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Character Sheet
This is just a basic sheet. Give me a name and elevator pitch for your robot, and we'll start working on your character.

Name: (Don't worry if it's taken or not.)
Faction: (Autobot or Decepticon. This determines the altmodes available at certain Ranks, and the cost of some technologies.)
Normal Appearance: (A description's fine.)
Altmode: (A description's fine)
Size: (Covered in the PDF- 1 is human size, 7 is Metroplex. Exact measure doesn't matter, only that one guy is bigger/smaller than the other.)
Technology: (The various gimmicks your robot has.)

Tech Specs:

Bio: (I'm not expecting a novel here- one paragraph that's about as detailed as a toy blurb is more than enough.)

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Character Sheet - Livewire
Name: Livewire
Faction: Autobots
Function: Scout
Colors: Magenta
Subgroups: None

Hologram Generator (2 points Robot Mode)
Ammo Capacitor (1 point both modes)

Photon Torpedos (3 points) Attached Back Attachment
Missiles, Laser (1 point) Attached Shoulder-mounted

Hit Points: (10+End+Size Modifier) 24
Energon: (10+Int+Size Modifier) 8

Robot Size: 6
Alt-mode UFO Size: 6

Normal Appearance: Livewire is a large and stocky Autobot, looking akin to a giant dwarf. With shouldermounted laser missiles and photon torpedo launchers on its back, it helps to emphasize that this autobot is big. Livewire is composed of several shades of magenta, darker on the face, with the darkest portion on the face correlating to glasses and beard facsimiles, with it being lighter around the body, with the lightest part being on its chest. On the upper right of the torso Livewire has the Autobot symbol emblazoned proudly.

Altmode: When not appearing a brilliant scientist robot, Livewire looks like the quintessential flying saucer model of a UFO (apart from the weapon launchers on its top). With sleek curvatures, it has a more bulbous orb on the top that is a darker shade of magenta that gets lighter as it spirals downwards towards the bottom.

Tech Specs:
Robot Strength: 4 /Alt-mode Strength: 3
Robot Intelligence: 4 /Alt-mode Int: 4
Robot Speed: 7 /Alt-mode Spd: 10
Robot Endurance: 8 /Alt-mode End: 7
Robot Rank: 9 /Alt-mode Rank: 9
Robot Courage: 8 /Alt-mode Courage: 10
Robot Firepower: 9 /Alt-mode Firepower: 7
Robot Skill: 5 /Alt-mode Skill: 5

Stat-move-for-function (same order as the Tech specs)
Melee Attack

ALT MODE VEHICLE - UFO (+1d Gain to Communications ability)
Escape Velocity

Bio: BRAND NEW! SLEEK DESIGN! Witness a BIG INNOVATION of the Autobots during their war against the devious Decepticons! The Autobots knowing that they had a great disadvantage while their enemies could fly, took it upon themselves to forge ALL NEW AUTOBOTS THAT COULD FLY! With a superior AERIAL DESIGN, the brilliant scientist Livewire was created. ARMED WITH PHOTON TORPEDO, (missile), LASER MISSILE ACTION ALONGSIDE HOLOGRAM GENERATOR AND AMMO CAPACITOR ACCESSORIES; this Autobot brings Science a whole new level of fun! Can you handle the excitement of traveling with, perhaps aboard, an Autobot Scientist on the ever present quest to catalogue the unknown universe for Cybertron with as many missiles as it takes!?

Livewire's Favorite Quote (reroll quote): "Insufficient data to resolve problem; firing more torpedos"
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Sun 31 Dec 2017
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Character Sheet
Name: Rummage
Faction: Autobot (Junkion)
Colors: Rust-brown, red, and light orange
Subgroups: Junkion [2] | +1d Salvage, +1d Repair
Normal Appearance: He's got pretty much the same blocky, spiked frame every Junkion has, though he's slightly bulkier due to his larger alt-mode. He's fitted with thick rubber gaskets around his joints and has gastanks for his flamethrower attached to his upper back. He has a prominent v-fin crest bolted to his forehead, made of salvaged hood ornaments.
Alt Mode: Truck, Heavy, Garbage Truck (Wheels, Off-Road, +1d Crash, +2d Salvage, Trailer) | A dingy rusted-over garbage truck that looks more at home in a landfill than the trash it takes away. Has oddly robust seals and, for reasons nobody can really understand, spiked tires. Retains the v-fin as a grill ornament.
Size: 3 (4 in Alt Mode)
Trailer [0]           | Grants Storage, 6 HP, Stats 5, Alt Mode Size +1
Waterproof [1]        | Immune to rust, rust weapons, submersion effects
Mechanics [1]         | +2d Construction
Grappling Hook [1]    | Carry at Short Range, Lifts Size 6, Pulls Size 7
Search And Rescue [2] | +1d Repair if subject is inside Alt. Mode, must Move on same turn as Repair

Flamethrower [2] | 1d6 vs. HP + Burn + Line + On Fire, Short Range, SKL attack, 10 Charges
Chainsaw [1]     | 1d6 vs HP + 2x Map + Radius, Melee

Tech Specs - Robot:
Strength 6      | Melee Attack, Grapple, Lift & Throw
Intelligence 7  | Data, Information, Visual Sensor
Speed 7         | Fortify, Move
Endurance 7     | Construction 3d, Hardness
Rank 6          | Transform
Courage 10      | Salvage 2d, Yell
Firepower 6     | Assault
Skill 10        | Repair 2d

Tech Specs - Alt Mode
Strength 6      | Crash
Intelligence 10 |
Speed 1         | Wheels
Endurance 9     |
Rank 6          | Transform
Courage 10      | Salvage 3d
Firepower 2     |
Skill 7         | Repair 2d
HP: 17
Energon: 17

Bio: Rummage is considered something of a spastic even by the Junkions for his obsession with a little-known subset of Earth entertainment which they call "japanese annie-may", obsessing over large-eyed lifeforms known as "waifus", and insisting on modifying himself in an attempt to become what he refers to as a "super fighting robot lifeform". Between this and his malfunctioning vocal chip it's generally agreed that boy ain't right. The Junkions were more or less able to tolerate his behavior up until he started stealing junk in order to build creepy life-size statues of these two-dimensional... things. Once that was uncovered they decided to ship him off to the DJD in hopes that it would clear his head a little.

Quote: "Amazing what p-p-people throw away!"

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Sun 7 Jan 2018
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Character Sheet
Name:  Rundown
Faction:  Decepticon
Function:  Warrior / Scout
Colors:  Brown and Black
Subgroups:  None

Normal Appearance:  Rundown can usually be found chomping on a cy-gar, his blocky frame lingering at the fringes of the social scene.  His optics covered with a violet pair of “shades”, the “brow” of his head sloping into an aggressive v-shape with a pair of ear-fins extending over his head.  Rundown usually carries himself with a kind of confidence that borders on smug self-assurance.  Self-reliance was how he survived the cutthroat arena of Decepticon politics, and he’s comfortably adopted the personal of the “affable outsider”.

Rundown’s reinforced front grill and headlights dominate his chest, while his shoulders are covered with a shell made from his doors and roof, displaying his Decepitcon allegiance on each arm, the wheels appearing again on his forearms and lower legs.

Altmode:  Rundown’s alt-mode is a military styled Humvee in dark brown with a hard top, reinforced grill, and a spare tire secured to the sloped backside (under which his weapons are stored).  A Decepticon logo is on each of the front doors, and the windows are heavily tinted.  While Rundown’s never been afraid of getting his treads dirty, he considers cleanliness a source of professional pride and regularly buffs out and patches his battle damage.

Size:  3

Multi-Function (Scout) [3] (Considered to have Attribute 5 for Scout Functions)
Tracking Sensors [1] (+2d Surveillance, specifically to pick up enemy trail, footprints, data signatures, and clues in Short Range)
Infrared Sensors [1] (+2d Surveillance, specifically against Espionage attempts to Sneak or Hide.  Visual sensors are unaffected by lighting conditions up to Medium Range)
Electron Couplers [1] (Grapple to fasten to an unwilling target.  Wearer cannot Melee Attack, Transform, use Attached or Mounted Weapons, or Technology (except for Electron Field)

Custom Grenades (Glue) [2] (Best of 3d6 vs HP + Glue)
Laser Gun [2] (2d6 vs HP; must be Held)
Tech Specs
STR:   6
INT:   4
SPD:   8
END:   7
RNK:   4
COR:   9
FPW:  10
SKL:  10

Alt. Mode: Jeep & Heavy Offroad Vehicle
STR:   8
INT:   6
SPD:   6
END:   7
RNK:   4
COR:   9
FPW:   2
SKL:   1

+1d Trooper
Abilities:  Offroad, Wheels
Tracking (T)

Health:  17 / 17
Energon: 14 / 14
Bio:  During the Great Cybertronian War, Rundown worked as a bounty hunter.  He delivered numerous Autobots into the clutches of Decepticon Intelligence, and hunted down defectors on distant worlds.  When the Decepticon forces scattered, however, the infrastructure of his entire business model dropped out.  What was an enterprising self-starter to do?  Change to the winning team.

Rundown’s time with the Decepticon Justice Division was rocky, he had to deal with aggression from Autobots who’d lost friends to his work, and scorn from his fellow Decepticons as he apprehended them for the new regime.  Though he had few friends in the DJD, he loved the hunt, leading to an impressive record in a fairly short amount of time.  In a way, the Cybertronian Exploration Fleet is just another kind of hunt … and maybe a chance to be on the ground floor for the next major shift in Cybertonian politics.

Quote:  “Everybody runs; no one escapes.”

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Tue 9 Jan 2018
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Character Sheet
Name:  Perihelion
Faction:  Autobot
Function:  Scout
Colors:  Black and Grey
Subgroups:  Power Master
Quote : Close Air Support covereth a multitude of sins.

More like a floating city than what most would call a ship this vessel is large enough to contain many smaller vessels or vehicles comfortably.  Armed with an array of lasers near the front that almost look like eyes if viewed from the correct angle it is clearly a vessel designed by a military mindset, although not a in a front line role.  A scattering of sensor dishes, antenna, and much lower powered laser transmitters suggest a more information based objective.

In the unusual event of transforming into his robot form Perihelion does not take on the classic humanoid form but instead becomes something more like a cross between a centipede a scorpion and a centaur.  Long multi legged body segments make up the majority of both height and bulk with legs that attach to the sides and go up before turning down to meet the ground when in a gravity well.  The forward most segment bends upward enough to be topped by a head that is recognizable to the humanoid paradigm and the legs of that segment end in hands made of seven individually opposing digits more like a collection of thumbs than fingers although they are long and agile, designed for detailed work and delicate interface with other objects.

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Character Sheet
Name: Shatter
Faction: Autobot
Colors: Slate blue, gray, yellow optics.
Subgroups/Function: Warrior
Normal Appearance: Built with dexterity and strength in mind. A little smaller than the average but not to be mistaken for petite, or frail.
Altmode: Vehicle, hovercycle
Size: 2 (Fit in / move freely in half-areas)

HP:      17/17 (10+9-2)
Energon: 18/18 (10+6+2)
RM Move: 7
VM Move: 8
Altmode: Carry
Altmode: Off-Road

1pt: Cybertronian Design; grants Hover
1pt: Sensor, Radar: +1d Surveillance.
1pt: Two-Hand Grip: +2 Melee damage
2pt: Metallikato: +1d Armed Melee Attack
Move +1, +3d Acrobatics, +3 Dash

Spear (Cone) (ATK 2d10 | DMG 3d6+2 vs. HP)

Tech Specs:   RM  |  VM |  Function
Strength:      9  |  4  |  Melee Attack (+2 dmg)
Intelligence:  6  |  6  |  Strategy, Surveillance (+1d)
Speed:         6  |  7  |  Dash (+3d)
Endurance:     9  |  9  |  Defence
Rank:          4  |  4  |  Transform
Courage:       6  |  6  |  Intercept
Firepower:     3  |  3  |  Assault
Skill:         3  |  3  |  Acrobatics (+3d)

Shatter was a Senatorial Guard, back when there was such a thing as the Senate, before the war. She was assigned to Skyline, a Senator of middling importance, and she was good at her job: good at standing around, looking polished and prepped with her polished silver-blue armour and decorative spear. She could fight, all the Senatorial Guard could -- it was necessary to be able to put on a good show for any protests that might arise.

When everything fell apart Shatter learned how to survive, though. She was alone for a while, unable to solidly regroup with anyone that knew anything, anyone that could stay alive under the Decepticon onslaught. And over time she started to wonder if they were right in doing what they had. The 'Cons had the worst jobs, the worst pay, the worst care. But their brutality...

Eventually she found other Autobots, and found her place as a heavy front-line fighter, striving to safeguard and secure the planet for herself and others. Peace... Was hard for her to accept. There was something raw and vital about fighting for your spark that left Shatter feeling restless and empty. She pitched in and helped to rebuild, to remake the Cybertron everyone wanted, and initially she resisted the call to the DJD. That wasn't her, not anymore.

But the Exploration fleet... That she could do. She could stand watch over those mechs and femmes, help them seek out peace and understanding with these new Junkions. She could see the universe again. And maybe she'd run into old friends on both sides of the red and purple divide. Like many, Shatter didn't think that Megatron or his old elites were really gone. One day they'd be back. One day they'd rise up again, she was sure of it. And still uncertain in the motives of her own faction, of what her people might have done to contribute to that terrible unrest, Shatter isn't so sure she'd wear the red insignia anymore when that day comes. Even now a little doubt whispers in her spark.

Quote: "I’m glad you’re finally ready to take this fight seriously...!"

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Character Sheet
Name: Terrorfang
Faction: former Decepticon
Function:  Warrior
Title:  Air and Ground Assault
Colors: Black, gold, orange, and red
Subgroup: former Predacon reserve

HP:      18/18
Energon: 14/14

Quote re-roll: 1

Normal Appearance: Terrorfang is a barrel-chested Transformer with a gold tiger head on his chest and red folded wings behind his back.  His torso is red and black, and his limbs are orange.
Altmodes: Tiger, Hawk
Size: 3
Technology [10 total]: Combiner (can combine with other Predacons) [2], Triple-Changer [2]
Weapons: In tiger mode, powerful claws [1] and cluster bombs [2]; in hawk mode, razor-sharp talons [1]; in robot mode, Thermo-sword [1] and laser rifle [1]

Tech Specs (Robot/Hawk/Tiger):
Strength  10 / 7 / 6
Intelligence  4 / 4 / 4
Speed  8 / 9 / 3
Endurance  8 / 3 / 2
Rank  6 / 6 / 6
Courage  9 / 9 / 9
Firepower  4 / 2 / 8
Skill  10 / 10 / 10

Stat Move for Function:
Melee Attack (+1d in Hawk and Tiger modes)
Dash (Rank+1 in Tiger Mode)
Acrobatics (+2d in Hawk mode, Rank+1 in Tiger Mode)

Abilities: Flight (Hawk mode)

Bio: Equally at home in the jungle or in the air, Terrorclaw likes nothing better than to stalk his prey from above, dive down, and transform to tiger mode for the kill.  He prefers to get up close and personal with his opponents.  He lives by the philosophy of survival of the fittest, and believes only the strong are worthy of surviving.  Prone to getting stuck in between beast modes.

Quote:  "Red is the cosmos in tooth and claw."

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Bunker Buster
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Character Sheet
Name: Bunker Buster
Faction: Autobots
Function: Warrior
Colors: Grey Primary, Red Secondary
Subgroups: None

Normal Appearance: With interlocking armour-plates encasing an already burly frame, Bunker Buster is best described as large and angular. While mostly a gunmetal/blueish grey, red stripes serve to highlight his chassis. Similarly to bots like Warpath or Brawl, his 'face' is mostly covered by a squarish 'mask' of metal plating, while his optics consist of a solid red visor. Unlike the aforementioned bots, however, Bunker Buster's cannon replaces his left arm. Unsurprisingly, this does little to dissuade Bunker Buster from punching with it.

When in particularly high spirits, Bunker Buster has to been known to glow, a sure sign that he's bound to explode at any moment about to do something especially heroic.

Alt-Mode: Tank (+1d to Crash and Defense, grants Off-Road and Primary Weapon - Cannon)
- Appearance: A large, treaded, and armoured vehicle with a similarly large gun. There isn't much else to say, really.

Size - Robot-Mode: 4
Size - Alt-Mode: 4

- Brawn (1) [+1d to Strength when unarmed, increases unarmed damage to 1d6]
- Circuit Rage (1) [+2d to Crash, compelled to smash into things]
- Tough Polymer-steel Hull (3) [Immune to Blast and Radius Effects]

- Explosive Shell (1) [Best of 3d6 vs. HP + Radius, fired from Cannon]
- Kamikazi Bomb (3) [10d6 vs. HP + Blast]
- Tank Cannon (0) [see Explosive Shell, Left Hand-replacement]

Hit Points: 20
Energon: 12

Tech Specs:
Strength: 8/9 Melee Attack (+1d Unarmed), Crash +2d (+3d in Tank Mode)
Intelligence: 4/9 Strategy
Speed: 6/2 Dash
Endurance: 8/9 Defense (+1d in Tank Mode)
Rank: 5 Transform
Courage: 10 Intercept
Firepower: 6/1 Assault
Skill: 7/3 Acrobatics
(Note: Tank.Mode uses the Firepower attribute from Robot.Mode, as Primary Weapon allows you to do so if Robot.Mode's Firepower is higher.)

Bio: Bunker Buster suffers from a rare condition known as 'Sparkburn'. If you were to ask him, it means that his spark shines more intensely than average, inspiring both Bunker Buster and his fellow Autobots to greater heights of heroism.

If you ask anyone that's worked with Bunker Buster, especially the medical bots, they'd tell you that it makes him insufferable, unstable, and generally a danger to everyone in his vicinity. During the war, Bunker Buster specialized in 'Demolitions and Area Denial', roughly translating to 'bodyslam the nearest target and bury them in explosive ordinance'. A brutish approach, but an undeniably effective one.

Given Bunker Buster's hotheaded demeanour, it should come as no surprise that he didn't take peace overly well. This is one Autobot that simply couldn't be tamed. So when the opportunity to seek out -and potentially fight- undiscovered Cybertronian offshoots presented itself, he jumped at the chance.

[Ad blurb, courtesy of Livewire]

Witness this RARE POWERHOUSE of the Autobot Cause! Bunker Buster burns bright with the intense flames of justice. With his defective modelling as it was produced with inferior plastics EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FEATURE THE FIREBUG, this Autobot easily blazed his way into our hearts as a DEMOLITION AND AREA DENIAL CHAMPION! The rest of the Autobots couldn't handle his RAW INTENSITY. Now Bunker Buster is a GREAT FIGURE of the Cybertronian Exploratory Fleet. CAN YOU HANDLE THE FLAMES OF FUN!?