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Tue 28 Nov 2017
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General Rules Info
Rules changes and clarifications will be posted here.
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Sat 2 Dec 2017
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Race: Human
Human Ethnicities
Cayno: Reddish Skinned; Dark Haired; Average Height; Slender Build
Adonai: Light Brown to Dark Chocolate Skinned; Red, Blond, or White Haired; Slightly Below Average Height; Average Build

Human Racial Features
Medium Size Humanoid
Human Subtype
Land Speed 30 ft.
+4 Wound Points
1 Bonus Feat at Character Creation
+1 Skill Point per Hit Die

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Mon 12 Feb 2018
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Initiative/Action Cost
Move Action - 4d6
Quick Attack - 4d6
Standard Attack - 5d6
Strong Attack - 6d6
Spell Combat - 6d6
Charge - 6d6
Run - 6d6
Retrieve an Item - 5d6
Drink a Potion - 5d6
Draw a Weapon - 3d6
Most Combat Maneuvers - 5d6