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The Great Spirit
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Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:22
Character Sheets
Below are the Original Character Sheets of each character, before any Experience expenditures.
Anna Lin
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Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:25
Character Sheets
Character Type:Enlightened Human
Dexterity2Old Soul+4Status-2
Intelligence4Essence Pool10Minority-2
Perception4+1 Strength+1Nightmares-1
Life Points26Mindfire  (S)0Language: Cantonese5
- RegenerationHumanMindfire  (A)5Language: English3
Endurance35Mindheal (S)0Beautician1
- RegenerationHumanMindheal (A)3Dodge5
Essence  First Aid3
Essence Pool84  Guns (R/S)3
Essence Channel  Humanities: Theology1
- Regeneration6/min  Intimidation2
Movement  Notice2
Speed10  Occult Knowledge*3
Experience  Rituals1
Character Points0  Trance*2
CharPoints Spent0  Unconventional Medicine1

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Liam Connolly
 player, 2 posts
Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:25
Character Sheets
Character Type:Inheritor of Odin (Wisdom, Raven, War)
Strength4Acute Sight+2Greed-1
Constitution4Fast Reaction Time+2Fear Cmtmt-1
Intelligence3Natural Toughness+2Cruel-1
Willpower5Increased Essence (+35)+7Reckless-2
Life Points80Primal Skill 3+6Brawl3
- Regeneration5/turnRaven Shape+2Handgun5
Endurance69Raven Speech+1- Colt .45(7)
- Regeneration5/turnArcane Knowledge+6Knife1
Essence- Elemental Air 1+2Dodge3
Essence Pool78- Elemental Earth 1+2Riding2
Essence Channel5- Elemental Fire 1+2Running1
-Regeneration10/min- Elemental Water 1+2Carpentry3
Movement  Gambling3
Speed18mph  Theology1
Experience  - Norse Panth.(3)
Character Points0  Language (Gaelic)1
CharPoints Spent0  Notice3
 Occult Knowl.*1
 Smooth Talking1

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 player, 3 posts
Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:25
Character Sheets
Character Type:Inheritor of Owl Totem (Night Owl, Thievery)
AttributesQualitiesDrawbacks     (-6)
Dexterity5Fast Reaction+2Honorable-2
Constitution5Primal Skill (5)+10Weird Delusions-2
Intelligence2  - Spirit Talk 
Perception2  Humorless-1
Willpower4  Covetous (Greed)-1
Life Points90Combat Speed (1)+5Brawling2
- Regeneration4/turnDark Vision+1Dodge2
Endurance72Tendrils of Darkness+5Guns (Revolver)2
- Regeneration4/turnUnseen & Unknown+6Guns (Shotgun)2
EssenceWings of Air+5Language (Engl)2
Essence Pool48Incr. Essence Pool+1Notice4
- Regeneration8/Min  Riding2
Movement  Running2
Speed20  Stealth2
Experience  Survival (Mtns)4
Character Points0  Swimming2
CharPoints Spent0  Throwing2

  • Leather Jacket d4(2) AV
  • 2x Revolver d6x3(9)

Aspects: Owl, Trickster:
Aspect Owl: Each of the Animal Totems has its own representation amongst the pantheon of gods.  Some deities are represented by a specific animal or associated with a specific animal, such as Athena and the Snow Owl and Crow.  A deity may replace any one aspect they have with a single Totem, for the purpose of Aspects associated with that deity. If the deity has the Beast Aspect, this aspect is always the one replaced by the Totem.

Mandatory Traits: None
Common Traits: Characters of this totem are usually silent by nature, and often seem uncomfortable in sunlight.
Primal Powers: Awe, Bestial Powers (Owl), Darkness, Primal Wind.

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Pastor Bryan Jamieson
 player, 4 posts
Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:25
Character Sheets
Character Type:Lesser Supernatural (Nephilim)
Dexterity4Fast Reaction+2  
Constitution5Nerves of Steel+3  
Perception3Hard to Kill+6  
Vitals  Skills
Life Points103MetaphysicsBrawling3
- Regeneration5/turnCelestial Blade+10Dodge4
Endurance72  Guns(Rifles)4
- Regeneration5/turn  Guns(Revolvers)4
Essence  Hand Weapons(Sword)4
Essence Pool54  Humanities(Theology)4
Essence ChannelN/A  Running(Marathon)4
Movement  Notice5
Character Points0    
CharPoints Spent0    

Celestial Blade:
Celestial Blade
Essence Cost6SkillHand Weapons (Sword)
Duration5 TurnsDamaged8(4) x (Strength + 4)
Celestial Blade uses the Celestial Fire rules on page 253 with the
exception that the damage caused is against both Life Points  and
Essence, when used against a Supernatural  creature.  If used
against a non-supernatural creature, Essence is lost at 1 point for
every 3 points of Life damage caused.

  • Model 1840 NCO Sword
  • Colt Army Model 1860
  • Springfield Model 1861
  • Gallant, a gray quarter horse

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Taron Bayne
 player, 1 post
Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:28
Character Sheets
Inheritor of Thor

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John Hawthorne
 player, 1 post
Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 09:29
Character Sheets
Character Type:Inheritor of Tyr (Justice, War)
Dexterity4Primal Skill 510- Alcoholism 
Constitution6  Recklesness-2
Intelligence2  ShowOff-2
Perception2  Status-1
Willpower3  Wealth-2
Life Points100Cold Fury10Brawling3
- Regeneration3/turnWays of War8Climbing3
Endurance75Iron Muscles8Dodge3
- Regeneration3/turn  First Aid3
Essence  Intimidation3
Essence Pool43  Notice3
- Regeneration6/min  Riding3
Movement  Running3
Speed20  Swimming3
Experience  Stealth2
Character Points0  Weight Lifting2
CharPoints Spent0  Singing1

  • 2x Bowie Knife
  • Donkey

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