of this spell also takes this penalty).
If he casts this spell defensively, he can decide to take an additional penalty on his attack rolls, up to his Intelligence bonus, and add the same amount as a circumstance bonus on his Spellcraft check. If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty.

A Spellblade can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first.

Spellstrike (Su)
At 2nd level, whenever a Spellblade casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the Spellblade spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a Spellblade can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. If the Spellblade makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. This attack uses the weapon’s critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.

Imbue Armor (Su)
At 3rd level, a Spellblade may expend 1 Spell Point and 1 Vigor Point as a Standard Action to imbue his armor with arcane energy drawn from one of his spheres for a number of minutes equal to his Caster Level. This adds a +1 enhancement bonus to his Armor Defense Score. This bonus increases by another +1 for every 5 Caster Levels.

Additionally, he may add one of the following effects to his armor, depending on which Sphere of Magic he uses.

        Fire Resistance (Water) The armor grants the spellcaster Resist (fire) of an amount equal to his Caster Level. It can only absorb 10 points of damage per Caster Level, before it immediately ends, even if its duration has not yet expired.

        Stonemail (Earth) The spellcaster causes rocky growths to sprout from his armor, increasing its DR by an amount equal to 1/2 his Caster Level until his next turn. It can only absorb 10 points of damage per Caster Level, before it immediately ends, even if its duration has not yet expired, but all damage reduced by the spellcaster's armor applies to this pool first.

        Speed (Time) For the duration of the effect, the spellcaster's primary movement speed increases by 5 feet, plus an additional 5 feet for every other Caster Level.

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Water Sphere (Caster Level 5)
Hydromancy: The base Water sphere grants you three ways to manipulate this element. Each effect must be centered or targeted within Close range (25 ft + 5 ft. per 2 Caster Levels).

Vortex (concentration, requires a Large body of liquid or 8 Reservoir Points): As a Standard Action that requires concentration, the spellcaster may create a spinning vortex in a body of liquid within Close range that sucks creatures and objects to its center. You may move the vortex up to 30 ft per round as part of the concentration check required to maintain it. This vortex is 5 ft wide at its base, is 10 ft high + 5 ft per 5 caster levels, and is half as wide at the top as it is high. Any creature entering this area must pass a Reflex save or suffer bludgeoning damage equal to 1d8 + 1/2 your caster level (minimum: 0). If the creature is smaller than the vortex, they must pass a second Reflex save or be pulled into the middle of the vortex. Creatures in the middle of the vortex suffer bludgeoning damage once per round with no save, and must pass a Reflex save each round or be unable to move, and on a success may only move at half their swim speed. A vortex cannot contain more creatures than would exceed its volume.
By spending 1 Spell Point as free action, the spellcaster can allow the effect to continue for 1 round per caster level without the need for concentration. While doing this, the spellcaster may designate a simple pattern for it to move, which he may then alter as a Move Action. Creatures in the middle of the vortex are carried along with it as it moves.
If the spellcaster is using points from his Reservoir Pool to create the Vortex, he can create the Vortex on land, and even move it around over the land, as long as it remains within range.

Fog (concentration, requires rain, mist, a Medium body of water, or 4 Reservoir Points): You call up a rolling fog, cutting off people’s vision within a 10 ft + 5 ft per 5 caster levels radius area centered within range. The fog obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature within 5 feet has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance and the attacker can’t use sight to locate the target). The ability does not function underwater.
If using a body of water, the fog must be at least partially over the water itself.
By spending 1 Spell Point as free action, the spellcaster can allow the effect to continue for 1 round per caster level without the need for concentration. If you do though, the fog can be dispersed within 4 rounds by a moderate wind (11+ mph).
In the presence of a strong wind (21+ mph), you cannot use this ability.

Freeze (Instantaneous, requires water, wet creatures, or Reservoir Points): You may spend 1 Spell Point to flash freeze water, turning it into ice. You may freeze a 1 inch thick, 5 ft by 5 ft square of water per caster level.
Alternately, you may cover a wet medium-sized creature with 1 inch of ice per caster level. You may increase the size of the frozen area or size/number of the frozen creatures, but every extra medium-sized creature or extra 5 ft square divides the ice’s thickness in half.
Creatures smaller than medium count as medium-sized creatures for this effect, with the exception of multiple creatures occupying the same space. Add the sizes of multiple creatures occupying the same space together when determining their size for this purpose. For swarms, count each 5 ft square as being 2 medium-sized creatures occupying the same space. You may affect both squares and creatures, but all affected targets and spaces must be contiguous and must have the same thickness of ice.
Creatures are allowed a Reflex save to avoid being frozen. On a failure, they are encased and cannot move or act and suffer 1 point of cold damage per round per inch of ice. To escape, they must pass a Strength check or Escape Artist check as a full-round action to escape the ice (DC 15 + 1 per inch of thickness) or another creature must break the ice around the trapped creature (3 hp per inch). On a successful save, target is still entangled for 1 round. Ice melts 1 inch of thickness per minute on the average day.

Creature Size  Equivalent number of medium-sized creatures  # of Reservoir Points to Freeze
    Fine                            1/16                                    1
    Diminutive                      1/8                                     1
    Tiny                            1/4                                     1
    Small                           1/2                                     1
    Medium                          1                                       2
    Large                           2                                       4
    Huge                            4                                       8
    Gargantuan                      8                                      16
    Colossal                        16                                     32

Alternately, if a creature is not wet, and the Spellcaster has Reservoir Points in his Aqueous Aura, he may spend a number of his Reservoir Points equal to the size of the creature (as shown in the table above) to cover the creature in a lair of ice 1 inch thick. He may increase the ice by another inch by spending the same number of points again.

When using his Aqueous Aura to Freeze a creature that is not wet, he may not use the ability on more than one creature at a time.
Additional Water Talents
Aqueous Aura - By spending 1 Spell Point the spellcaster can create a field of hydrophiliac energy around himself. This field of energy holds water as tiny droplets and vapor in the air around the spellcaster, forming a faint, wispy cloud. This allows him to carry water around with him to power his Water spells.

Aqueous Aura grants the spellcaster a pool of points to power his Water spells with, called a Reservoir Pool. A spellcaster's Reservoir Pool can only hold a maximum number of Reservoir Points equal to his Caster Level plus his casting ability's modifier. This ability has a duration equal to 1 hour per caster level.

While active and with at least 1 Reservoir Point in the spellcaster's Aqueous Aura Reservoir Pool, this ability grants the spellcaster DR equal to his Caster Level. Every hit that this deflects drains 1 Reservoir Point from his Aqueous Aura.
For every 5 Reservoir Points in the Spellcaster's Aqueous Aura, he gains 5% Concealment against all attacks and targeted spells and spell-like abilities. This only applies to him, and only while his Reservoir Points are high enough to grant the bonus. If he spends enough Reservoir Points on his round to drop him below what is needed for that level of concealment, then his concealment bonus decreases as appropriate.

        Current Reservoir Points of Aqueous Aura      Concealment %
                     0-4                                     0%
                     5-9                                     5%
                    10-14                                   10%
                    15-19                                   15%
                    20-24                                   20%
                    25-29                                   25%
                    30-34                                   30%

The spellcaster uses the ability described below to add Reservoir Points to his Aqueous Aura Reservoir Pool.

Draw Water (concentration) As a Standard Action, the spellcaster may add to their Aqueous Aura by pulling water from a nearby source into its field. If the source of water is a nonmagical body of water, then no check is necessary, and the spellcaster may add an amount of Reservoir Points equal to their Caster Level to their Reservoir Pool, limited only by the size of the body of water.

     Size of Water Body    Volume     Maximum number of Reservoir Points gained
             Tiny        1  ft. cube                     1
            Small       2.5 ft. cube                     2
           Medium         5 ft. cube                     4
            Large        10 ft. cube                     8
             Huge        15 ft. cube                    16
       Gargantuan        20 ft. cube                    32
         Colossal        30 ft. cube                    64

This ability can still be used even without a body of water, but requires both a successful Spellcraft check and at least some water to be present in the air (as humidity, mist, or fog), or in the ground (as saturated moisture) to use this ability. The Difficulty Class for different climates is listed below.

                   Draw Water without a Body of Water
                   Climate            Base Spellcraft DC
         Tropical (Warm and Humid)           DC 10
                 Subtropical                 DC 15
                  Temperate                  DC 20
                  Semi-Arid                  DC 25
                    Arid                     DC 30

A successful Spellcraft result gains the spellcaster 1 Reservoir Point for his Aqueous Aura. For every 5 points his Spellcraft result beats the Difficulty Class for the check by, the spellcaster gains 1 additional Reservoir Point, up to a maximum number per check equal to his Caster Level.

Swim (spirit) The spellcaster gains a Swim Speed equal to 30 feet plus 5 feet for every 5 additional Caster Levels. This also allows him to add his Caster Skill Bonus to his Swim Skill checks.

Water Breathing (spirit) By spending 1 Spell Point as a Standard Action, the spellcaster can grant himself or a creature he has touched the ability to breathe water as well as air for a number of minutes equal to his Caster Level.

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Earth Sphere (Caster Level 3)
Geomancy: The base Earth sphere grants you two ways to manipulate this element. Each effect must be centered or targeted within Close range (25 ft + 5 ft. per 2 Caster Levels).

Bury (concentration, requires sand): You shift the sands, swallowing targets within a 5 ft + 5 ft per 5 caster levels radius area centered within Close range. Creatures within this area must pass a Reflex save or become unable to move. Creatures that make their save can move as normal, but those that remain in the area must save again at the end of each turn you maintain the effect. Creatures that move into the area must save immediately. Those that fail end their movement and cannot move until they break free. Buried creatures can attempt to break free as a move action, making a Strength or Escape Artist check against a DC equal to the effect’s Reflex save DC. Each subsequent round they do not escape, the Strength and Escape Artist DC increases by 1. This area is also considered difficult terrain for the duration of the effect.
If a target is knocked prone within this area and fails their save, they begin to suffocate until they escape.
By spending 1 Spell Point as free action, the spellcaster can allow the effect to continue in the area for 1 round per caster level without the need for concentration.

Tremor (instantaneous, requires dirt or stone): You may spend 1 Spell Point to send a tremor through the ground, affecting a 5 ft + 5 ft per 5 caster levels radius area centered within Close range.
This makes a trip combat maneuver check against every target within the area, using your caster level plus your casting ability modifier as your CMB. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity (except as usual for using sphere effects) and you cannot be tripped in return for failing this check.
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Time Sphere (Caster Level 3)
Chronomancy: The base Time sphere grants you two ways to alter time. All alter time effects require a standard action to activate unless otherwise stated and have a range of touch. Effects that target an area are centered on you. Effects maintained through concentration require you to remain within Close range of the target or location after placing the effect.

Haste: You grant the target the ability to make an extra attack at its highest BAB whenever it makes a full attack action. This effect is not cumulative with similar effects, such as that provided by a speed weapon, nor does it actually grant an extra action, so it cannot be used to cast a second sphere effect or otherwise take an extra action in the round. You must concentrate to maintain this effect, but may spend a spell point as a free action to allow it to remain for 1 round per caster level without concentration.

Slow: You cause the target to become staggered, allowing it to only take a single move action or standard action on its turn, but not both (Will negates). You must concentrate to maintain this effect, but may spend 1 Spell Point as a free action to increase its duration to 1 round per caster level without concentration.

If a slow and haste ability are used on the same creature, the second caster must pass a magic skill check. On a failure the target is unaffected. On a success, the effects counter each other, leaving neither in place.
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Alchemy Training
Training in Alchemy teaches you how to quickly and efficiently combine volatile chemicals for new or enhanced effects. You gain ranks in the Craft (alchemy) skill equal to your total Hit Dice; whenever you gain a Hit Die (such as when you gain a level) you gain an additional rank.

Formulae: You know Alchemy formulae; these are improved or original versions of alchemical items you can only create once you’ve learned the formulae. All formulae have a base crafting DC as noted in their descriptor, and their saving throw DCs, if any, are equal to 10 + 1/2 Craft (alchemy) ranks + Int Modifier.

The necessary ingredients for creating formulae are gathered over the course of a given day; there is no monetary cost to creating a formulae. You may craft any item whose formulae you know in 30 minutes, or 15 minutes if you have access to an alchemist’s lab, but due to the volatile nature of the enhanced formulae you cannot prepare more formulae at one time than a number equal to 1/2 your ranks in Craft (alchemy) (minimum 1) + the number of formulae you possess. Any creature affected by splash damage from an improved formulae is entitled to a Reflex save to reduce the damage by half.

Because formulae are more unstable than standard alchemical items, they expire and no longer work after 24 hours; it is relatively easy (DC 10 Appraise) to recognize the unstable and impermanent nature of these items so typically they have no monetary value; a potential buyer who fails their Appraise check assumes they are a standard item of their type (if applicable), or as a mundane item worth no more than 10 gp. In addition, the overly refined and unstable nature of formulae means that they cannot be further refined or enhanced by items such as focusing flasks or hybridization funnels.

You cannot fail to craft an alchemical item you know the formulae for; failure to meet the DC instead means you create the item but at its minimum potency, without additional effects or benefits for having additional Craft (alchemy) ranks or having increased the crafting DC.

       Improved Flash Powder (formulae)
             Craft DC: 20
You create a single use bag of improved flash powder that can be thrown as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 20 ft. Creatures within a 10-ft. radius burst of the point of contact are blinded for 1 round unless they succeed at a Fortitude saving throw against this effect. You can increase the Craft DC for this item in increments of 10; each time you do so, the radius increases by 10 ft. and the duration of the blindness increases by 1 round.

       Improved Thunderstone (formulae)
             Craft DC: 25
You create an alchemical stone that can be used as a ranged attack with a range increment of 10 ft. When it strikes a hard surface (or is struck hard), it creates a deafening bang that is treated as a sonic attack. Each creature within a 10-ft.-radius spread must make a Fortitude save or be deafened for 1 hour. A deafened creature, in addition to the obvious effects, takes a –4 penalty on initiative and has a 20% chance to miscast and lose any spell with a verbal component that it tries to cast.
You can increase the Craft DC for this item in increments of 10; each time you do so you increase the duration of this ability by 1 hour, add 1d6 sonic damage to all creatures within the effect’s radius (creatures who pass their saving throw against this item take half damage), and increase the radius of the effect by 10 ft.