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Mon 30 Jul 2018
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1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Falconer's Spire was the height of modernity and convenience; Doriah had seen plenty of that in House Deneith. The luxurious decor was at odds with the very air. Something in the city seemed to want to drench it in seawater, wreck it; rot it. Nothing in Stormreach seemed permanent or orderly, it was all slap-dash and chaotic. She knew this chaos, it was very much like a warzone.

And in the streets were the casualties. Ragged and ruined beggars held out cups or their hands: anyone exiting the Spire had coin to spare. The black faces and white hair could be alarming to those unused to the cosmopolitan mixing of races, but they were here nevertheless.

Her keen awareness showed her what she needed to know about the city guard. Much like soldiers she'd known before, they would do their job; and some would be kind, and others cruel. And it would be so much easier to be cruel.

The priest had given her enough of an idea of the city to find the lodge; and she had every reason to expect the place would be easy to find. Silver Flame Lodges were places of sanctuary, with none of the pomp and circumstance that was expected at a cathedral. A Lodge was for the common folk, who might have need of help, and did not mind being preached to while they got it.

But the city was a tangle of fishing nets, rock sculptures of curious design, and wrecked boats, all unceremoniously dumped atop the ruins of the giant's city. It took a full hour for Doriah to finally find what she was looking for.

And when she did, it was no welcome sight.  The doors had been nailed shut with mismatched boards, graffiti scoured the walls, and several stained glass windows had been target practice for something.

Zalen Trafalgar had said he would arrive soon; there might be a few days before the Stormship he'd said he was on would make port. It didn't look like this would be a comfortable place to stay, when it grew dark.
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Wed 1 Aug 2018
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1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Doriah had first come to Stormreach to escape the past, not so much running as becoming lost somewhere new with purpose. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting, but something about the chaotic nature of the city resonated with her. In some ways it did feel like a warzone; maybe that's why she felt at home there.

She'd known cruelty, though it always had a reason. She realised now that those reasons were in fact excuses, but certain tasks were required of a soldier. Tasks like killing, but now there was no one giving her orders. No one telling her when to get up, and when to eat, what to guard, where to patrol or who to kill. Now she was on her own time, she wanted to do some things right... and set some things right.

Zalen Trafalgar had been like an angel to her at a time she needed it most. She was sure he wasn't, but he'd helped her, and shown her a better way. He'd shown her there were a lot of people suffering out there and she could do something about it, even if it was a piece at a time. It's why she'd finally agreed to cross paths with him again, and help him, and sort out the new lodge.

What a mess. She'd seen worse, of course. She'd camped in worse places for months on end, but she'd been hoping for something a bit more comfortable. She didn't want Zalen to find this sight when he arrived, but she wanted to be sure she had the right building before she set to work. She'd already lined up an inn, but sleeping on the floor didn't bother her, provided the lodge was uninhabited.

She sought out some of the locals to ask some questions. There were things she needed to know, and it would be useful to Zalen as well to know who his neighbours were and what they were like to deal with.
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Thu 2 Aug 2018
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1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Old Man
The old man leaned against a corner, lit his pipe, puffed three times and then lifted his eyes to regard Doriah. "Archie don't come 'round no more. Hasn't been... in three months. Mebby four, dunno. City guards nailed it all up when Archie's replacement was a no-show as well." He shrugged. "They prob'ly got tired of answering silly questions about where they all got to. This ain't the nicest of neighborhoods, and if the free food and shelter ain't here, then it's just the rats."

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Sat 4 Aug 2018
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1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Doriah kept a respectable distance from the old man as he spoke of the area. She hadn't been told who was at the lodge before, only that it needed renovating.

No fricking joke.

"Archie was the priest at the lodge before?" she asked, assuming that was who the old man meant, but she'd rather make sure. She made a decision to talk to the city guard, wondering if it would be better to speak with them first before she got to prying boards off the building. The answer was probably.

She nodded as he spoke of rats. She and Zalen would be getting to that - shelter and food, in time.

"Thanks. What's your name?" she asked him. "The church will have a replacement priest soon. He's a good man."
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Sat 4 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Old Fish
"Ha! Good man? Might as well be a good fish. I'm an old fish. No use to anyone, unless I know something. I knew Archie, Archibald Noeliss. What a talker. Saints and sinners. Buckets to put all us fish into. I very much doubt all those fish believed old Archie's malarky, But the food was real. And maybe Archie believed all those drow, when they said they'd follow his little flame. Or maybe it didn't matter, and just feeding them was enough. Now he's gone, and the fish all swam away." He eyed the Flame Lodge, and then Doriah. He flicked ashes into the mud, and tapped his pipe against the wall before trudging away down the alley. "Thirsty. You coming?"

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Thu 9 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Doriah found it interesting that the old man thought that way, and it made her wonder too what else he knew. He seemed to have been living here for a long time. He knew the people and the area, and it was useful to her to learn what she could.

"Do you know why Archie left?" she asked. Usually it wasn't someone's way to do that, especially a priest. People clearly depended on him or near enough. She wondered if anyone else played a role in Archie's decision to leave.

"I could use a drink. Where are you going?"
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Sat 11 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Old Fish
"'Why?' can be a dangerous question, and I've not had enough to drink to answer that. I can tell you that he would not have gone willingly. And then his replacement finally shows months late. He was missing too. Ev'ryone 'round here just figured he didn't wanna be in charge of a shitty little lodge.

I was gonna go to either the Leaky Dinghy, or Run Aground Tavern.
Your choice, House Deneith. You're buying."

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Wed 15 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
She nodded, stifling a sigh because she was starting to see the Old Man was probably right. If Archie hadn't left willingly, she wondered what had become of him. Had he been murdered, his body dumped in the water? Could he still be on the property? Was he a captive of some gang in town?

"Given the alternatives, I'm hoping that the people were right and he left," she admitted.

"Yeah, lead the way," she said, not recognizing either pub's name but certain she could afford a few drinks, especially in exchange for some information.

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Fri 17 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Old Fish
"People are usually not right." he muttered. "Some people prefer the Run Aground because the footing is secure. On the ground, see. Not every shop's like that. Up high you get security, but then fewer walkthroughs. My shop's near the top. I only get the most determined of customers, and so I have a lot of free time. The Leaky Dinghy's up; not far, just enough to make her sway. The dinghy's the roof though, so it's best not to go when it's raining." He led the way down alleys, up over makeshift stairways, rope ladders and climbing along the top of a row of large stone heads. "This is a short-cut. I don't have time to waste." Climbing down the front of the last face Doriah was face to face with a relic from the town's ancient past. The features were giantish, slightly foreign, alien even. The casual power of the vanished giants was legendary. The stones kept their secrets, though, and then the inhabitants slowly forgot what they were living atop.

Old Fish climbed across an alley that had a ladder loosely tied across as a bridge, then stood on a pair of mismatched planks and looked down at the area called Fisher's Folly. It was a two-story structure made of the wrecks of several boats. The larges had somehow run aground against a large boulder. The stove in side had been converted into a doorway to the ground level. Above an upside-down dinghy was suspended over a set of platforms bound together with fishing nets and ropes. The dinghy's bottom (now the top) had a substantial hole punched through it, rendering its use as a roof questionable. "I told you, Deneith. You get to choose." He meandered through the opening.

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Wed 22 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Doriah knew that often the people weren't right, but there were always exceptions. She didn't expect this to be one of them, but life could be full of surprises. She preferred leaving the possibility open rather than the alternative.

At first she didn't really understand what the old man was talking about, but then she realised - the pub was on a boat. She followed, noting their surroundings and figuring out just what it meant to live in this part of the city. If she was going to stay here and prepare things as best she could for Zalen's arrival, she had to get her bearings. If that meant checking out the local drinking establishments, she was willing to make that kind of sacrifice.

"This is quite a short-cut," she mused, as she climbed down a rope ladder. All the while she kept a careful eye out and a knife within easy reach, just in case she was being led into an ambush or some kind of trap. She didn't believe the old man would do that, but she had money and there were those out there who wanted her dead. It was best to be cautious if you wanted to live another day.

Even she had heard of the vanished giants, and the row of stone heads were unexpected. Somewhat creepy, even but fascinating. It occurred to her it was like a maze out here, streets and alleys, and boats and ladders. She paid attention, if only because she had to navigate her way back out of it again, potentially after a few drinks.

She smiled when the old man reminded her it had been her choice. She didn't know either place so she'd merely agreed.
"I can honestly say I've never drunk anywhere like this before," she admitted. She paid particular attention to her surroundings, with an eye toward noticing whether this looked like the drinking establishment it was supposed to be, and who else was about. Did they look friendly? Were they nursing daggers in an aggressive fashion or merely enjoying their beers?

(Please let me know if I need to roll any dice). :)
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Doriah studied the interior with the practices gaze of the House profession. There were sufficient exits for both relief and concern. If the bar was assaulted patrons could escape easily from the front, back and even the roof. A trio of Tulita ate without speaking, watching her and Old Fish warily. A card game is ongoing, with a Dragoon in tattered uniform loses his coin slowly and drinks loudly. In the far back a sahaguin coast-guide carves a scrimshaw with his index claw.
The pub has one half of a second floor, and one half of a third, arranged  so she could occasionally see the tables above, when the swaying or the two floors made a line of sight. On the second floor a robed figure studied his glass as though it held the secrets of the universe.

Falgor Finney & Old Fish
"Well hello, Old Fish. What have you got?"
"I caught a new fish, Finney. Deneith here's paying, so serve us a bottle without so much rainwater in it."
"You know I'd never put rainwater in the drink..."
"Without so much seawater, then."
"Since you insist." The dwarf first served a table of hungry-looking drow natives.
"Are you still trying to keep that chum alive?"
"You know the rules, Old Fish. You can drink here if keep it civilized. 'Like a dolphin, not a shark.'"
"Dolphin's not a fish."
"What's that?"
"Nothin' Speaking of chattering dolphins, has Capshaw been in yet? The cryer?"
"You be nice. No, he's putting up flyers or helping his little group practice their shouts."
"Just as well. Say, on the subject of lost causes, Deneith here has an interest in the Silver Lodge. Hear anything about Archie?"
"Ah, still no sign of 'im."
"Twenty says he's dead.
"Well, forty says he's never found"
"No bet.
"What can I get you, sweetie?" This last was addressed to Doriah, as Old Fish was as far from sweet as anything Doriah had known.

OOC: Whenever you want to use your skills, just go ahead and roll; I'll incorporate the answer into my reply.
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Fri 31 Aug 2018
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Re: 1: Three Sheets to the Wind
Uldrik tried not to stare at the city as he walked the streets with Zalen as they approached the bar. It was interesting, sometimes inspiring, but mostly depressing. The grandeur of what had been when the Giants called this place home was apparent, even with all the pathetic excuses of shoddy construction sometimes built atop the ruins. Of course some of the new building were expertly re-fitted, or raised new with care and exacting craftsmanship. But most of it was not. Showing just how fast the city was growing and just how concentrated any riches, artifacts or discoveries pulled from the ruins were. Success in this town seemed like a specter. A presence that was felt if rarely seen and almost impossible to grab even if you were to reach it. "I didn't come here to make a fortune anyway. Let's hope this town doesn't bleed us dry before we've met our goal though." Uldrik thought just before entering the tavern that someone on the street had pointed them too.

The dwarf in clerical vestments of Dol Arrah. Although currently unarmored he did have a heavy looking warhammer tethered to his side with a long and thick leather strap. Stopped briefly at the door and helped his friend in as well as waited for Zalen to join him. He took a quick look around as he did so. More to see what sort of people where in the establishment than to really appraise the structure. He then headed over to the bar with Rand and Zalen in tow. Once at the bar he waited for the Barkeep to look at him and then ordered an Ale for himself and asked if Rand and Zalen wanted anything. Once the orders were in he asked the barkeep where they could find Falgor Finney.