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Fri 5 Jan 2018
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This is a Teen Hero game using the 3rd Edition of Mutants & Masterminds. Each player will be modeling a non-powered "real kid" at PL 3, then gaining powers in-game. This game will begin on the lower spectrum of superheroes, with the heroes ending their first scene at PL 6.

We'll be using the "Typical Teens" Template for Abilities, meaning each ability begins at -1 with no point gain. Likewise, we'll be using the Limited Trained Skills, No Higher Education Skills, and Limited Rank. With this option, teen heroes can learn one trained-only skill like Acrobatics, Technology, Investigation, etc., if their key ability score is 0. Specialized skills that would require a college degree are forbidden, and skill bonuses are limited to 6 ranks.

Character concepts are all 15 years old, and should be "normal kids". Pick a common teen archetype (nerd, jock, popular kid, misfit, bully, etc.), and play up that schtick. I'll be taking on five players.

Powers will be assigned at random. The characters are not intended to begin as young superheroes, but instead are supposed to be young people who suddenly gain super-powers.

Each character is an orphan. You will need to explain the circumstances by which you were orphaned. Did your parents give you up? Are your parents dead? Note that the story you've been told may be different from the truth.

Comic inspirations for this story are the original five X-Men, the New Mutants stories from the '80s, the modern Runaways.

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Fri 5 Jan 2018
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This game is set in a modern-day equivalent to the world. Superheroes exist solely in comic books, blockbuster movies, and television series. The characters believe they are among the first crop of superhuman beings that happen after a specific in-game event.

For whatever reason, the characters have all been remanded to the St. Theresa Charity Home. They currently attend Middle River High School, a public high school in the fictitious Chicago suburb also named Middle River.

All characters begin the story celebrating their 15th birthday. Curiously, the characters share March 15th as their birthdays. The characters have been roommates for a while, depending on their individual back stories.
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Sat 6 Jan 2018
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How to RTJ:

Send me a name, a concept, and a short back story.

If I like what I read, I'll ask you to build a PL3 "normal teen" character to match up with your backstory.

From there, I'll pick my five favorites. I am looking for people filling a typical high school role (nerd, misfit, jock, popular kid, bully, etc.), and will outright reject any concepts of child assassins, girl ninjas, super-geniuses, kid gangbangers, etc. This story is about normal kids encountering the extraordinary!