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The Justice League is the DC Universe's most powerful and premier superhero team, a strike force comprised of the world's mightiest heroes. They act as stalwart protectors of sentient life; Earth's first line of defense against terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional and supernatural threats.


This Council is a secret organization bent on world domination.  A super-secret organization dedicated to controlling the world's exchange of information, the Council maintains a hidden headquarters at the bottom of Lake Michigan near Chicago, from which they launch their various campaigns against the world. Headed by a mysterious hooded figure known only as the Director.

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There was a rebellion 5 years ago.  The evil false Queen, Belladonna, also a Mord Syth, with her Advisor Dark High Lord Commander Bastion Blud and Dark Wizard Deslar, led those that would wish more power and riches to turn on their own kith & kin.  The Royal Black Dragonguards were caught off guard as some of their own men and friends turned on them suddenly.  A brutal blood bath took place and the rightful King and Queen were murdered.

Only a few Dragonguards and their families presently live in exile most not knowing Araya's true identity.  Those that would come of age with her had all had their memories altered to accept this.  Araya is simply thought of as the daughter of Tius Dragonleaf, a friend and someone who has no desire to be a Queen but has a growing inborn need to see a free and fair people of Thandac.  First Wizard Zedd, Marek and Tius and have worked together to keep Araya safe as well as all the others with Marek disappearing into the wilderness of the Korvan Mountain.  Now reappearing to train the new order of The Royal Black Dragonguard.



Drakelords & Mord Syth constantly are on the hunt for Dragonguards and their family that got away to Korvan Mountain.

Dragonguards are hunted and sometimes captured being firstly put in the arena to fight for their life against unbalanced odds to test their skills.  If they are unlucky enough to survive, or if the Queen Belladonna fancies it, they are then either to be enslaved to fight in the arena, sometimes against their own people, or to fight Drakelords/Mord Syths for the Queen’s own amusements.  Even some could be chosen to be made into Drakelords and Mord Syths.  Others are sent to the Mines to mine jewels for the Queen.  Unfit Men, their Women & Children are sent to the mines as slave to keep the Arena fighters under control.

Dragonguard women are taken by Drakelords & Mord Syths and tortured into madness and death or they become the evil Mord Syths.  Captured male Dragonguard are also tortured by the Mord Syth to try to get them to become Drakelords or die slaves.

MORD SYTH (Female) (Evil)

These women are an elite force of female warriors that are all trained and dedicated to Dark High Lord Bastion Blud.  The breaking of them a personal joy for Bastion though he allows his Mord Syths' to do the torturing with the agiel to ALL captives.  These women would give their lives up for the Dark High Lord Commander Bastion Blud.  They were once loyal Dragonguard to the now dead King and Queen. Are you strong enough and wicked enough to be one of these warriors!


On Korvan Mountain ALL Dragonguards come of age at 18 yr, normally, unless something has held them back, still their Dragons will find them and battles them to see if they are ready for them yet. If a Dragon has been killed in battle then the rider must go through the T'Kal again.  Even Drakelords and Mord Syth get their replacement dragons this way.

We prefer that you play a Dragonguard/Dark Regime warrior type character (good or evil) first and play a dragon for another other player.  A dragon can communicate telepathically with its own rider, talk back,etc, you pick the personality and name of the dragon you are to play.  Go by the info thread in game for dragon descriptions.  (Yes you can play <b>just a dragon(s) or just a Dragonguard, Dark Regime warrior or Mord Syth
and we will try to find you a dragn or rider to fit your needs.)

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We have our X TEAM fighting for the rights of Mutants to survive and help the human race.  They face many obstacles in this war for equality and understanding with the Human Race as well as fighting against master villains of the world.


We also have Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  The Avengers protect all of mankind from threats on global scale.  Led by Tony Stark ~ Iron Man and Col Nick Fury, its membership is ever changing to meet the challenges of the day.


There are more ASGARDIANS to choose from.  Thor could use good Asgardian warriors.   Loki and Veles could use the backup as Frost Giants and other enemies of Asgard to spice things up.


Think of them as good guys… with an unconventional approach to the Super Hero business. This group of intergalactic outlaws, turned unlikely saviors of the galaxy, are typically without a plan and bicker constantly. But they care deeply about one another and usually get the job done, legal or otherwise to protect the Galaxy from any and all threats.


We have the HELLFIRE CLUB which would rather rule over the human race as inferior beings.  Led by the great mind, Eric Lensherr ~ Magneto, he convinces young mutants that the world will always be against them unless they all join together to defeat the humans and come to supremacy over them all.


We have HAMMER.  The name HAMMER highlights the fact that the organization's main aim would not be protecting the US but crushing its enemies.  Col Stoner, as director of HAMMER  has set up his own versions of both the Avengers and the X Men, putting villains in the roles.


Our villainous vixen of nightmares and dreams could use members to help her with her evil ongoing plans to rule the universe.  Can you be wicked enough to join her evil doings???


Doctor now King Von Doom runs his country with an iron fist but looking for the best for his people.  He needs those that would be true and serve him well.

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Always looking for Special Agents (Good Werewolves, Good Vampires & Good Humans)

A special government task force call SILVERMOON AGENCY has been set up to combat the evil supernatural underground world of vampires and werewolves.  Gray Pierce was asked to form the Silvermoon Agency and he protectively had Kathleen, an ex Police detective chosen to head up this special task force.  Kathleen McLeod, the White Wolf of the Prophecy. (Only white wolf in game)  Yet she has not come to terms that she is the Prophecy and what importance lay there.  She must 'mate' with one of two brothers. Humans do work for the agency and keep their secrets.

Gray Pierce and Kathleen MacLeod run the Silvermoon Agency which are an elite fighting and intelligence force used to investigate and shutdown the bizarre underworld actions of the Underworld Lords permanently. Good werewolves follow Gray Pierce and believe in coexistence with other races.  Good Vampires believe what Gray and Kathleen believe in that all species must exist together, living side by side with other races, for those races to survive.  Are you one that believes in equality and the good of better man?

Noble Pierce  is looking for male and female werewolves that believe the werewolves should rule the world! Noble Pierce, twin brother to Gray Pierce, is well aware of who Kathleen is. His people help him in his underworld activities and there are illegal things going on all over the place.  Noble and his pack believe that the world should be run by werewolves and Humans and Vampires are subservient. Are you wicked enough to help Noble succeed?


Are you one of the elite Humans specialising in various areas of tactics and warfare?  Or self acclaimed expert on the 'beasts', the vampire or werewolf species? Beasts that would aid those now delving into protecting the innocent from the evil undead or the vicious were creatures,...?


Sir Silvermaine is looking for wicked male and females as his evil vampires.  Followers of this that believe that the superior race is the Vampires led by Silvermaine.  Sir Silvermaine is the leader of the Vampire Conspiracy and also into all sorts of underworld activities, that ARE illegal.  He thinks that the vampire race should rule the earth and Humans and Werewolves be subservient and fodder for the Kemetians. He knows to stop the Silvermoon Agency that he must take the White Wolf for his own evil scheme.  Are you evil and ruthless enough of a vampire to help him succeed?  Are you a human looking to be turned.... you might not wish to be .... *wicked laugh* You can help the evil sides as a villainous human.

The Kemetians are functionally basically vampires who withstand a little more sun due to them following Sekhmet, and Egyptian vengeance goddess of the Sun. She is Ra's daughter and a blood drinker. The path to becoming a Kemetian is called VAYASH MORU.

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The year 1667 and King Charles Stuart II of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales is back on the throne.  The Royal Court in London is so full of diabolical intrigue and decadence and even more so in the counties of Cornwall  with Nobles that are not quite so noble, many are Murderers, Highwaymen, Smugglers or Pirates!  Some even the King's own Privateers!

The King has appointed a new 'Hand' to apprehend the rift raft of his Country,  Commander Sir Jonathan Beaupre' of Cornwall.  The Coastal waters are full of pirates and privateers, wreckers and smugglers!!!  The roads full of highwaymen such as the Scarecrow's gang!

Mistresses selling their charms for an old man's money. Young maiden's willing to sell their soul to save their estates.  Scandal abounds from countryside to the High Courts to the High seas!

Jonathan has to go after many Pirates, Murderers and Highwaymen as part of his job but he has his hands full with a new bride that has shown her true flag and taken to the High Seas without him knowing it.  Another woman inflames his soul, the 'Black Swan' an elusive pirate or sea witch!  He has to work to bring in all the brigands he has on the ever growing list that the Royal Steward Durnley gives him, yet he would sooner run through Durnley as look at the man for all the lies and debauchery he has done!

Come join in this world of intrigue, wars, defiance and love.  Pirates and their crew play the masked courtiers, the intrigues get more intricate and the seas are rampant with PIRATES!!!!

'We are Not to be held politically and/or Historically correct as this is fiction.'

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LAREDO in 1870s

The civil war ripped the heart out of a young nation but now is the time for mending it back.  Go West Young Man Go West came the words of Horace Greeley.  So many people of all races headed to the free lands of the rugged and ruthless West.  They were in search of god and gold.  But it wasn't easy and they had opposition from the Mexicans in the South and the Native Americans fighting to hold their homelands that are dear to them.

You have to be tough to settle in a land that teeters on the border of being a state or a Country all its own.  Yet there is Law & Order in the west either by court, hanging or the law of the gun.

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I have decided to add this as part of the other games thread for my players to post ads of games.  Please give a game rating, description of your game and the link here.

If you are looking for someone to play a pre-made character then put a brief description of the game, rating of the game, a brief description of the character(s) and game link here.





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I would love some players for my game Gladiator of Rome. link to another game.
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This game is marked as ADULT By Nah Khalia's Twin Moons

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I am welcoming anyone who wishes to contribute to the setting itself. Information regarding the setting can be found  here:-


I am also looking for co gms to help me run and moderate this game.

Particularly interested in moon dancers, shadow stalkers and some more Enyxsils

Behold! The vast cities of Jarus and Xianec, splendors of the world of Nah-Kalia. Both cities sit on the vast continent of Khlem, the largest of the four main continents of our world.

Jarus, the great onyx city, sits in the center of the north-western region of the continent. Her spires rise to meet the light of Nadu and Thoth. Celestial brother and sister, they shine their light upon its cobbled streets.

The north and south of Khlem is divided by a vast rainforest, the Fey-Mal, where tribes of the wild Arboria build their tree-villages and often trade with the men and women on either side of the divide.

Further south again lies the marble city of Xianec, situated only a few strides from the start of the wide desert of Bahazid. It's keeps watch over the desert basin, keeping the bandits and sand-worms at bay.

Whilst both cities are fair by day, they have a dark side. Thieves roam the streets at night, as do assassins. The most feared of these are the Kagesutōkā. Initiates of Kuraitsukinomusume these wild and beautiful Tsukinokodomotachi women will seduce you with their charms before taking your life.

Welcome, stranger. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

The winds of change blow cold across the land of moons. The Emperor Satakawa Hiro is dying. He is succeded my his daughter, Maiko - a beautiful princess who has followed the path of the Tsukidansa. But there is another who desires the throne for herself.

Soon the proud Tsukinokodomotachi empire will be thrust into the abyss. A princess will flee to foreign soil and a winged army will swarm towards the west. The drums of war are beating...

By Nah Khalia's Twin Moons is a sandbox game set in an original fantasy world deatiled here:-


It is guided freeform with stories being written in collaboration with the players. There is an overarching plot but individual and group stories are up to the player to create.

Come join us.
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If you go down in the woods today...
This game is marked as ADULT

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Ronnie has gone missing. She disappeared two weeks into her foreign exchange program to Japan. Now, on the eve of her 21st birthday, a group of students and close friends from Blackwater University, along with the exchange student with whom she swapped places with, gather for a "birthday party" held by her brother. He intends to persuade them to join him on a road trip to Japan to discover what happened to his little sister.

Yokubo to gisei is a Call of Cthulhu game based on a modified verson of the scenario A Dream of Japan. I intend to modernise it and spice it up a bit to give it a more adult flavour and relevant theme. I would welcome anyone to aid me in the scenario modification and design.

I'm looking for 4-6 investigators, some of which should be Japanese. I am using the Chaoism Call of Cthulhu Version 7 rules and will give help to anyone unfamiliar with the system.

This game will conain sexually explicit content, as well as themes centering on obsession and suicide. You have been warned!

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[ADULT] Steam, Stockings, and Springs. Oh My!
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Alternate Earth, 1924

Welcome to the United Empire

In a time when the British empire ruled the skies and its empire expanded across Europe, a young Victoria refused to marry the eligable prince Albert. Instead, he was seduced by the daughter of the Japanese emperor Meji, an alliance of empires then formed which sought to unite all under a single rule.

The horrors of the Great War that followed drew in a great need for technical innovation and once peace was achieved that technological revolution continued.

It became a golden age where airships sailed the winds high above the lands. Innovations in Steam power and clockwork combined with new techniques for harnessing steam energy brought about a technological revolution like no other.

Unknown to the rest of the world, there were agencies that worked toward the harnessing of Kai energy, or life force, by performing magick rituals. Their experiments eventually caused tears in the fabric of reality which drew wonders and terrors from across the veil between our world and the next and into our world. Many forms of shifters such as Lycans, Bastet and Kitsune walked amoungst us. Vampires fed off human blood and the Sakybasu fed off Kai energy released during sex. Sirens called out from the sea and even the Yokai and Oni made their presence known.

A secret organisation was quickly esatablished to keep the presence of these new species hidden. They walk amoungst us now but few know about their true natures.

On the south west coast of Britain sits Elysium, the city of Jade. It is a place of magic and mystery, beauty and horror. And it is our home.

This is a free form sandbox game with three GMs. We are all happy to speak with players to develop their stories and I try to take an active role in keeping the players happy and interested.

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Players Wanted.
Dreamland is a Call of Cthulthu game set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. You are one of many aspiring actors and actresses hoping to make your name, or police investagtors in the local police trying to keep everyone in line.

However, when Charlotte Valise, an up and coming actress, is mysteriously murdered, and a strange tape is found that shows more people being killed, it is a race against time to figure out what happened.

link to another game

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Players Wanted.
This game is rated Adult. I am also looking for a co gm to help run any female GMPCs that may be needed and help out with any admin / moderation tasks.

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Note: The town and university is entirely fictional.

I also had an rtj from someone asking if there would be supernatural elements. I know I normally run those sort of games but this one is pure contemporary with NO fantasy elements.

Welcome to 'The Oaks'

Black Oak university is situated in the parish town of Black Oak near Sennen, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. It is a popular university for international students and offers a wide range of courses from science and technology to art and performance.

Students at The Oaks are usually aged between 18 and 21 but there are also a good number of mature students here. The University offers a wide range of clubs and sports to keep it's students happy when not studying.

Come and be a part of our community. Enrol into Black Oak now!

Black Oak University is a sandbox style slice of life game where you can (re) live your university days as a student. Find excitement, love and romance or just have fun while studying.

The players create their own stories but the GMs are here to offer help when needed (and get involved themselves).

Come and join us.

Note: This is a newly created game and I'll be adding location threads as they are needed. If you have a thread suggestion let me know.