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The Great Spirit
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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 11:47
A long time ago, in a ... Backgrounds.
Games work best, in my humble opinion, when everyone feels like a part of a team.  This is an opportunity for those of you who are playing to decide that past rather than having it handed to you.  Anna and Nah-eshjaa have already begun this process, but there are a few more people to add in.  I believe Anna also has some contact with the Pastor, aiding him as she can in helping people.

So, I have some questions for each of you to help facilitate this process....

Anna, tell me how you know Liam please.

John, tell me how you know Nah-eshjaa please.

Liam, tell me how you know the Pastor please.

Nah-eshjaa, tell me how you know Taron (may have to wait for his sheet)

Pastor, tell me more about how you know Anna please.

Taron, tell me how you know John please.

Each of you, feel free to PM your background storyteller with suggestions (before and/or after they throw their story on this thread), but please, let them tell the story and adapt your background a bit to fit it please.
John Hawthorne
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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 12:17
A long time ago, in a ... Backgrounds.
Well if one of Nah-eshja's targets had a bounty on his head John could have encountered Nash while he was on his bloody path of vengeance. Probably would have been some arguing at first(over who gets to kill the man in question) , maybe a brief combat before the 'real bad guys' find them, forcing them to work together? John would have been impressed by Nash's fighting skills (easiest way to gain his respect) and the two came to some sort of compromise (like Nash gets the actual kill, but John gets to take credit and get the money, or vice versa)

John would have been fairly friendly to Nah-eshja from then on, probably buying him a drink on returning, and greeting him when seeing him in the saloon. He would also have a standing offer on one free use of his skills.
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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 14:23
A long time ago, in a ... Backgrounds.
Nah-eshjaa walked into the tavern, his tongue was dry and he wanted a drink.  A drink with bite...  "'Ey, yer kind don't belong here, git'outta here", a voice at the bar called out as Nah-eshjaa's silhouette covered the doorway.  Ignoring the white man, Nah-eshjaa stepped forward, his soft moccasins stealthily moving across the floor.  "Wassa matta, you not speaky engley?", the voice asked as a bar stool scrapped across the floor.  Nah-eshjaa held his tongue and temper, leaned against the bar, "Whiskey, straight", he stated as a hand landed on his shoulder.

"I toldja, ye ain't belongin' here, get...", the voice repeated for the 3rd time, though Nah-eshjaa continued to ignore it.  Two men at the bar were laughing, enjoying the entertainment while the bartender avoided the injun completely, not even bothering to acknowledge him at all.

"The man asked for a drink!", a voice called out behind Nah-eshjaa, startling pretty much everyone else.  "Who'du... you one o' dem injun lovers?!?", the first voice called out as he tried to size up the man sitting in the corner drinking the largest glass of beer the place had to offer, and looked like it was the third one, noted Nah-eshjaa as he looked at the man through the mirror on the wall.

Then the man stood... "Youzah big fucker...", the troublemaker noted as he fumbled for the gun at his side, but that was all it took.  In less time than it took for the heart to beat, Nah-eshjaa had whipped out both guns, cocked them both, and brought one to bear at the men sitting at the bar, with the barrel of the other one pressed against the troublemaker's head.

He spoke, "I tire of your noise...", he stated, as the troublemaker slowly raised his hand, holding it wide open.  "I was just foolin... don't mean no harm...", the suddenly apologetic man claimed, trying to weasel his way out the front door when Taron's hand reached out and spun him around, arm over his shoulder, "Believe the man said our drinks are on him!", Taron grinned as he put the other hand on the barrel of the gun, pushing it gently down before Nah-eshjaa holstered in.

"Obliged...", responded the Native American to the troublemaker, thanking him for the shot of whiskey that the bartender poured with trembling hands.
Pastor Bryan Jamieson
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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 16:23
A long time ago, in a ... Backgrounds.
The war was as wars were: brutal, bloody, and violent. He served as an infantryman for close to the entire duration of the war. Near its conclusion, Bryan survived a near impact of a cannonball, one that by all rights should have torn him to shreds and left him for the vultures. Waking up in a hospital tent, made whole and surrounded by astonished nurses, he knew that God had protected him. Taking his severance pay and moving out West he purchased a land grant just outside of Denver proper and has begun erecting his church, St. Paul Baptist Church.

Word spread throughout the town, in no small part due to Bryan's physique and natural charisma, and a Chinaman, or perhaps, Chinawoman approached him one day. He originally thought she was asking for alms and assumed that she couldn't speak English. He was wrong on both fronts, a fact that he hasn't totally forgiven himself for. Nonetheless they struck an agreement and have been working towards providing for the less fortunate of Denver.
John Hawthorne
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Wed 13 Dec 2017
at 16:42
A long time ago, in a ... Backgrounds.
As requested

The two stood across from eachother on an isolated mountain pass, both figures tensed, ready to fight over the prize that lay just ahead. Jonathan "Wildfire' Hawthorne infamous bounty hunter narrowed his eyes as he sized up his opponent. The injun was smaller than John by a fair margin, but he looked like a corded whip. John shrugged off his long tan coat and drawing his two long bowie knives. "I don't care what kind of mission yer on, I took the bounty, and I don't let a man get away from me. Ever." John growled and held out both knives as he charged the stranger.

Before John could get three steps the native had drawn and fired both guns, both flattened when they hit his skin, ruining his shirt and hurting like hell but doing negligible damage. John growled as the gun-fighter's eyes widened in suprise, finishing his charge and sending a savage swipe at the stranger's throat.

The man nimbly fell back, taking only the barest nick from John's knife, and rolling out of John's reach. As the man stood strange tendrils suddenly burst forth, grabbing the knives from John's hands. A fire burning in his eyes John charged again at the Injun taking him in a bull rush and slamming him into a nearby rock wall, knocking the guns from the man's hands.

The man tried to fight back, his legs quickly slicing through air as he kicked at John, but John had a strong grip on him now and there was little chance of getting free. And then John stopped, and much to the other man's surprise, he laughed. "Yer a speedy lil devil I'll give ya that." John chuckled as he put the confused man down. "Yer one of the best gunhands that ever shot at me, and that's sayin somethin. I think we might be able to come to some kinda agree-" THe sound of gunfire cut him off, apparently they had made enough noise in their scuffle to get their shared bounty to chase them instead of the other way round. "Well looks like this discussions on hold anyway." And with that John scooped up his knives and went screaming into the fray.