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Sat 13 Jan 2018
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0: Eberron background, history, questions
Eberron is a complex environment and even those familiar with the campaign may not know all of it's myriad lore.

Seek here for enlightenment.

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Tue 16 Jan 2018
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0: Eberron background, history, questions
The continent of Xen'drik is a source of many wonders:
  • Siberys dragonshards fall on Xen'drik
  • The ancient ruins of the giants hold mystic secrets
  • It is the old home of the Elven race

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Wed 17 Jan 2018
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0: Eberron background, history, questions
Stormreach at a glance:
     Population:  11,650.
   Demographics:         Humans 43%
                         Gnomes  9%
          Khoravar (Half-elves)  9%
                        Dwarves  8%
             Orcs and half-orcs  8%
                      Halflings  7%
                          Elves  6%
                      Warforged  2%
                       Shifters  2%
                    Changelings  1%
                          Other  5%  (Drow, Goblinoids, Giants, Kalashtar, Monstrous races)

         Rulers: The Storm Lords
       Founders:            Yorrick Amanatu
                              Molou Lassite
                             Delera Omaren
                          Kolis Sel Shadra
                              Jolan Wylkes
          Motto:  “Rising on the edge of the world.”

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Wed 17 Jan 2018
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0: Eberron background, history, questions
Galifar Code of Justice

None of this applies to Stormreach, the Galifar Code of Justice is not recognized or enforced in Xen'drik, but it could give a person a reason to stay.

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Wed 26 Sep 2018
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0: Eberron background, history, questions
Some questions about the Last War have been asked: I will share my answers here:

this podcast is about the last war https://manifest.zone/02-the-last-war/
and this article http://archive.wizards.com/def...x=dnd/ebds/20040629a

The main thing to take away is that the Last War was never won by anyone, and there are lots of folks on both sides that are certain they could 'take 'em' if things got hot again. So it's a cold war.

Cyre refugees have no country, Droaam monsters have a country the five kingdoms won't recognize. A hundred years of civil war, and nothing is resolved. The Day of Mourning happened and everyone called 'time out!'.

You should ask yourself what you did in the war, and where you were on the Day.
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Fri 5 Jul 2019
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The Motivation of the Houses
This is an example of the thought process of the Dragonmarked houses: it's written in response to a query about how House Deneith would react if a member of the house provided some service even if the 'official' representation of the House refused to lend aid.

House Deneith is like a huge  family-owned corporation, whose 'product' is mercenary forces, and bodyguards.

They also serve as the Sentinel Marshals for Khorvaire; this is analogous to the United States' F.B.I., or the MI-5 in the U.K.  Sentinel Marshals can cross the kingdom borders to apprehend criminals, as granted by the Treaty of Thronehold which ended the Last War. They are also charged with finding and apprehending war criminals from the Last War. They have no authority in Xend'rik, of course. The Stormlords are not signatories to the Treaty of Thronehold.

The primary motivation of the House is profit. Cost vs. benefit analysis could determine that a customer would not obtain good protection for a given price, or the hazard to a customer could make the resources lost in the event of a conflict (read: people killed) greater than the profits earned.

The secondary motivation is the brand recognition. Deneith has a vested interest in the appearance of competency in their field. Taking on a lost cause would be like a surgeon risking a spotless record of operations for a patient who might not come through. And parties acting on behalf of the House (especially without permission) could expect consequences if they failed to live up to the expectations of the House.

The third and last motivation is the survival of the House. As a family concern, this may mean different things to different members, but in general it means that no member should jeopardize the sweet deal House Deneith has with the governments of Khorvaire, or any of its individual clients (including other Houses).

In conclusion, from the point of view of the House: Doriah would know that she should first try to ascertain what the 'help' would entail. The profit/cost would be on her own shoulders. If she goes too cheap, then it might be wise to keep that under her hat, but 'payment' can sometimes be a flexible thing, and having another House owe you some favors might well be considered a good investment. The Deneith enclave denied assistance, and so knowing why that was could factor into the decision. You are in Xend'rik, and so it's unlikely you would contravene any Sentinel Marshal business, and you aren't planning on assisting any war criminals.

If you do assist, then you should make every effort to succeed. If you succeed you should appear to be compensated according to your efforts. If you do not succeed, you should downplay your involvement to preserve appearances.

All that would be how the House would look at it. You are your own person, and the might of the House is far away, and so all decisions are yours to make.

The different Houses have different domains, and so would measure this in terms of that. Ghallanda does not run every hostel or inn in Khorvaire, but there are plenty that are 'Ghallenda Approved' which means they pay a fee to the House, and must provide services that are to a certain standard. In that way Ghallenda becomes a self-appointed Department of Public Health. They will also close facilities that just fall below their minimum threshold of tolerance for services.

Similarly this is why Jorasco is putting pressure on the Lodge of the Silver Flame in Stormreach. Setting up sick-beds in a run-down ruin just doesn't fit their image of what care should look like.

But in Stormreach, the power of the Houses is much diminished from that in Khorvaire. And so you have the Leaky Dinghy and the Ship's Cat continuing their business without fret of closure, by House Ghallanda, at least.
And Havulak Prospecting carries defective Cannith-made items, which could never be sold on the Continent, at any price.