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Calendar of Par'Arneth aned other World information

Additional Character Creation Steps
The Current Year is 522 CR (Common Reckoning)
Determining your Birth date Birth Date:

Roll 1d100 to determine the time of year

01-03 New Years Festival
04-10 Anaron
11-17 Kheleck
18-25 Harsheld
26-28 Festival of New Life
29-35 Vend
36-42 Ai’lote
43-45 The festival of Light
46-52 Laire
53-59 Taurn’anar
60-66 Anunn
67-73 Deisling
74-76 Harvest Festival
77-83 Yavanner
84-90 Wilvend
91-93 Night Song Festival
94-99 Nauren
100 Special  (scroll down to Special Table" below)

Festival Day (roll d8)
A person born during a festival week would have their Nameday recorded as follows:
Halfdane son of Halgren born on Dutten'Arde of Harvester in the year 382 C.R.
1- Nuen'arde
2- Dutten'Arde
3- Liege'Arde
4- Creass'Arde
5- Vassen'Arde
6- Homms'Arde
7- Saals'Arde
8- Ennis'Arde

Day of the Month
Roll 1d4 and 1d8 (if rolling on RPoL, roll a "d32")

If rolling a d32: the result is the day of your birth.
If rolling a d4 (x) and d8 (y) .. the day you were born is as follows
   Day: 8(x-1) + y

Special Table
Players brought here will need to re-roll on the first table ignoring results of 100 to determine the exact date of birth. Always let your GM know if you have in fact rolled a result bringing you to this table as he may have more information for you... or not.
Roll 1d10
1-4 Night of the Wandering Moon
one of the rare nights that Nochah-Piesah or the wandering moon shows itself.
Roll 1d20
1-14 No other moons full
15-18 one other moon full
19-20 two other moons full

5-9 Darkest Night
A night that no moons are in evidence and the sky is truly dark.

0    Night of The Alignment
         A very rare night when all the Moons of Par'Arneth are full. These nights are highly portentous when the gods are ever watchful.

Time of Day you were born
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Calendar of Ar Neth and other World information

The World is called Parn’eth, so named by the Olven-Folk before recorded history. In their language it simply means earth or ground. Humans adopted the name but shortened it to simply Ar’Neth. (Pronounced: Ar-Neth). The triune continental area (Bendegot, Siss’Arneth (so named by the arrogant Siss’Wrath), and Veloss were once a single land mass. The Northern most section of Veloss continues into the Polar Cap area. The Continent of Dor-Kheleck is also apart of the Polar Cap as well. The world is heavily scarred from several great cataclysms that literally changed the face of Ar’Neth.

Astronomical details-Ar’Neth has four moons that share the heavens. Though rarely are they seen together. Once every four years the Moon cycle aligns them all full for a short period. With the four orbs in the sky there is nearly always a full moon to be seen.

Artem, Vesh, Karn, and Peva share the night sky in harmony. Vesh and Karn are always seen together sharing the same cycle, and Peva is called the phasing moon for it never waxes or wanes, it simply appears for a week every two months or so.

Artem is a blue watered moon with cloud coverage and large landmasses. It is the largest of the moons and it is commonly supposed that it supports life.

Karn is heavily scarred and somewhat purplish in color. There is a heavy reddish ring that encircles it.

Peva the phasing moon is a warm yellow or white and seems untouched by the cosmos.

Vesh is a reddish color and is scarred.

As stated previously all four of the moons are full for about one week every four years. Twice a year the sky is completely dark for several days, this occurs at the equinox.

To the North East of Veloss is the continent of Dor-Kheleck (literally means Ice–Land), a land of ice and snow, nearly always frozen. To the SW is the remains of the Bende continent that was split in twain a millennia ago. This gave birth to the two land masses that are now Bende and Siss’Ar’Neth.

Solar System Tantrus Alpha
12 Planets, 3rd and 4th planets in shared orbit.
1st and Second planets Mars sized
5th Planet Small Gass Giant, no rings
6th Planet Gas Giant, 4.3 Jupiter's Mass, 6 moons, and double ring system
7th Planet Mercury Sized sulfurous volcanic, faint sulfur rings
8th Planet Saturn sized Gas Giant, 8 moons, ice rings
9th Planet Pluto Sized rock, odd orbit, probably a captured large asteroid
Asteroid Belt
10th Planet, skirts the edge of the belt, a crescent shaped remnant of a larger planet
11th planet, Small gas giant, .3 Jupiter mass, 3 moons and ring system
12th planet, Gas Giant/Failed Star, 39.4 Jupiter mass, a brown dwarph star, that glows faintly red with it's own heat. Has 9 moons (or planets itself one of which is a Small gas Giant)

Parn'eth: Tantrus Alpha 4
Orbits Tantrus Alpha (Uniary system)

Distance From Sun 1.24 AUs (an AU is Astronomical Unit, which is the distance of Earth to Sol)
Rotation 580.323 days (leap day once every 3 years, leap day skipped every 300th year)
Calendar 12 months, 40 days per month, 5-eight day (weeks) per month exactly.
Surface, 40% land or ice, 60% Water
Diameter 8912 miles, Circumference almost 28000 miles.
Mass 1.42 Earths, Gravity 1.28 Earth Normal
Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2. Trace Hydrogen, Methane and Ozone.
Temperatures -120 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, Mean Temp of 73 degrees Fahrenheit

Artem: Tantrus Alpha 4 d
A blue watered moon with cloud coverage and large landmasses. It is the largest of the moons and it is commonly supposed that it supports life.
Orbits Parneth distance 240,000 miles
Rotation 140 days
Axial Rotation 20 hours
Surface 33% land, 66% water
Diameter 3627 miles, Circumference 11394 miles
Mass .25 Earths, Gravity .39 Earth Normal
Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2. Trace Hydrogen, Argon and Ozone.
Temperatures -200 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Mean Temp of 55 degrees Fahrenheit

Karn: Tantrus Alpha 4 c
This moon of Parn'eth is heavily scarred from asteroid bombardment and a greyish color with slight hue's of purple and pink. The coloring of this moon is due to its atmosphere of helium methane and hydrogen, the helium freezes and pools on the surface as a purplish frost. It has a ring system that composed mostly of iron bearing rock and some ice, giving it an lurid redish color.
Orbits Parn'eth distance of 190,000 miles
Rotation 100 days
Diameter 1800 miles, circumference 5650 miles
Mass .02 Earths, Gravity .05 Earth Normal.
Temperatures -300 to -190 degrees

Peva: Tantrus Alpha 4 b
Called The Phasing Moon which appears a warm yellow or white and seems untouched by the cosmos. Nothing is really known of this moon, and why it seems to vanish, and appear in the sky's.
Orbits Par'Arneth distance 150,000 miles
Rotation Unknown, Phases in at random
Diameter 760 miles, Circumference 2300 miles
Mass .0053 Earths, Gravity Unknown, but possibly .01 Earth normal from size and mass
Temperatures Unknown

Vesh: Tantrus Aplha 4 a
The reddish color and somewhat scarred inner moon of Parn'eth, very mars like in appearance and atmosphere. Including the faint blueish green haze from it's CO2 atmosphere. Although the smallest moon it's closeness drives the tidal forces of Parn'eth.
Orbits Parn'eth distance 89,000 miles
Rotation 30.8 days
Diameter 660 miles, Circumference 2073 miles
Mass .0052 Earths, Gravity .01 Earth normal
Atmosphere CO2, trace water, Oxygen, Nitrogen
Temperatures -200 to 34 degrees
Companion: Tantrus Alpha 3
Orbits Tantrus Alpha
Distance from Sun 1.23 AUs
Rotation 420.32300001 days, position 179.9 degrees opposition of Parn'eth
Axial Rotation 10 Earth Hours
Diameter 2130 miles, Circumference 6690 miles.
Mass .019 Earths, Gravity .12 Earth Normal
Atmosphere: Trace Hydrogen, Methane, Freon, Argon
Temperatures -329 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, Mean Temp of -200 degrees Fahrenheit

The Calendar of Ar’Neth
The common Calendar was modified from the Olven Calendar.

Olven Name -----------Meaning -------------Earth Equivalent
New Years Festival
Anaron------------------ Dawn -----------------January
Kheleck -----------------Ice--------------------- February
Harsheld ----------------Ever Changing------ March
---------------Festival of New Life ----------
Vend--------------------- Rain -------------------April
Ai’lote-------------------- Small flower---------- May
---------------Equinox Festival – The festival of Light
Laire ----------------------Summer------------- June
Taurn’anar --------------High Sun -------------July
Anunn------------------- Sun set--------------- August
Deisling -----------------Readying-------------- September
------------------------Harvest Festival
Yavanner------------- Harvester--------------- October
Wilvend --------------Cold Rain----------------- November
---------------------Equinox festival- Night Song Festival
Nauren---------------- Fire seek -----------------December

The months are comprised of 5 equal weeks of 8 days and each festival is 8 days in length with the balancing day every three years during the Night Song festival.
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Calendar of Par'Arneth aned other World information
In reply to GM Marty (msg # 1):

Clara was born on 32nd Ennis´Arden of Deisling.
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Calendar of Par'Arneth aned other World information
Hello Martin.

If its possible could you share a map of the world or area so that we can pick a homeland and a home city.