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2.1 Ceremony of Truth
OOC: This is the second 'mini-game': This thread is for you players to post all of your questions that your character would ask in the ceremony.

I think awaiting on the back-and forth of this medium might take a long while to get all of the questions asked and answered. So if you have questions for other characters, post them here.

If you have been asked a question, and you choose to answer, then your answer must be truthful (and no, you can't 'exaggerate', Mr. Spock)

Each question should be identifiable, so please use the numbered list if you have more than one question, and be sure that it's clear who you are asking, or if you are asking everyone.

If you choose not to use your character's voice for your answers, that's ok, and we probably do not need much in the way of narration or description, unless you feel it's truly needed for your answer to be clear.

Olou nodded to Tremor, glad that he'd chosen to participate. "You will see, it is not so hard. We used to use the Ceremony all of the time. And then afterwards there would be a great feast. But I do not think there will be a great feast today. My hope is that we shall all open our hearts to one another."  The child rolled out the scroll and chanted in Tulita. The words were foreign, and almost sung. They were sung. The Tulita answered Olou's high plaintive song. Vincent caught a refrain in the notes that seemed to remind him of something he knew long ago, no telling what. The word for Turtle 'Honu' was repeated often. Olou's tattoos seemed to brighten, as did the markings on the other Tulita. The five Tulita had spaced themselves about the circle roughly equally, and the light shone evenly around the circle.

There was a sound, then, atop the chant. It was a susurrus of voices, most of them sounded like your voice. The sound was inescapable, echoing sentences formed inside your head. When you thought it, you heard it. Like an echo. It felt as though the enchantment was flavored with seabreezes, and sugar. Poems from Thelanis came to mind, even for those who had never heard them.

There was a line of glowing light that stretched out from the youth; Olou's eyes were closed, and the light grew. A circle of light coalesced in front of each one seated. Then another line unfolded from the circle, and then another, until a pattern of hexagonal shapes was suspended in the air, just a few feet above the wooden floor. The pattern rose in the middle until it was a complete dome. With a sudden realization, it was clear this was a turtle's shell. A feeling rose, that there was another presence here, old, somehow. Perhaps not a presence, perhaps a principal.
Zalen Trafalgar
"l feel it working. My tongue won't shape the words that aren't in alignment with my mind."
Mokoli Ali'i
Mokoli's Ali'i nodded with satisfaction, and maybe some pride at Olou's spellcasting. He spoke. "Well done, Olou. I ask you all. Will you help the Tulita? Will you help me, and not betray my people? For your answer I will have truth."
Capshaw the Crier
"I have and I will helped Tulita. I will go on doing so in my poor ways, and I will not betray you, except under torture." he clapped his hands over his mouth when he'd said that last.
"Do not be shamed, little one. Such are truths. It is known that I think Mokoli Ali'i is rash, but he knows that I will follow and defend him with my life. No one expects that of you."
The githyanki "I am tired of betrayals. I shall not betray anyone for a year. I will help Tulita, expecting some compensation in return, and the promise of learning activities."
Rand Thorn
"Uhh, yeah. If there's reward in it. If I can get the Tulita to owe me, I'll ask for assistance in the jungle. That wasn't what I wanted to say."
Zalen Trafalgar
"I'll help, of course. I do not know my limits as far as torture, but I believe I can keep a secret..."

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