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Character Sheet: Legacy

The first Paul Parsons became a hero during the Revolutionary War, and his descendants have demonstrated more and greater powers with each generation. Each Legacy has been an inspiring example to America and a tireless fighter for what's right. The current Legacy is the eighth in the line, and his daughter, Felicia, has begun to manifest powers of her own, ensuring that the tradition of Legacy will continue.

Legacy (Paul Parsons)


Awareness d6
Flight d8
Strength d10
Vitality d8


America's Finest d8
Close Combat d8
History d8
Imposing d8
Leadership d10

Status dice: G d6, Y d8, R d12

Principle of the Hero

Because of your abilities, you have a calling to help others.

- Minor twist: Your immediate need to help someone causes you to drop the ball in your personal life. What was it?
- Major twist: You're given an ultimatum between your life as a hero and something else you value. What do you give up?

Principle of the Mentor

It is important to you to share your knowledge and experience with less-weathered heroes.

- Minor twist: Which whippersnapper just showed you up?
- Major twist: What has just proven that you're too behind the times?

Health: 32

Green (32-25)

(B) Galvanize (action): Boost using Leadership. Apply that bonus to all Attacks and Overcomes by allies until the start of your next turn.
(A, R) Motivational Charge (action): Attack using Leadership. All nearby allies with their Health in the Yellow or Red zone recover Health equal to your Min die.
Fortitude (inherent): Reduce physical and energy damage by 1 when you are in the Green zone, 2 while in the Yellow zone, and 3 in the Red zone.
(O) Principle of the Hero (action): Overcome in a situation in which innocent people are in immediate danger. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
(O) Principle of the Mentor (action): Overcome a challenge that someone else younger already tried and failed. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow (24-12)

(A) Thokk! (action): Attack using Strength. Use your Max die.
(A) Flying Smash (action): Attack multiple targets using Flight. Use your Min die.
(D) Danger Sense (reaction): When you would be damaged by an environment or surprise attack, Defend using Awareness.

Red (11-1)

(A, H) Take Down (action): Attack using Flight. Use your Max die. Hinder that target with your Mid+Min dice.
(D) Heroic Interception (reaction): When an opponent Attacks, you may become the target of that Attack and Defend by rolling your Leadership die.


Boost an ally using America's Finest.


Justice Comics Vol. 1

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