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Vampire Disciplines, Devotions and Merits
Vampiric Characters

Attributes      : 5/4/3
Skills          : 11/7/4
Specialities    : +3
Add Clan Traits : See Below
Merits          : 10
Size            : 5
Health          : Stamina + Size
Willpower       : Resolve + Composure
Defense         : Lower of Dexterity or Wits + Athletics
Initiative      : Dexterity + Composure
Speed           : Strength + Dexterity + 5
Humanity        : 7
Blood Potency   : 1
Select Covenant : See Below

Select three aspirations for the vampire character. These can be short, medium or long term goals, and may also be

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Vampire Disciplines, Devotions and Merits
Dirge and Masks

Select a dirge and a mask.
A dirge is the truth of who the vampire is, the reality behind the lies.
A mask is what the vampire shows to the world, their "game face".

Whenever a vampire character acts in a way that follows or protects their dirge or mask, they regain a lost Willpower point. Any time that they commit atrocious acts or survive life threatening situations on behalf of their masks or dirges, they regain all their lost Willpower points.

Example masks and dirges:
ArchetypeRegain +1 WillpowerRegain All Willpower
AuthoritarianShut down an inferior trying to rise to your level of powerCommit a widespread hit against a rival's mortal connections
ChildFind someone to take responsibility for your mistakesCommit a terrible crime to see how authority will react
CompetitorChallenge someone who is clearly your superiorRisk final death to prove you can do something
ConformistChoose an obviously disadvantageous path because it fit in with protocolStand by your side regardless, because it's your side
ConspiratorAdd a layer of meaningless complexity to a planRefuse to take an action in self-defense without excessive, dangerous plotting
CourtesanPut yourself out for pleasureBe the last one dancing when the party's on fire
Cult LeaderConvince someone to defy logic because of your wordsRisk everything to defend your cult's belief system
DeviantCommit a crime against your recognised societyCommit a high crime in plain view of the authorities
FollowerFollow a directive blindly for the sake of followingFollow a dangerous directive without hesitation
GuruGive advice that someone uses to succeedGive protected, dangerous information without asking for payment
IdealistDeny a compromise that would water down your idealRefuse safety for fear of abandoning your ideal's purity
JesterPoint out an absurdity in the current state of affairs, to lighten the toneFavour wit and cunning over direct self-defense in a situation of serious danger
JunkieIgnore a problem or responsibility in favour of immediate gratitficationAbandon an important relationship over the pursuit of your need
MartyrTake another's burdens upon yourself without expecting a responsePut yourself at risk to save someone else or an ideology
MasochistFind and experience a new source of hurtWillingly explore pain beyond the point of safety and reason
MonsterCause pain for the sole intent of causing painCommit a capital crime without additional motive
NomadAbandon a homeAbandon a society, organisation or city
NurturerPut yourself out to help another succeedTake full responsibility for another's dangerous mistakes
PerfectionistRevisit an already successful action to hammer out a flawStick with a failed and dangerous plan in order to fix what went wrong
PenitentPunish yourself for a mistakeRisk death to correct an egregious error in judgement
QuestionerChallenge an accepted truthPut a long believed truth to the test at your own peril
RebelOpenly flout a traditionOpenly flout a Kindred Tradition,
 or a covenant taboo
ScholarUncover a lost piece of informationUncover forbidden knowledge
Social ChameleonIngratiate yourself to a new social cliqueBurn an important bridge to guarantee acceptance to a new group
SpyBuild a new identity or uncover a secretUncover a damning secret that could end someone
SurvivorFavour the safe path over the higher risk, higher reward pathAbandon a social group or relationship to stay safe
VisionaryHelp someone by sharing your vision with themput yourself at risk to show a group the power of your vision

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Vampire Disciplines, Devotions and Merits

Touchstones are a part of the vampire's life that remains in the mortal world, something that they have a deep association with. It is the vampire's remaining link to their humanity and who they were in life. They are usually people, but can be places, objects or "things".
Touchstones help the vampire maintain their humanity, and when rolling to determine Detachment, a vampire without a touchstone has a -2 penalty, with a single touchstone has a +1 bonus and multiple touchstone a +2 bonus. The first touchstone is written beside the 6th dot in Humanity.
If a vampire loses their last touchstone they can either lose a point of Humanity immediately (and can regain the point if the vampire replaces the touchstone within a month of losing it) or take the Languid Condition.

Example touchstones:
The Ex
Former Partner
Friend with Benefits
Highschool Sweetheart
House of Birth
Intrepid Detective
One that got away
The Orphan
Spouse / Family
Terminal Parent
Victim's Lover

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Vampire Disciplines, Devotions and Merits

Discipline: Animalism

Allows the vampire's beast to influence animals, and exert their will upon them.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
Feral WhispersManipulation
Animal Ken
No cost, lasts for a scene but the command itself might last for a full night.
Allows the vampire to communicate with an animal which will respond by answering from their own perspective or perception - and most animals can only recall one night of memories. Also allows the vampire to issue a single command to the animal - the command must be simple to follow, but can have contingencies in it ("Follow this scent, hide when noticed and return when you know where the scent leads" is a complicated but acceptable command). Flocks of animals can be commanded with this discipline, so long as the vampire can see all of them when using the discipline.
Raise the FamiliarNoneBy feeding a drained animal some of its vitae, a vampire creates an animal ghoul familiar. It retains a semblance of what it looked like in prior to its death (including injuries), possibly gaining retractable fangs if it did not possess sharp teeth previously. It cannot use vitae to heal its wounds, and the effects last for (Blood Potency + Animal's Stamina) nights.
Treat the raised creature as if it had a point of Intelligence, and it will sleep during the day and become active at night. It takes bashing damage like a vampire, does not bleed or decompose and the vampire who raised it can use Feral Whispers on it over any distance
Summon the HuntPresence
Animal Ken
Costs 2 vitae, 1 of which must be spilled onto the target. Duration is 1 night or until the item marked with blood is destroyed, whichever is sooner.
The vampire summons predatory animals by covering an object, target or area with their vitae, and the animals will arrive and try to destroy and consume the target of the vitae. Prey animals will shy away from the affected area, and the vampire can select the type of animals they want when they are empowering the discipline.
Area affected by the discipline are (successes*100m) in rural areas or (successes * city blocks) in the city. Once animals taste the blood the vampire may issue a single command to them as though they had used Feral Whispers, and the animals will follow this command for a number of nights equal to the successes rolled - even doing so when the vampire is sleeping.
Fatal InfectionPresence
Cost 2 vitae, 1 of which is spilled on the ground.
The area is flooded with the vampire's predatory aura, which causes the animals nearby to react with rage and any human who has touched the vampire's vitae can fall to madness. Any animal that can smell the vitae will react with rage and attack the nearest victim until it is dead or unconscious, upon which it will try to eat the target's flesh. The mob of frenzied animals can be directed at the vampire's command, and will target a single target. The vampire can't give complex instructions with this discipline.
Lord of the LandNone3-9 vitae and 1 willpower, effects last for 1 week per Blood Potency dot.
Vampire must walk the entire circuit of the area they wish to cover, and use 3 vitae to mark a small house, 9 is enough to claim a castle. Once their territory is marked out animals will fight to escape if within and won't enter if without. Humans and other supernatural creatures must roll Composure + Blood Potency to enter or stay in the area. Unless they roll an exceptional success, they are at -3 to all action. Other kindred are at -2 to resist frenzy while within the territory.
Vampires that are explicitly invited into the area, ghouls, animal ghouls and those summoned through Feral Whispers or Summon the Hunt are exempt.
When the casting vampire is within their territory, they are aware of when another enters, whether they are human or animal. If they are a vampire, they are aware of the vampire's Blood Potency. The vampire is aware of where every person is within their territory.
Finally, frenzying creatures will never target the vampire within their own territory, any commands given through Feral Whispers last indefinitely (while the creature is inside the territory) and the vampire can choose to enter the mind of any creature raised through Raise the Familiar and use its senses as well as issue Feral Whispers through them.
Only supernatural powers such as Disciplines can be used within the territory triggering a Clash of Wills.

Discipline: Auspex

Auspex is an internal discipline, revealing information to the Kindred through visions that range from direct to the hallucinatory.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
Beast's HacklesWits
Initial cost is free, but subsequent uses cost 1 vitae each. Instant action.
Gains insight to know whether someone in the room is going to attack, pinpoint the weakest person and to pierce Obfuscate (contest of wills).
Uncanny PerceptionIntelligence
Initial cost is free, but subsequent uses cost 1 vitae each. Instant action.
Focusing on a single victim, the vampire discerns the target's secrets.
Each success allows a single question to be asked
The Spirit's TouchWits
No cost to use
Once per scene, a vampire can uncover secrets about a place or object instead of a person.
Each success allows the vampire to have one question about the place/object answered.
Lay Open the MindIntelligence
Resisted by Resolve + Blood Potency, costs 1 vitae.
Links the vampire's mind to that of the target for a scene, allowing two-way mental communication. The vampire can also uncover memories, first one is free second and subsequent cost 1 vitae (opposed by Clash of Wills, exceptional success allows memories equal to Auspex dots before paying a vitae), and can either choose to read them or transmit a memory to force the target to suffer from an appropriate condition.
Twilight ProjectionIntelligence
Costs 2 vitae.
Vampire takes on an astral form, leaving their body behind (looks identical to a normal corpse that does not decay). Can travel at immense speeds to any point within the Lunar Orbit, or "lunar sphere" - approx 250million miles.
Speed is multiplied by (Auspex+Blood Potency) ad defies gravity. Can see and hear the physical world, but cannot interact or use disciplines.

Discipline: Celerity

The vampire can move and act at incredible speeds.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
CelerityNoneNo cost (persistent effects) or 1 vitae (per active effect).

Persistent effects include:
* Adding dots in celerity to defense or to dodge when actively defending
* If denied a defense because of a firearms roll, the attacker still suffers a penalty equal to dots in Celerity
Active effects:
* Immediately move to the head of the active initiative queue (vampire acts first)
* Interrupt the action of a target with an action of their own, limited to one instant action
* Multiply Speed by (Dots in Celerity +1), which can be used to remain unseen or launch surprise attacks.

Discipline: Dominate

The vampire can control and dominate others.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
No cost.
Resisted with Resolve + Blood Potency
If the vampire can hold the target's gaze for but a second, and succeed in a contested roll, then the target suffers the Mesmerised condition. Once this condition is in place,
 the vampire can command the target as an instant action with no more than 4 directm unambiguous words.
Iron EdictNoneCost 1 vitae, free if the vampire is in Vinculum. Target must already have the Mesmerised condition on them.
This increases the number of words that can be used to command a target from 4 words to 3 sentences, including a successive list of actions. This takes two turns per sentence to convey. The target suffers the Dominated condition, and will begin to follow the commands the moment the vampire has finished issuing them.
The effects last until the commands are completed or the sun rises.
Entombed CommandIntelligence
No cost, and target must already have the Mesmerised Condition on them.
The vampire can implant a number of subconscious triggers equal to the success of the rolled dice (resisted by Resolve) within the target, a set of triggers that will allow the target to be affected by other powers of Dominate. The vampire pays the vitae cost as normal, but the effect is automatic. The effects last for a week per success or a month per success if the target is in Vinculum.
The Lying MindNoneCost: 2 vitae.
The victim must have the Mesmerised Condition on them, and 1 point of vitae (included in cost) must cover them or be consumed by them.
The vampire can change the memories of the target at will. Crude changes will take but a minute or two of time, changing the factual content but not the emotional memory that goes with it. The changes will be permanent, unless Entombed Command is used to reveal them on trigger.
Costs 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower, resisted by Resolve and the target must already suffer from the Mesmerised condition.
The mind of the vampire moves into the target's body and controls it for 1 night per success rolled. The vampire loses their own physical attributes, skills and physical merits using the host's instead. The vampire can spend a point of Willpower and stay awake during the day, suffering no damage from the sunlight in their host body.
Each night in the body the vampire must spend a point of vitae as normal, and cannot use disciplines or blood sorcery or supernatural powers the host possesses. So long as the vampire doesn't try to kill the host (roll Blood Potency + Resolve or as a reflexive action, any success and the vampire is evicted). The vampire is not subject to any Mesmerised, Dominated Conditions or subconscious triggers that the host may have had. Triggers will return when the vampire leaves the host.
While possessing a host the vampire's body lies as if in torpor, and if the body goes into torpor the vampire's soul snaps back to the body.

Discipline: Majesty

People are attracted to the vampire's force of personality and natural magnetism, feeling compelled and ultimately obsessed with pleasing the target of their infatuation.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
AweNoneNo cost, instant action, lasts for a scene.
All are aware of the vampire, and the vampire will suffer no penalties to social rolls from their actions or appearance.
Add dots in Majesty to any required Presence rolls when talking to people around the vampire, and only to normal conversations not to other uses of Majesty. Targets suffer a penalty equal to dots in Majesty from their Wits + Composure roll to notice anything other than the vampire.
No cost, opposed by Resolve + Blood Potency as a reflexive action.
With a group that the vampire has already Awed, the target becomes their trusted confidant.
Green eyesNoneCosts 1 vitae for the scene, and targets a victim that the vampire has already charmed or enthralled.
The target(s) becomes obsessed with the vampire, feeling an addictive need for their attention. For each point of vitae the vampire can change the emotional state of the target(s), inducing them to fear, violent rage or acute depression.
Any charmed target can be commanded to perform an act that they feel compelled to complete. Unless the target will suffer lethal damage or a breaking point in the process, then they will follow the instruction. Enthralled targets won't commit suicide for the vampire, but will do anything else and won't notice any breaking points until after the Enthralled condition has ended.
Costs 2 vitae, contested by Resolve + Blood Potency as a reflexive action.
Target must already be charmed, but if this discipline is successful the target gains the Enthralled condition and will do anything for the vampire.
This lasts for 1 week per dot of Blood Potency.
IdolNoneCosts 2 vitae and 1 willpower for a scene.
Enhances the power of Awe, and can be done after Awe has been used or immediately. All targets must roll a Resove + Blood Potency, minus the vampire's Majesty dots, in order to do any action that could negatively affect the vampire (harm, embarrass, etc). They are unable to even crack a joke at the vampire's expense.
Any target that is already Charmed must make a reflexive Resolve + Blood Potency roll minus Majesty dots, or suffer the Enthralled condition.

Discipline: Nightmare

Discipline description

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
Dread PresenceNoneNo cost, instant action, lasts for the scene.
Exuding an aura of fear, the vampire benefits from a bonus of their Nightmare level to any and all Intimidation rolls. This also forces those around her to be unable to spend Willpower in actions against the vampire, only defensively on themselves.
As a reflexive action, the vampire can create a brief illusion. They choose who can see it, but only one illusion can be active at once. The illusion will cause no actual harm.
Face of the BeastPresence
Costs 1 vitae, contested by Composure + Blood Potency.
The target gains the Frightened Condition and, if the vampire has Dread Presence active, they can use themselves as the subject of the target's fear.
The Grand DelusionManipulation
Cost 2 vitae, resisted by Composure + Blood Potency. Effects last for 1 night, or if the vampire uses Dread Presence equal to the vampire's Blood Potency.
With but a few words the targets suffers from the Delusional Condition. The vampire has no control over how the target responds to the delusions. The vampire must specify what this delusion is.
Waking NightmarePresence
1 Vitae, contested with by the highest Composure + Blood Potency of targets. Lasts for a scene.
Vampire creates an hallucination on the target(s) present which manifests to all senses. The vampire can control the hallucination, but once "released" it will take on a life of its own and play out till the end even if the vampire dies. If used in conjunction with Dread Presence, the hallucination can affect a group of people.
The hallucination can never be pleasant, and even "mundane" hallucinations take on a nightmarish quality (dolls eyes follow the targets, the stream hides the forms of monstrous fish swimming in it, etc
Mortal TerrorPresence
Costs 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower, resisted by Composure.
Causes the target to suffer from horrific visions that cause sheer terror in their hearts. They suffer a physical reaction to the visions (white hair, nervous twitch, etc) and gain the Broken Condition. They suffer a point of lethal damage per success (if they die, it is a heart attack). If the vampire activates Dread Presence the target also loses one Composure per success which are restored at the same rate as lethal damage.

Discipline: Obfuscate

This hides the vampire from sight.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
Face in the CrowdNoneNo cost, instant action, lasts for a scene.
Unless the vampire performs an action that draws attention to themselves, they remain hidden from the gaze of others. Those around the vampire know that someone is there (so won't walk into them), but won't remember the vampire's face, what they were wearing, carrying or doing.
If the vampire performs an action that others might notice, they need to succeed in a Wits + Composure roll penalised by the vampire's Obfuscate level. If the vampire attacks or feeds from a target, the target notices immediately.
The vampire's predatory aura vanishes, hiding it from other vampires.
Touch of ShadowWits
Costs 1 vitae, reflexive action, lasts for 1 scene.
By touching an object, the vampire extends the powers of Face in the Crowd beyond themselves. The object cannot be of a larger size than the vampire.
People will remember that the object was there if shown photos, but will not remember details of any kind.
A living creature under the effects of this power can see everything that the vampire has used Obfuscate on.
Cloak of NightNoneCosts 1 vitae.
This extends the powers of Touch of Shadow and Face in the Crowd, making the vampire completely vanish from sight. If the vampire attacks a target, the target suffers an initial penalty equal to the vampire's Obfuscate level for surprise before they are able to see the vampire. Only that target can see the vampire.
Other vampires that have pierced this powers effects will sense the Predatory Aura of the vampire. The vampire can be located through other methods, such as tracking, but each has a penalty equal to the Obfuscate level of the vampire. Other vampires add their Blood Potency to this roll as a bonus.
The Familiar StrangerNoneCosts 2 vitae.
When using Face in the Crowd or Touch of Shadow, the vampire can use this power and elect to create an image that others will see instead of hiding from sight. The image is subjective to the viewer (a frail old lady) or, if specific, will appear how that person expects the person to be. The vampire can affect objects as per Touch of Shadow, and any object affected will remain cloaked under the Obfuscation even if the ruse is pierced (and people see the real object through the vision). Only at the end of the scene scene when the power ends will the vision end.
OublietteNoneCosts 3-9 Vitae and 1 Willpower. Lasts for 1 week per dot of Blood Potency.
By shedding vitae along a boundary or over the target area and sleeping in the area for a day, the vampire creates a realm where they are master. The vampire can shed vitae over the course of multiple nights, but must sleep in the area every day until it is completed.
The area becomes what the vampire wants it to be, and they can use any Obfuscate power on themselves or those within the area without cost.

Discipline: Protean

This discipline allows the vampire to indulge their beast, taking power from it and acquiring beastial abilities.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
Unmarked GraveNoneCost 0 for soil, otherwise equal to the durability of the material in vitae.
Allows the vampire to sink into the floor for as long as they desire. They can choose to remain conscious, and have a sense of what is happening on the floor above them. Their kindred senses continue to function, but they cannot be driven into a fight or flight reaction due to the presence of another vampire. Pouring blood or vitae onto the ground allows the vampire to absorb it, but otherwise only the destruction of the material in which the vampire is hiding (causing at least one lethal damage to the vampire) can force them out of their refuge.
Predatory AspectNoneCost 1 vitae for the scene.
Vampire picks 3 aspects upon first acquiring this level of the discipline, and can alter their body to make use of any of the adaptation. Can alter the chosen aspects by spending a day using the Unmarked Grave ability, and spending a point of vitae for each adaptation changed. The vampire must keep to the theme of a predatory animal.
Aquatic: Can swim at the same speed the vampire can run
Claws: Using Brawl to attack, count at 1L mundane weapons
Extra Sense: Allows the vampire to "see without using their eyes" giving them 360degree vision
Feral Sense: Can smell / sense blood and hear heartbeats as though their Blood Potency was 2 levels higher
Patagia: Creates a flap of leathery skin underarms, and if the vampire falls 10m they can glide for 30m horizontally taking no damage from the fall
Prehensile Tail: Creates a 5th limb that cannot perform fine motor functions (manipulation) but can be used as another limb to grasp or hit things
Quadripedal: Changes to make arms longer and legs shorter allow the vampire to run on all fours, increasing speed by +4 when running and doubling jumping distances
Wall Crawling: By creating hundreds of insect legs, barbed hairs or claws on hands and feet, the vampire is capable of climbing walls without rolling Athletics
Beast's Skin
Costs 2 vitae for an indefinite period.
Vampire takes on the form of a predatory animal that they have previously killed. Must be of size 1 to 7, and the vampire can know a number of forms equal to their Protean level. To add or replace one they must kill and consume the appropriate beast, then sleep for a full day using the Unmarked Grave ability.
In animal form they gain the physical attributes and skills of the animal, including size, speed and health. The vampire can remain indefinitely in this form, but still thirsts for blood and is harmed by sunlight. The vampire can use their disciplines as normal.
Unnatural AspectNoneCosts 1 vitae for a scene
When manifesting their predatory aspect, the vampire can spend a vitae point and alter their body as follows in one of the following ways (chosen when the discipline is selected, and changed by sleeping using Unmarked Grave for a day and spending 2 vitae):
* Barbed Hands: Vampire can grab opponents and hold them with incredible force, adding their Protean level to all dice pools for grappling, and dealing lethal damage when choosing the damage move during a grapple and enabling the vampire to feed if they so desire albeit in a very graphic and gory way
* Hooked Hands: Allows the vampire to dig through soil and rock at up to half their normal speed
* Horrid Talons: Vampire grows great fangs or long claws, granting +2L damage and Armour Piercing 2 in combat
* Rubbery Flesh: Vampire can squeeze into tiny spaces, and adds Protean level to any dice roll to succeed at the contortion (such as during combat)
* Wings: Creates great wings that allows the vampire to fly at their full running speed
Primeval MiasmaNoneCosts 3 vitae, indefinitely.
The vampire bursts out of their body and becomes a cloud of smoke. Nothing except fire or sunlight can harm the vampire, and sunlight will force them out of the miasma and back into their own form. That aside, they can remain in smoke form indefinitely, even sleeping.
While in their smoke form, they can condense down to their normal size or expand up to (Protean + Blood Potency) meters in diameter. The vampire can move through any material provided it is not airtight and can perceive as normal inside the cloud, but outside the cloud is blurred and foggy to the vampire's senses. Kindred senses are not affected.
Anyone entering the cloud can be fed upon if they have open, bleeding wounds, or the vampire can force smokey tendrils into the target's lungs and steal their life force that way (using a grapple and bite attack using their normal physical attributes).

Discipline: Resilience

Supernatural resilience and fortification against damage.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
ResilienceNoneCost none or 1 per active effect.

Persistent effects:
* Add dots in Resilience to Stamina
* Reduce 1 point of aggravated damage to lethal per dot from everything except sunlight

Active effects:
* Subtract Resilience dots +1 from all non-bane sources of damage, just like armour except it does not affect how the injury looks - only it's mechanical effect. All superficial wounds can be healed overnight for 1 vitae when the vampire next slumbers
* Subtract Resilience dots from all damage from fire or other banes, except sunlight as above. Even if the vampire takes no damage, they still appear to have been burnt to the same level a living human would taking the same damage.

Discipline: Vigor

Increases strength and bolsters might.

DotsNameDice PoolDescription
VigorNoneCost: None or 1 per active effect.

* Add dots in Vigor to Strength
* Rolling Strength + Ahtletics, can jump a number of meters equal to success * (Vigor level +1)

* Add Vigor level as a weapon bonus to Athletics, Brawl or Weaponry attacks for a turn - this could damage the weapon used
* Lift and hurl objects that are normally too large or unwieldy. Any object up to a Size equal to the vampire's Strength can be used. Such weapons have a weapon bonus equal to the lower of their size of durability. Size >5 deal lethal damage to mortal, Size >10 deal lethal damage to vampires and supernatural creatures

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Vampire Disciplines, Devotions and Merits
Clan Traits

Hungry, passionate, seductive.
Nickname: Serpents
Favoured Attributes: Dexterity or Manipulation
Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor
Bane: "The Wanton Curse" - drink more than once from any one person, and become emotionally dependent upon them

Primal, hardy, feral.
Nickname: Savages
Favoured Attributes: Composure or Stamina
Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience
Bane: "The Feral Curse" - harder to resist the call of the Beast

Quiet, cunning, knowing.
Nickname: Shadows
Favoured Attributes: Intelligence or Wits
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate
Bane: "The Tenebrous Curse" - Vampire banes express themselves more quickly

Unsettling, mysterious, fearsom.
Nickname: Haunts
Favoured Attributes: Composure or Strength
Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor
Bane: "The Lonely Curse" - penalty to social activities

Unflappable, domineering, confident.
Nickname: Lords
Favoured Attributes: Presence or Resolve
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience
Bane: "The Aloof Curse" -

The Covenants

The Carthian Movement
Applies mortal solutions to immortal problems with modern and experimental government.
Internal Nicknames: The Revolution, The Firebrands, The Movement
External Nicknames: The Vermin (From the Invictus)
Available (With Status): Carthian Law Merits

The Circle of the Crone
Verenates female divinity, painful change and the old ways remixed for the modern world.
Internal Nicknames: The Acolytes (formal), The Mother's Army (informal)
External Nicknames: The Witches (derogatory)
Available (With Status): Cruac Discipline

The Invictus
Safeguards the Masquerade with hierarchy and tradition.
Internal Nicknames: The First Estate
External Nicknames: The Old Man, The Man, The Conspiracy of Silence, The Ownership, The Establishment
Available (With Status): Oaths

The Lancea et Sanctum
Preaches a dark faith, being both wolves and shepherds.
Internal Nicknames: The Sanctified, The Church Eternal (old)
External Nicknames: The Second Estate (From the Invictus), The Judges (Derogatory)
Available (With Status): Theban Sorcery

The Ordo Dracul
Members struggle to transcend the Curses through eldritch rites and alchemies.
Internal Nicknames: The Defiant
External Nicknames: The Dragons, The Order, The Order of Dragons
Available (With Status): Coils and Scales of the Dragon