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Wed 15 May 2019
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2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
Zalen Trafalgar
Zalen thanked Doriah profusely, but distractedly. "I hope you can change their mind. I hate to think that among my faults I was also a law-breaker."
The guards admitted that they did, in fact know the way to House Jorasco. They put their heads together and decided that a  walk to Respite with a lady would be preferable to any number of things they ought to be doing. And as Doriah reasoned, it got them away from Zalen's healing works.
Capshaw the Crier
Capshaw tagged along with Doriah "I want to see that lodge succeed as much as anyone. Now, I'm not dragonmarked, but I am a halfling. And I've kept my ears open. I could help you, perhaps. Maybe you would like to hear some tidbits about the goings on at the House?"
Tremor Enkau Valevine:
To Doriah, "You will need attire for the party.

In Respite, Nat'reths Fabric, go there, I will arrange for your needs and to amke sure that Durak is not the one to foisted upon you. Good day

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Sun 19 May 2019
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2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
"You should be kinder to yourself, Zalen. You do a huge amount for the people around you. I'll do what I can to help; I promise."

Doriah accompanied the guards and was pleased when Capshaw joined her. She nodded quickly, knowing it would be helpful if he could tell her more about what was going on and the role of House Jorasco in the city. "I'd be grateful for whatever you can tell me."

She was going to ask some questions as Tremor caught up before they could leave.

"The party in two days?" she asked him, remembering her deal with Tremor. There was a lot going on, but it was true she would need something to wear and time to prepare. She'd had very little time to think about it yet and to plan. She needed to know who else would be there, especially among her friends and figure out their goals and what to do.

"Thank you for your recommendation and your help - and for reminding me. I'll go there on the way back," she promised Tremor. "If I'm not back today, then it might be tomorrow. I should be, though."

After that, they were on their way.

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Sun 19 May 2019
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Re: 2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
Capshaw the Crier
Capshaw kept up with Doriah with a skipping step that did nothing to dispel the notion that the Halfling was a child. That might have also helped the Crier keep a low profile while he distributed his fliers. The guards might be amenable to bribery, but they seemed like they tended towards bullying, and any scofflaw might easily find himself on the wrong end of a guard's sword if they were caught flagrantly flaunting their authority. "Well. In all of Khorvaire, you can take your wounded to the Healing Houses of Jorasco. In exchange for gold, your health can be secured. And everyone needs some health care every once in a while. 'If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.' If you have enough money you can even bring a loved one back from the dead, with Resurrection." He stretched his arms over his head.

"But Stormreach is different. The new Houses don't have their way, and they don't have any sway. And there are older things and older ways here. Alhaura d’Jorasco is a powerful healer, and the Jorasco Enclave brought in a Resurrection Stone, specifically to cement their position as a needed and necessary part of this city's trade in expeditions. Exploiting the Tulita, by the way, was a very common way of building one's fortunes, and so much the better if you could heal unfortunates in indentured servitude to keep them useful and working." His eyes seemed darker when he said this.

"No doubt it came as a tremendous surprise when the resurrection stone failed so completely. Nine times out of ten the injured party came back to life with a completely different personality. Perhaps even a different soul. The Traveler's Curse is not just on the land; it's on those who live here. And the Traveler, blessed be He, works in mysterious ways." He looked up at Doriah.

"All of us from Khorvaire think we know; because we study magic and understand the science of it. Well the Houses do. We build airships and warforged and speaking stones and lightning rails, and we say that we understand everything. But we don't, not really. I've heard theories about the Dragonmarks, but none that were proven. That mark you bear, on your skin, maybe you know how to use it; but you can't tell me you understand it. That's the arrogance of the Houses. And in Xen'drik, arrogance gets punished. That's what happened to the Giants, and why the Tulita lived here when the first sailors came."

He shrugged. "Anyhow, Alhaura thought she would come here and make a bundle for House Jorasco; but if she's not got a reliable Ressurection then there' other, cheaper, places to go to for simple healings. The Sovereign Host, the Silver Flame, even the Blood of Vol and the Dark Six can patch up wounded bearers that the jungle spits back out. And why not give the tithes to organizations that are welcomed by the Stormlords? It's a point of pride that the Houses are kept at arm's length."

"Anyhow, to bring it back to Alhaura d’Jorasco. As far as the Stormlords and her bosses are concerned she's a failure. She can't represent her House if she can't provide their hallmark service. So she's reduced to beating down the competition. Her tenure here is nearly at its end."

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Sun 26 May 2019
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Re: 2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
Doriah slowed down every so often as it easier for her to forge ahead. She had a larger gait than Capshaw and what's more, they weren't in an extreme hurry. Just a bit of one.

"I've heard of the healing houses there before. They have quite the reputation," Doriah said, remembering the times her fellow soldiers had spoken of them. Healing spells weren't all that uncommon, but there was a difference between patching yourself up in the field and the level of professional healing some of the Dragonmarked houses offered. Some were terrible people beneath it all but the same could be said for any segment of society.

"I've never failed to be impressed by resurrections," Doriah replied. "Creeped out somewhat, yes, though it's nice to have a backup plan." She wasn't joking.

"I hadn't realised just how much the Tulita had been through until today. I mean, don't get me wrong, I knew they'd had a rough time of it and that they were exploited, but today has opened my eyes nonetheless."

Her eyes widened as Capshaw explained the resurrection stone's 'errors'. "Oh my, that's a terrible mistake.. or whatever it is, to make. I can't see that making life any easier for House Jorasco."
My heart bleeds.

"I would say magic goes beyond science. It's an art, even to those whose dragonmarks give them their power - like me. I believe there are levels of understanding. You can understand and yet not understand everything, and sometimes that can make a very big difference. However, it's not always reason not to act using what knowledge you have or what you feel you know at a given time. Sometimes that's all you have to work with, and you can do nothing or move forward."

She considered Capshaw's words and explanations. "So do you think if the resurrection stone worked as advertised, she'd be easier to deal with?" There was the small complication that that would be helping House Jorasco, but the people resurrected - if they could do so correctly - would be the ones benefiting from it most of all. Maybe there was a way to convince Alhaura to be more pleasant to those who were helping people too.

OOC: What kind of relationship do House Jorasco and House Deneith have? Do you need me to roll some dice on that?
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Re: 2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
OOC: no dice needed unless you think you need to.

Doriah knew how the Houses worked. Dragonmarked Houses were tied to the families that possessed the Dragonmarks. The magical markings that enables some a particular knack with a particular kind of magic. With an innate advantage to their domain, it had been fairly easy for the Houses to establish, over time, a de facto monopoly in their areas. Deneith had the mark of Sentinel: protection. It seemed only right that they should take over such mercenary duties as security, bodyguarding and so forth. Jorasco's healers were the best, on whole, and the fact that the gods, for whatever reason, chose to imbue their priesthood with a semblance of the House's proficiency, did not detract from this. But while many powerful people needed security, everyone needed some health care, from time to time. And that meant huge profit for Jorasco. On the continent, Jorasco was one of the most powerful of houses. No one wanted to see what would happen if their family was barred from healing services indefinitely.

One thing the Houses agreed upon (with only a few dissenters) was that together they were stronger, and so even if Orien and Lyrandar went back and forth about whether airships were an infringement over the transportation of people and goods, overall there was a gradual improvement in the status quo--and most importantly the Houses all got rich.

Doriah had yet to see her portion of these riches, of course, but she had been assured, many times, that it would come. In time.

But here, things were not so clear. The Houses were not on stable ground, and if they could not perform as advertised, then they might as well be selling snake-oil. Dragonmarked herself she should be accorded some respect. It would be an opening. And she was not considering making any requests of Jorasco, which might put her into their debt; rather her idea was to allieviate an obstacle that Jorasco was hampered by. It would have the reverse effect--putting the healers into her debt. If she could do it without implying that these same healers were sub-par at their business. It was a thin line of distinction, and, while she did not consider herself a diplomat, she'd walked that line before.
Capshaw the Crier
"Do you know how to fix the resurrection stone? I mean, yes! That's a great idea! If Alhaura  owes you, then you could ask her to lay off Trafalgar. The only other way I could think is to somehow make the House so weak they didn't have the pull that they do over the powers in Stormreach."  He scratched the top of his head. "The Tulita chose the city after the giants had fallen. They aren't like the other drow tribes, but they all have suffered for thousands of years. I wouldn't have cast my lot with the other tribes, though. The Vulkoor with their scorpions..." He shuddered.

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Wed 5 Jun 2019
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Re: 2. Brief Respite From the Looming Darkness
Doriah could see the potential issues if negotiations with House Jorasco went badly. Perhaps it would help that she was from House Deneith, because just as everyone needed healing, so too did everyone need protecting from time to time - even if they were so caught up in their own difficulties that they didn't notice it.

It would really be better if they had a diplomat for this job and not a soldier, she reasoned.
Doriah could be a blunt instrument at times, but she cared about the people who needed help, and perhaps that put her in the best position to have this negotiation. Usually actually caring won out over some qualifications that were probably relevant.

"Not yet," Doriah answered with a smile. "It really depends on a lot of things, whether I can.. or we can. I'm not going to pretend to hold all the answers if I don't, but I am willing to lend them a hand if they aren't asses about it too much. I'm not saying they are or would be, by the way. I'm saying you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and I'll have to see where things stand. I want to help out the people here so I'll do what I can?"

Doriah winced at mention of scorpions.