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This game is set in a fantasy oriental setting in the far north and the depths of winter.

This is a land that is blanketed in drifting snow for nine months of the year and life clings on against the steepest odds. The local economy is based upon a short seasonal thaw where trappers come north and hunt for skins that have a high value in the more affluent south. These arctic forests are home to snow leopards, white tiger and the most prized winter lion. the trappers arrive during the thaw and stay as long as they can bear the cold.

Creating Your Characters

People of all races have found their way this far north and the last town before the tree line is called Feng Chu. Feng Chu is your starting point. The town is ruled by a pragmatic and charismatic mandarin called Hoang Tang.

  • Stats will be point buy as per Character Law.
  • All Characters will be No Profession
  • There are three languages in common usage, Mandarin is used by the more affluent and ruling classes. Pin Yin is used by the lower and working classes. Mon'Go is the barbarian tongue spoken by the few foreigners that travel from the south west up this far.
  • You have 70 DPs per level
  • You are 3rd Level
  • Not all armours or weapons are available. You may use Leather (AT3), splint mail, banded (AT4), Light Samurai Laminar (AT5) Mountain Pattern Armour (scale) (AT7) and Samurai Brigantine (AT9).
  • Weapons are more oriental with Katanas replacing broadswords, Wakizashi replacing the short sword. Sais will be common. As we build your character background I will give you a choice of cultural weapons.
  • All three realms of magic are available. Ancestor worship is ubiquitous and they can be called upon for aid, magicians are generally distrusted. The name magician is widely used for any magic users along with the name astrologer and seer.

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Playing the Game

Every player will be able to see two threads. You have an OOC thread. This is for any out of character questions or comments you have for me. You also have a Story thread. This is where I will post my replies to you and your responses to me.

If you are in a combat type situation then try and post what you would like to happen for the next three to five rounds. You can then use the dice roller to roll multiple attacks, potential criticals and any skill rolls you hope to use. If there is anything else I think you need to roll I will request them. I will then narrate the combat up until any point where the narrative diverges from your plan or when the situation changes and you would naturally reavaluate.

When you are posting, in the bottom right of the main text box there is a drop down list for 'styled text:'

  • Can you style any spoken words in Green. E.g. I tell the bandit "Take your hand off my bag before one of us gets hurt."
  • Can you style stage directions or physical movements in Orange. E.g. I turn and face them stepping away from the fireplace.
  • Can you style references to skills in Red. Also if you want to make a skill check then use the dice roller and make the roll. I can then decide if the skill is valid or not. If I agree with you then I already have the skill roll to continue the narrative. You can paste the entire output from the dice roller into your reply. E.g. Does it look like he is telling the truth? Perception 17:17, Today: GM_R rolled 64 using 1d100+35 with the Role/Spacemaster system (fumble range of 1 to 5) ((29)).
  • If there are many NPCs in a scene I will use a different colour for each NPC's dialogue e.g. Kai Lung says "Who thinks we should retreat and find a different route?" Ming Shu agrees "Aye, that makes sense."
  • These games work the best when you do not know who is a PC and who is an NPC. It encourages you to treat everyone as you find them. Please do not try to discover who is a PC and who is not.

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