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Supernatural Merits
Supernatural Merits

Animal Empathy (Cost ** or ****)
Pre: None
** Can only affect one type of animal, **** can affect all animals.
No cost to activate if the psychic has spent time and developed rapport with the animal. If it is hostile, a Willpower point must be spent. Roll Wits + Animal Ken versus the animal's Resolve.

Animal Rapport (Cost *** to *****)
Pre: Animal Ken **
Psychic has an innate mental bond with one character. The size of the animal is determined by the rating of the merit.

Apportation (***)
Pre: None
Teleports an object through space.
Spend a point of Willpower and roll Resolve + Occult as an extended action (resisted by Resolve + Composure if the target is unwilling). For every success the object can move a yard.
*** - only inanimate objects of size 2 or less
Drawback - the object is injured or damaged during the apportation, taking bashing damage equal to the number of yards moved. An object arrives hot, takes 1 structural point of damage and is at -2 to use the following turn.

Aura Reading (Cost ** or *****)
Pre: None
** version requires scrutiny of target for a number of turns equal to their Composure.
The psychic ability to read and view auras. At character generation determine how this "aura reading" works (voices in the character's head, seeing different colours surrounding the person, etc).
Spend a point of Willpower, stare at the opponent for a moment of time (could be... interesting) and roll a Wits + Empathy with a penalty of the opponent's Composure. For every success the character gains a +1 bonus on Social rolls against the target, or they can answer one of the following questions:
  • What's the person's most prominent emotion?
  • Is the person telling the truth?
  • What is the person's attention most focused on right now?
  • Is the person going to attack?
  • What emotion is the person trying to hide?
  • Is the person supernatural in origin or otherwise not human?

On the downside, supernatural creatures might notice that the character is somehow different - they must roll a Wits + Occult roll penalised by the character's Composure. A success informs them that the character "knows" or is otherwise "aware of" their nature as supernatural creatures, or that they are somehow different from other humans.
***** version lets the psychic view supernatural beings. Spend a Willpower point, and roll Intelligence + Empathy versus Composure + Supernatural Ability.

Automatic Writing (Cost **)
Character enters into a trance whereby a spirit or other entity has some control over their body - sufficient for them to write messages of import.
By successfully meditating, the character enters a trance. After spending a Willpower point, they can roll Wits + Composure penalised by the target's Composure see how successful their automatic writing is. For each success the character writes a statement given to them by the Storyteller.
While these clues may not make any sense at first, they can be used as the subject of a Wits + Investigation roll to try to interpret what the clues may mean.
Modifiers: Any item that has a strong connection to the subject about which the psychic is seeking information (+1 to +3)
The psychic may gain a +2 for having the Clairvoyance or Channeling Merits.

Believers (Cost * to *****)
Pre: Any psychic merit
The same as retainers, however they believe in the psychic's abilities granting a +1 bonus to the psychic's roll, assuming the same number of believers are present at that time.

Camera Obscura (***)
Pre: Unseen Sense (Ghost or Spirit) **
Character is able to capture ephemeral entities on camera, and damaging them in the process.
By spending a Willpower point and rolling Wits + Expression - Entity's Defense. Successes inflict bashing damage.
Drawback - Use of this ability causes the Open condition on the surrounding area for any entity for the rest of the scene

Consecrate Weapon (****)
Pre: Resolve ***, Occult ****
Character knows rituals that make any weapon temporarily effective against ephemeral entities. Spend a point of Willpower, and rolling Resolve + Composure - the weapon's damage rating. For each success the weapon does lethal damage to Manifested ephemeral entities for one turn. And if they can be detected, the same is true of Twilight creatures.

Death Sight (Cost ****)
Pre: None
The psychic can see dead people - ghosts or spirits in Twilight, but not those of Shadow who have crossed over into Twilight.
Rolling a Wits + Composure, any success will grant the ability to see the entities. Spending a Willpower point will grant the ability to interact with them.
Option: Permanent Death Sight - The psychic's ability is always active and gains +3 to communicate with ghosts. However, they should also have a mental or mild derangement to compensate such as Depression, Phobia, Irrationality or Avoidance.

Dowsing (Cost *)
Pre: Clairvoyance, Cayce Channeling or Spirit Channeling
A limited form of divination, this lets a psychic search for hidden objects.
Spending 1 Willpower, and rolling Wits + Occult.

Ghost Ally (Cost ***)
Pre: None
Represents a single being, rather than a group.
Has 7 dots to spend between Power, Finesse and Resistance. Has a virtue and vice, but no skills and a maximum Essence Pool of 10 used to fuel Numina (it has one Numen). The ghost possesses a single anchor - the character.
*** - 6 bonus points
(6 per attribute, 3 per additional anchor, 6 per additional numen - for 6 points the character can see and hear the ghost even if they are not psychic)

Hardened Exorcist (*)
Pre: None
Add the character's Occult dots to their Integrity when determining bonuses for Abjuration rolls. The character can also use their Vice to call upon abjurations without the usual penalty.

Hidden Variable (**)
Pre: Unseen Sense (God Machine) **
The character innately finds weakness in the God Machine's subsystems. When fighting near a subsystem, the character gains +1 to their attack rolls, and ignores 2 points of Durability against any object with the Infrastructure condition. When dealing with mortal Infrastructure, ignore 2 points of general armour instead.

Laying on Hands (Cost ***)
The character can heal the afflictions and injuries of others through their psychic power, faith or belief. The character spends a Willpower point, and rolls Presence + Empathy. Every success heals 2 bashing damage or one point of lethal damage. Three successes can heal a single point of aggravated damage.
HOWEVER, for every two points of damage that the character heals they take one point of the same type of damage to themselves.
Other ailments can be healed by the character. The Storyteller determines the number of successes required, and a successful character will heal the ailment - receiving a lesser version of the ailment themselves.

Lucid Dreamer (Cost *)
Pre: None
When attacked in their own dream, a lucid dreamer benefits from a +2 to their Composure and by spending a Willpower point they can initiate an attack.

Medium (Cost ***)
Pre: Empathy ***
The character hears the words and moans of ethereal/ephemeral beings.

Mind of a Madman (Cost **)
Pre: Empathy ***
The character can put themselves into the mindset of a protagonist, but doing so takes them to a dark, internal place.
The task requires intense medication or similar (suggested time spent browsing over evidence of what the criminal/protagonist has done), but once done the character gains the 8-again benefit for all rolls to do with the investigation regarding the criminal.
At night however the character suffers nightmares and relives these dark actions - if they did not pursue the criminal during the day, the dreams get darker and a roll is needed to avoid degeneration as if the character had committed the dark acts themselves. Avoiding sleep is one way to avoid this - but comes at the usual cost for missed sleep.
Additionally, until the criminal/protagonist is caught, the character rolls at -1 to resist degeneration.

Mind Reading (Cost ***)
Pre: None
Cost 1 Willpower, roll Intelligence + Empathy, versus target's Composure + Supernatural Ability
Psychic gets to ask one question per success.
*** - surface thoughts of ordinary people

Numbing Touch (Cost * per level, Max *****)
Character can affect the nervous systems of others.
Touching another person and spending a Willpower point, the character can numb the target's body reducing each of their Physical attributes by an amount equal to the dots in this merit. Each turn the target regains one dot until their attributes are fully restored. In an unwilling opponent, a contest roll is made using the character's Intelligence + Empathy + Numbing Touch against Stamina + Blood Potency (if available).
A more powerful version can be used as an unarmed attack, and can be unleashed a foot away from the character's hand (in the form of a weapon). Spending an additional point of Willpower, the character creates an invisible weapon. When the weapon hits a target successfully, the character can spend another Willpower point to harm the target's nervous system. In addition to the base effect (no contested roll is made this time), the target also loses a number of Willpower equal to the dots in this merit. If they do not have sufficient Willpower any additional points are taken as lethal damage.

Omen Sensitivity (Cost ***)
The character sees signs and portents everywhere.
Once per game session the character can make a Wits + Occult roll to interpret an omen in their surroundings. For every success the character can ask a yes/no question of the Storyteller regarding the current case, the surroundings, the character's life - even the world at large.
Unfortunately, every time the character reads a portent they gain an Obsession or the Spooked condition.

Phantasmagoria (**)
Pre: Telepathy *****, Expression **
Spend a point of Willpower and roll Manipulation + Occult. The content of the illusion is determined by the character, and the character should make a new roll every time they change the illusion significantly.
If at any point the target begins to disbelieve the illusion, they can make a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll to snap out of it.
The target will look as if they are in a walking daydream to outsiders.

Plant Empathy (Cost *)
Pre: Biokinesis (*)
Gives a bonus equal to Biokinesis to any roll to grow or tend to plants. Furthermore, the plants grow at a multiplied rate equal to Biokinesis + 1.

Psychic Empathy (Cost **** or *****)
Pre: Aura Reading or Thought Projection
Manipulates a target's aura, affecting their mood.
Cost 1 Willpower, roll Manipulation + Empathy versus target's Resolve + Composure.

Psychic Resistance (Cost *)
Pre: None
With a successful Wits + Composure roll, the character can detect any use of an invasive Telepathic power. The character's rating in Psychic Resistance is added to their Resolve or Composure when rolling to contest any psychic power that affects their mind.

Psychokinesis (Cost ***)
The ability for the character to manipulate the forces of the universe.
Type of psychokinesis is determined during character creation. Some of the force must be present for the ability to be used.
The character spends a point of Willpower to activate their ability, and they must roll Resolve + Occult. Each success allows a degree of manipulation of the force. If the manipulation is an attack on a target, subtract the target's Resolve from the character's Resolve + Occult roll. If the attack is not a direct attack, the 3-dot version causes 1 lethal damage whereas the 5-dot version causes 2 lethal.
Drawback is that whenever the character depletes the last of their Willpower they can lose control, and their ability can occur spontaneously. This can be resisted with a Resolve + Composure with a -2 penalty if the force is located nearby. Wild manifestations of the force do not cost Willpower.

Suggested ideas:
  • Increase or decrease the manifestation size by 1
  • Move the manifestation a number of yards equal to the character's Willpower dots multiplied by 2
  • Shape the focus into a specific form. If intricate detail is required, roll Intelligence + Crafts
  • Attack a target with the force
  • Use the force creatively

Psychokinetic Resistance (*)
Pre: Psychokinesis *
Use the character's rating in Psychokinetic Resistance as general armour against any damage taken from the energy source

Psychometry (Cost ***)
Pre: None
Clairvoyance using objects.
Roll Wits + Composure, spending 1 Willpower. Success yields a sense of the most emotionally charged event or person connected with the object, as well as a reliable memory or vision of the event in question.
Modifiers: Has used the object before (+1), Recent and intense emotion (0), Recent and mildly emotional or old and intense (-1), Emotionally shallow or long forgotten (-2), Disconnected or spiritually muted (-3), Object reading while distracted or in combat (-3), Object size (-1 per size over 3).

Supernatural Resistance (* to *****)
Pre: Mortal with at least one supernatural merit
The character has an inborn tolerance for the supernatural.
This merit counts as a Supernatural Ability for rolls that resist supernatural powers, like Blood Potency, Primal Urge, Gnosis.

Technopathy (**)
Character can connect to a computer through touch (**). Spend a point of Willpower, and roll Intelligence + Occult. Each success allows the character to examine the information they receive among the following parameters:
Users who have accessed the device recently
Identify a device's function and any other device networked with it
Log of communication made on the device in the past day
Any information containing a specific search criteria
Video or other media stored on the device
Originator of the data signal
Destination of the data signal
Content of the data signal
The information requires concentration to process, and is stored in the character's mind as  a memory, and may require an Intelligence + Composure roll to remember.
Drawback - this power causes a tremendous strain on a device, and causes 2 points of Structural damage after the first successful attempt, 3 on a failure. Devices reduced to 0 short out, and any data on them is irrecoverable. Wireless version, any attempt after the 1st corrupts the signal and it is lost. The receiver realises that their data has been intercepted.

Telekinesis (Cost * per level, Max **)
The character can manipulate their surroundings using only their mind.
The character spends a Willpower point to activate this power for a scene. The number of dots in the merit determine the Strength of the power.
The character can attack using Telekinesis by spending a point of Willpower, and rolling Telekinesis + Occult penalised by the target's Stamina. The attack causes bashing damage. Alternatively the character can grapple with the power, and any additional overpowering maneuvers require expenditure of further Willpower.
Drawback to this power is that the character must roll to resist activating this power whenever they suffer injury or intense stimuli, using Resolve + Composure. Failure results in an impressive display of the power, without having to pay the Willpower cost. The character may choose to fail the test and take a Beat.

Unseen Sense (Cost **)
The character has a sixth sense for detecting a particular type of supernatural creature.
Chosen at character creation, the character selects a creature type and determines how the character becomes aware - a tingle, hairs standing on end, a strange taste or smell. Once per chapter, the character can accept the Spooked Condition in exchange for knowing where the feeling is coming from.

Vengeful Soul (**)
Pre: None
The character witnesses the death of a loved one (or found the body no more than 24 hours after the death) that caused a Breaking Point roll. The character can use the 8-again benefit to a number of rolls every chapter equal to the victim's Integrity at their time of death. These rolls must involve finding a way to punish those that committed the crime.
The merit is lost when the deed is done and justice has finally been served.

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Supernatural Merits
Thaumaturgist Templates

Thaumaturgists create characters in the same way that normal mortals do, except:
  • They must have at least a single dot in Occult
  • They must choose a Thaumaturge tradition
  • The character gains a free defining merit determined by their tradition
  • The character gains a set of strengths and weaknesses determined by their tradition
  • The character can gain merits from a specialist list

Apostle of the Dark One
Followers of the Dark One, people who see society as the shackles that bind them who desire only personal gain.
Defining Merit: Communion
Path Merits: Countermagic, Curse of Ill Fortune, Divination, Dream, Enchantment, Evocation (Spirits only, ** or ***), Familiar, Library, Luck Magic, Macigal Nexus, Sacrifice (Spirits only), Scrying, Second Sight, Visionary Trances, Warding
Strengths: Whenever the use of magic serves the Apostle's vice, they gain a +1 bonus to all magical rolls
Weakness: Experience points to raise morality equal new ratings x4

Ceremonial Magician
The academics or religious believers of thaumaturgy.
Defining Merit: Luck Magic
Path Merits: Communion (**), Curse of Ill Fortune, Enchantment, Evocation (Spirits only), External Alchemy (** or ****), Favourable Fortune, Healing, Internal Alchemy (**), Scrying, See Aura
Strengths: Gain a +1 to research rolls when using a library
Weakness: Suffers -1 penalty to rolls when using improvised ritual tools

Hedge Witch
Ritual magic that targets others
Defining Merit: Enchantment
Path Merits: Curse of Ill-Fortune, Dream Travel, Familiar (Embodied Familiars only), Healing, Invocation (Spirits only, ** or ****), Luck Magic (**), Scrying, See Auras, See Spirits, Visionary Trance (**), Weather Control
Strengths: Reduce penalties for lacking proper materials by 1
Weakness: Suffer -1 to rolls when performing a rite in a location that is opposite or opposed to the rite itself

Intermediaries between the physical world and the Shadow World.
Defining Merit: Visionary Trance
Path Merits: Familiar (for Twilight Familiars only), Dream Travel, Evocation (Spirits only, ** or ****), Internal Alchemy (**), Invocation (Spirits only, **), Healing, Psychic Projection, Sacrifice, See Spirits, Weather Control
Strengths: Gain +1 to all social skills when dealing with Spirits or denizens of the Shadow Realm
Weakness: Must have the merit See Spirits - Shadow Realm denizens know the shaman can see them, and often find them interesting as a result

Taoist Alchemist
Magic to be at one with the world
Defining Merit: Choose from Alchemy (External) or Alchemy (Internal)
Path Merits: Alchemy (External), Alchemy (Internal), Countermagic, Divination, Dream, Geomancy, Healing, Library, Longevity, Luck Magic, Magical Nexus, Second Sight, See Auras, Warding
Strengths: Gain +1 to meditation rolls
Weakness: Suffers -1 penalty when performing informal rituals

"You remind me of the babe, what babe, the babe with the power, what power?? Power of voodoo, who-do, you do, do what, remind me of the babe..." David Bowie as Jared the Goblin King, Labrynth
Defining Merit: Invocation (Ghosts)
Path Merits: Countermagic, Curse of Ill Fortune, Divination, Dream, Evocation (Ghosts only) ** or ****), Healing, Invocation (Ghosts only, ** or ****), Library, Magical Nexus, Sacrifice (Ghosts only), Second Sight, Soul Jar, Warding, Weather Control
Strengths: Gains +1 bonus when dealing with ghosts
Weakness: Suffers a -1 penalty when the target of a spirit or ghost's mind affecting powers

Thaumaturge Merits

All templates can choose the following merits;
Countmagic (** or ****), Divination (***), Dream (* to *****), Library (* to ***), Magical Nexus (* to **), The Last Spell (*) and Warding (***).

Alchemy (External, ** or ****)
Pre: Occult ** or Science **
Effect: The art of transforming one physical substance into another
** - transforms simple materials into other simple materials
**** - transforms create or transform a complex, rare or precious substance
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult
Minimum Successes Req:
Ritual Length: One hour
Duration: Indefinite

Alchemy (Internal, ** or ****)
Pre: Occult ** or Science **
Effect: The art of refining the mind and body into purity of spirit
** - Increases one attribute by 1, to a maximum of 5
**** - Character can become an ephemeral being
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult
Ritual Length: 30 minutes
Duration: One scene

Communion (** or ****)
Pre: None
Effect: The character connects their consciousness with that of another being of immense power
** - One way communication only, treat a success as having the "Common Sense" merit in the form of otherworldly interventions
**** - Two-way communication
Dice Pool: Composure + Wits
Ritual Length: One hour
Duration: One scene

Countermagic (** or ****)
Pre: Wits **
Effect: Protective ritual
** - Increases the character's senses so that they are aware of the first ritual with which they are a target. They sense the start of the ritual, positive or negative, and may have time to protect themselves from it
**** - Increases the character's senses, but also applies a -2 penalty for the attacker's ritual roll, blocking physical and mental thaumaturge magic. The character can choose which rituals to ignore and which to block.
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult
Ritual Length: One minute
Duration: One scene

Curse of Ill Fortune (***)
Pre: Luck Magic (** or ****) and Persuasion (*)
Effect: Character can inflict bad luck upon a target, removing a number of dice equal to the caster's Manipulation from the target's dice pool for a number of rolls equal to the caster's Persuasion.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion opposed by Composure + Supernatural Ability (extended)
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: One day

Divination (***)
Pre: None
Effect: Target can roll twice for one particular action
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult (Secret roll)
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: 24 hours

Dream (* to *****)
Pre: None
Effect: Gives the character one clue for a particular question per dot in the merit
Dice Pool: Wits + Composure (Secret roll)
Ritual Length: One hour of sleep, trance or altered perception (minimum)
Duration: Permanent

Dream Travel (***)
Pre: Visionary Trances (** or ****)
Effect: Caster can enter the dreams of a target, and can choose to remain as an outside observer, or create a dream avatar and interact with the dream as if it were real. This is unresisted if the subject agrees before going to sleep.
Can leave the dream with a Manipulation + Occult, opposed (if the dreamer tries to resist the caster leaving) by Composure + Intimidation.
Caster can change their appearance with a Manipulation + Occult roll, and can appear as somebody or something else. Caster can also fly or teleport from location to location with a similar roll, again resisted if the dreamer chooses to do so.
While in the dream, the caster's body is helpless.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult opposed by Composure + Supernatural Ability
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: Timespan of the trance

Enchantment (** or ****)
Pre: None
Effect: Can affect people and animals with a chosen emotion
** - A simple emotion, which is applied by the target to the current situation and location
**** - Can make the emotion more precise, or target the emotion at something or someone.
How the target reacts when feeling the emotion is very variable.
In a social situation, use of this power can aid the caster with a +2 to any social roll, or reduce the target's Composure by one or two as they are overcome with emotion / passion.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy opposed by Composure + Supernatural Ability (extended)
Ritual Length: One minute
Duration: One scene

Pre: None
Effect: Compels a sprit or ghost to come to the caster, and over time can eventually bind them into servitude.
** - Sends a summons to a specific entity, or a general call-out to any that are nearby. The entity is forced to remain in the caster's presence for the scene
**** - Summons an entity, and forces it to obey a command for the duration of the scene. This merit does not give the caster the ability to communicate with the entity, rather just the means to summon and bind it into servitude.
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion opposed by Resistance (extended roll)
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: One scene

Familiar (*** or ****)
Pre: Visionary Trances (****), Communion (****) or Enchantment (****)
Effect: Character has a magical bond with a spirit that aids them, either in Twilight (therefore incorporeal and invisible) or embodied. Shamans with Visionary Trance (****) and Apostles with Communion (****) can have Twilight familiars, and Hedge Witches who know Enchantment (****) may have embodied familiars.
Twilight familiars cost **, whereas embodied familiars cost ****.
Dice Pool:
Ritual Length:
Duration: Permanent

Favourable Fortune (***)
Pre: Luck Magic (****)
Effect: Creates a positive shift in destiny for the caster. No more than 50 can be provided at a time in goods or cash, however greater value items can be involved if they come with a major drawback (such as when needing a lift, a thief deserts a stolen car - which has been reported to the police).
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Ritual Length: One Minute
Duration: One scene (minimum of one hour)

Geomancy (***)
Pre: Intelligence ** and Crafts **
Effect: Creates an empowering area or room dedicated to improving one skill or attribute. Attributes are harder to influence (-3 to roll). First person to attempt to use the skill or attribute to which the area is harmonized benefits from the 9-again rolls.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts (extended roll, depending on size being harmonized)
Minimum Successes: 5 (small room), 10 (typical home), 15 (typical office), 20 (multi-story building) 25 or more (skyscraper, theme park)
Ritual Length: One hour
Duration: Indefinite (until dispersed)

Pre: Composure (**) and Medicine (**)
Effect: Rate of healing is increased by 3, or 4 if the subject possesses the Quick Healing Merit. Will cure mild illnesses or diseases, such as influenza or the common cold, and will put more serious diseases and illnesses into remission for the duration.
An exceptional success raises this to 5, and will cure otherwise incurable diseases and illnesses (cancer, ebola, AIDS, etc)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy (or Animal Ken for animals)
Ritual Length: 30 minutes
Duration: One week

Invocation (** or ****)
Pre: None
Effect: Will request a spirit or ghost's presence. It does not grant control over the entity, but a deal may be struck up - especially if the caster offers the entity an opportunity to possess their body
** - attract attention of nearby spirit or ghost, or a particular named entity, but they will arrive in their own time
**** - same as **, but the entity gains the Possession Numen
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: One scene

Library (* to ***, Special)
Pre: None
Effect: Each dot gives an area of specialty for research purposes. Spending 10 minutes per roll in their own library, if successful the caster gains +1 to information or research rolls in that particular topic.
Dice Pool: None
Ritual Length: None
Duration: Permanent

Longevity (*****)
Pre: Medicine (***) and Alchemy (Internal, ****) and/or Alchemy (External, ****)
Effect: Allows the creation of elixirs that prevents the imbiber from aging - though they are still affected by illnesses, diseases and injuries.
Penalties are based on the length of time that the elixir halts the effects of aging for - 24hours (no penalty), one week (-1) and one month (-2).
Cast must possess either alchemy internal or external (****) for personal use, or both to create an elixir for someone else.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine (or Science for Plants or Animals)
Ritual Length: One hour
Duration: Varies

Luck Magic (** or ****)
Pre: None
Effect: Bends luck to the will of the caster.
** - Grants the caster the use of the 9-again rule a number of times per day equal to their Manipulation rating.
**** - As per **, but uses the 8-again rule.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: 1 Day

Magical Nexus (* to **)
Pre: None
* - Magical nexus gives +1 to rolls for all magical rituals performed there
** - Magical nexus gives +2 to rolls for all magical rituals performed there
Dice Pool: None
Ritual Length: N/A
Duration: Permanent

Psychic Projection (****)
Pre: Visionary Trances (****)
Effect: The caster can project their mind into the Twilight - this mental form has no physical body and can communicate with entities there, but cannot physically interact.
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Ritual Length: 30 Minutes
Duration: Timespan of Trance

Sacrifice (*)
Pre: None
Effect: If successful the ritual will grant the entity either a Willpower point or Essence.
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: N/A

Scrying (***)
Pre: Wits ** and Occult (**)
Effect: The caster can view a location remotely. If the object being scryed is moving, the caster's viewpoint will follow the object. It can also be turned, as if turning their head, but they cannot move other than this in-place rotation.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation
Ritual Length: One minute
Duration: Timespan of trance

Second Sight (***)
Pre: Wits **
Effect: Allows the caster to see into the Twilight. They can see ghosts, but not spirits.
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Ritual Length: One minute
Duration: One scene

See Auras (**)
Pre: Empathy **
Effect: Caster can see the colours in people's auras.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy opposed by Composure + Supernatural Ability (Extended roll)
Ritual Length: One minute
Duration: One scene

See Spirits (**)
Pre: Visionary Trances (either version)
Effect: Can see spirits in the Twilight, but not ghosts.
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Ritual Length: One Minutes
Duration: One scene

Soul Jar (** or ****)
Pre: Second Sight
Effect: Allows the caster to trap the soul of a dying person in the soul jar.
If the caster is successful, when the target dies they become a ghost with a single anchor being the object / jar.
If the target is merely in a death-like trance, their soul can still be trapped leaving their body suffering from "the loss".
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation opposed by Resolve + Supernatural Ability (extended roll), compared against the target's Willpower rating to succeed
Ritual Length: One hour
Duration: Indefinite

Visionary Trances (** or ****)
Pre: Resolve **
Effect: ** - can see and communicate with entities in the Shadow Realm
**** - can create a ephemeral body that can enter the Shadow Realm
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: Trance

Warding (***)
Pre: Resolve ** and Occult **
Effect: Creates a magical barrier around an area to keep spirits and ghosts at bay
Each ward needs to be tied to a physical marker of some kind
Wards can be general or specific - a specific ward will only work against the entity named or described in the ritual
Strength of ward is equal to caster's Resolve (+1 if it's specific)
Power of entities crossing the ward is reduced by the strength of the ward
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: One day (against all spirits or ghosts) or one week (against a specific spirit of ghost)

Weather Control (****)
Pre: None
Effect: Has a minor affect on the local weather, the more realistic the weather for the location is the greater its chance of succeeding
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Ritual Length: 10 Minutes
Duration: Six hours

Other Merits

Artifact (***, Special)
Pre: None
Character possesses an artifact

Enhanced Item (*, Special)
Pre: None
Character possess an enhanced item.
The item can also be imbued, but cannot be an artifact.

Imbued Item (*, Special)
Character possess an imbued item.
The item can also be enhanced, but cannot be an artifact.

Grimoire (* to *****)
Pre: None
The character has access to a grimoire of arcane knowledge.

The Shadow
 GM, 174 posts
Wed 15 Jan 2020
at 11:00
Supernatural Merits
Supernatural Templates for Mortals

I've read over the different templates and have decided that Atariya, The Infected and Psychic Vampires are not available as player characters for the time being.

Of course, Dreamers, the Plain and the Lost Boys templates will be on a case by case basis.

Atariya, the lucky people

The Dreamers

The Infected

The Plain

The Lost Boys

Psychic Vampires
At present, these will not be used in the game as characters.