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For use during game map will be updated per teams turn. When declaring movement, throwing, catching, blocking or blitzing please use reference points as follows:

Across: Reading From Left to Right A-Z. A is Left End-Zone, Z is Right End Zone.

Up & Down: 1-15.

Example: Just across the midfield stripe at the far bottom would be noted as position N-15 on pitch.

Color Code For Home (Players) Team: BLUES

BLUE: Lineman
BLUE: with RED Outline: Blitzer
BLUE: with YELLOW Outline: Catcher
BLUE: with GREEN Outline: Thrower
BLUE: with PURPLE Outline: Special Teams
BLUE: with BLACK Outline: Ogre

BLACK: With BLUE Outline: Dead Player or Injured Player
GRAY: With BLUE Outline: Knocked Out Player
WHITE: With BLUE Outline: Knocked Down Player

Position of Ball: M-7

Player with Ball will be given BROWN outline regardless of position.
Further More Ball will be noted with code every turn noted and description of ball carrier, i.e. F-7 Orc Lineman.

Color Code For Visitors (NPC) Team: REDS

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