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Mon 12 Mar 2018
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Staff and Ranks
Ranking information and a list of notable crew aboard the Sarreti. This list is very much subject to change.

• According to the Essential Guide to Warfare, All positions in the Imperial Navy under Captain, except Ensign, are referred to as Lieutenant
o Ensigns are referred to as midshipmen
o If the ship’s highest rank is Senior commander, then his position is referred to as Captain
o “Position” and “Line Rank” are two different things – see p120 of the Essential guide to warfare
o The Starfighter Department uses its own rank system and the Stormtrooper legion is part of the Army rather than navy

• Positions (using the Imperial Navy system)
o CO – Captain
o XO – Lieutenant

o Department Heads – Lieutenant
o Division Heads – Lieutenant

• Line Ranks (using the Imperial Navy system)
o CO – Senior Captain
o XO – Senior Commander
o Department Heads – Junior Commanders
o Division Heads – Senior Lieutenants

• Starfighter Line Ranks = Navy Line Ranks
o Colonel = Senior Captain
o Major = Senior Commander
o Commander = Junior Commander
o Captain or Flight Captain = Senior Lt.
o Lieutenant or Flight Lieutenant = Junior Lt.
o Officer or Flight Officer = Ensign

• Special Starfighter Pilot Positions
o Colonel = Group Captain
o Major = Wing Commander
o Commander = Squadron Leader

special thanks to Josh for this list
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Mon 12 Mar 2018
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Staff and Ranks
So, where would an Imperial Knight fall in this rank structure?  Or would I be entirely separate from it?

Also, every rank below captain being referred to as lieutenant is EXTREMELY confusing.
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Tue 13 Mar 2018
at 01:46
Staff and Ranks
Thank the movies for the confusion. I'll work on where the knights fall, the way I see it, they aren't Navy, so it would be whatever their equivalent rank in another branch, and how that corresponds to them on a Star Destroyer.