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GM Marty
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Thu 21 Dec 2017
at 02:08
After Actions
As the goblins flee into the night you are left with several fetid smelling corpses scattered about the campsite.

As you curse at the smell, a loud caw rings out and great black raven's wings flap upward into the night. You see the large raven disappear into the night beyond the trees.
GM Marty
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Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 00:03
After Actions
Session 2

Vortigen was laid Low.
Characters earn +1 level
GM Marty
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Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 00:11
After Actions
Session 3

Arrived in Fairhill
Provided free room and board by Captain Baran as reward for saving his nephew.
Offered the "deed" to Eralionne Keep

Hasting farm butchered 6 children and 3 Farm Hands- Players plan to ambush the Orcish raider as thery cross the Jask river.