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Sat 13 Jan 2018
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0: Character Generation

D&D 5e:

The characters will start at level five.

Build the characters using the points system, either:
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
or optionally, use 27 points to spend:

You may use the optional Multiclass rules, and the optional Feats rules.

Please choose from a published WotC Class and Race, or the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron.
Unearthed Arcana rules will require my sign-off.

No homebrew, please; I'm trying to learn 5e, and I do not want to confuse myself.

Fifth level characters start with all the normal equipment, one uncommon magical item, and 500GP + 1d10x25GP.
You must define a strange quirk associated  with the magic item which your character finds inconvenient.

There are support rules for Eberron races in Unearthed Arcana:Eberron

There is the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, which you should consider as the most correct rules currently for my Eberron.

Background and story are important to include; ask yourself lots of questions about your character -- and answer them!

  • What is your character's background?
  • What did you do during the Last War?
  • Where do they come from, what have they been doing? How long have they been in Stormreach?
  • You have a connection to an organization, guild, or secret society. What is it?
  • You have a religion, or you do not. What do you believe? Are you a true believer, or do you feign worship? Weak faith? Fallen?
  • What is the nation of origin?
  • What of your family? Why did you leave home? Can you go back?
  • How does your character feel about being in Stormreach?
  • Is it a reward? A punishment?
  • There's one race you don't get along with. Which race? Why?
  • There's one class you don't get along with. Which class? Why?
  • What is your attitude towards pirates?
  • What is your attitude towards outsiders?
  • Talk about your first love interest. Why did it end? Any love interests afterwards?
  • You've been betrayed. By whom? And did you betray someone?
  • What do you owe? To whom do you owe it?
  • What was your greatest failure, so far?
  • What is your goal in life?
  • What is your biggest regret?

Bear in mind that if you don't provide an answer, I'll have to answer for you, and it might not be what you wanted.

I want to stress that these answers will help me bring your character int the world and the story, in a way that class, race, and stats do not. I will check your character sheet for accuracy later, but I will look at these answers for compatibility immediately.

If you are citing details use Eberron details, and if you do not know Eberron, then give me the description of a person or place and I'll tell you what that is in Eberron.

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Sun 29 Apr 2018
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0: Character Generation
Keep in mind these three themes:
  •      Swashbuckling Pirates and Malevolent Fiends
  •      Enduring Love and Merciless Betrayal
  •      Abject Failure and Redemption

Roleplaying well along with the themes can net your character a Hero Point. I will be the arbiter for the awards.

You can use a Hero Point to add a d6 after a d20 roll, as a bonus. You can also spend a Hero Point to get advantage before a d20 roll.

And you can spend a point to succeed a death saving throw if you failed the actual roll.

You get Hero Points equal to 5 + half your level.
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Wed 2 May 2018
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0: Character Generation
This is not necessary, but you may find it useful:
https://drive.google.com/uc?id...&export=download <-- printer friendly
https://drive.google.com/uc?id...&export=download <-- color
https://drive.google.com/uc?id...&export=download <-- DnD 5e data

When the pdf has the data loaded into it, then you can use the character sheet to build the DnD character.
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Wed 25 Jul 2018
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0: Character Generation
WotC Eberron Races

In Eberron, the languages of the races map somewhat to languages of certain nations, so we can consider gnomish and Zil to be equivalent for the purposes of the game.

If your character has spent time in different regions of Eberron then you can have up to two additional languages which correspond to where you lived.

EDIT: The Wayfinder's guide suggested that a character may, with GM's permission, swap any language gained through character creation for another. I'd like everyone to know common, though.

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Sun 29 Jul 2018
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Magic item review
The GM:
Fifth level characters start with all the normal equipment, one uncommon magical item, and 500GP + 1d10x25GP.
You must define a strange quirk associated with the magic item which your character finds inconvenient.

I must personally approve the magic item.

I found this resource Sane Magical Prices
listing sane magical prices, and determined that a proper breakpoint would be the 6000 gold price point on that list.

I bolded the above, because the prices in that document are modified if you purchase (in game or at character creation) by a factor of 0.11 .

Cost = original cost * 0.11


At your discretion, you can describe the item, and leave all the powers to me. It may be more valuable than you thought, but you have no idea what it does.

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Mon 7 Jan 2019
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New Character Sheet

So I've not really been happy with the structure of the character sheet that I indicated above; and when an opportunity came to spend some time on this I took up (at random and with no ulterior motive) Doriah d'Hevian's character sheet to re-work.

This is a work in progress, but it has some solid improvements. (Sharing with permission) Her character sheet looks like this:

 Character Name : Doriah d'Hevian
 Character Race : Human (Dragonmarked: Mark of Sentinel)
 Deity          :
 Class/Level    : Rogue (Arcane Trickster)/5
 Proficiency    : +3

Racial Traits for Human (Dragonmarked: Mark of Sentinel)
Mark of Sentinel: +1 STR, +1 WIS, +1 DEX, Sentinelís Intuition, Sentinelís Shield, Vigilant Guardian.
            Age :
      Alignment :
           Size : Medium
         Height :
         Weight :
           Eyes :
           Hair :
          Speed : 30
Languages: common, <other>

Ability Scores Point Buy: 27 points yields 9,15,11,14,11,12 
Score Mod  Name
 10   (+0) Strength     :        9 + 1*
 16   (+3) Dexterity    :       15 + 1*
 12   (+2) Constitution :       11 + 1
 14   (+2) Intelligence :       14
 13   (+1) Wisdom       :       11 + 1* + 1
 12   (+1) Charisma     :       12
*Racial Ability Score Increase
Ability Score Improvement: 4th level

Class Features for Rogue
        Hit Die : d8
         Skills : Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth
  Proficiencies : Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords, Thievesí tools
        Level 1 : Expertise, Sneak Attack, Thievesí Cant
        Level 2 : Cunning Action
        Level 3 : Roguish Archetype: Arcane Trickster, Mage Hand Legerdemain
        Level 4 : Ability Score Improvement
        Level 5 : Uncanny Dodge, Sneak Attack (3d6)

Saves Ability mod + Proficiency
  • Dexterity    : +6
  • Intelligence : +5

Skills            Total Ability  Proficiency
 Acrobatics        +3   (Dex +3)
 Animal Handling   +1   (Wis +1)
 Arcana            +2   (Int +2)
 Athletics         +0   (Str +0)
 Deception         +1   (Cha +1)
 History           +2   (Int +2)
 Insight           +1   (Wis +1)
 Intimidation      +1   (Cha +1)
 Investigation     +5   (Int +2)   +3
 Medicine          +1   (Wis +1)
 Nature            +2   (Int +2)
 Perception        +4   (Wis +1)   +3
 Performance       +1   (Cha +1)
 Persuasion        +4   (Cha +1)   +3
 Religion          +2   (Int +2)
 Sleight of Hand   +3   (Dex +3)
 Stealth           +6   (Dex +3)   +3
 Survival          +1   (Wis +1)

Cantrips Known : 3
  Spells Known : 4
   Spell Slots : 1st/3

Dragonmarked: Mark of Sentinel is from Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Roguish Archetype: https://dnd5e.fandom.com/wiki/Rogue#Arcane_Trickster
  1. you have one more language to pick (you can leave it unpicked, and then in play 'reveal' that you knew a language all along)
  2. backgrounds, combat, equipment, exp, hero points

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Tue 8 Jan 2019
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New Character Sheet
An empty version of this will be forthcoming once I ensure the sheet will still make sense if I pull all the information out of it.

I wanted the order of the sheet to mimic the order of character construction, but at the top of the sheet we do want the parts that will be dictating the flow of the rest of the sheet.

The sections are separated by horizontal rules:

Section one: Character
So: we have name, race, class, and level. Included are any sub-classes, or variant races.
Level implies Proficiency, and so I include that.
We also include the religion, (TODO: add nationality as well.)

Section two: Racial Traits
Here I just put in all the info that comes from the source material
The main thing is to list the Attribute adds, and I included the narrative choices for eye, hair color and so forth because it just makes sense to put that into a group.

Section three: Ability Scores
The small line at the top shows the point buy scores that a level 1 character got. I could get into the calculations, but it's easy enough to check and I'd rather not waste any more space on that.
The total ability score is listed, and then the Modifier. After the ability Name, then we put the calculations which adds the racial bonus, and the bonuses that come from level.

Section four: Class Features
Pretty self explanatory: the character progression grants named Features, I'm just listing the name, and if I find as a player that I need more detail, I'll either add a link or a summary in the notes. Note that Sneak Attack is listed with a (3d6) die value at the bottom, to indicate the player's current ability level. I don't include Sneak Attack (1d6) at first level because that would be confusing.

Section Five is Saves, and I only list the saves the character is Proficient in, and the current total bonus. Saves for all other tests are just the ability mod plus your roll, and no proficiency. It should be easy for this player (or me) to determine a Con Save just by looking here, not seeing Con and then taking the Ability score Mod.  Sorry if that's confusing. This section I have some second thoughts on (it should be combinable with the Abilities section, but I really don't want to make that section less readable)

The Skills are listed next. They are in alphabetical order, and have the total, then the standard ability mod and then an indicator if the character is proficient in that skill (note the indicator is the proficiency bonus.) Here we would indicate any special features that would affect the roll.

Not every character will have a Spells section, and this is where we get into the area of the lawn I have not properly mowed. Right now we just have the known and slots numbers up. Doria has chosen spells known, but I've not transferred that yet.

The last section is Notes. If you don't use them I will.

TODO: still outstanding are where to place Background, EXP, combat notations, Equipment, Hero Points (Action Points), Inspiration and other GM awards.
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Tue 8 Jan 2019
at 00:58
Skill rolls
Standard skill contests that the skill as named, and apply the standard ability's modifier, but it doesn't always have to be.

If there is a serious need to switch something up we will, and so I could ask a player for a Deception roll based off of Int, instead of Cha. (7th Seas players will recognise that pattern) Your Proficiency would still add normally, as that is tied to the skill.
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Tue 12 Feb 2019
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New Character Sheet

 Character Name :
 Character Race :
 Place of Origin:
 Background     :
 Deity          :
 Class/Level    : /5
 Proficiency    : +3

Racial Traits for race
Race: ability bonus, other trait keywords (see Notes.)
            Age :
      Alignment :
           Size :
         Height :
         Weight :
           Eyes :
           Hair :
          Speed :
Languages: common, <other>

Ability Scores Point Buy: 27 points yields xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx <- fill in with base numbers 
Name          Score  Mod       Base
 Strength    : xx   (+x)        xx
 Dexterity   : xx   (+x)        xx
 Constitution: xx   (+x)        xx
 Intelligence: xx   (+x)        xx
 Wisdom      : xx   (+x)        xx
 Charisma    : xx   (+x)        xx

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
add + 1<sup>*</sup> to your racial bonus abilities
add  + 1<sup>&dagger;</sup> to your abilities improved by level

*Racial Ability Score Increase
Ability Score Improvement: 4th level

Class Features for Class
        Hit Die : d
         Skills :
  Proficiencies :
        Level 1 :
        Level 2 :
        Level 3 :
        Level 4 :
        Level 5 :

  • Armor Class : xx = armor worn(x) + Mod (+x)
  • Hit Points  :
  • Initiative  :
     Weapon Range Attack Damage Type Properties/Notes
B : Bludgeoning
P : Piercing
S : Slashing

Saves Ability mod + Proficiency
  • stat : +x
  • stat : +x

Skills            Total Ability  Proficiency
 Acrobatics        +x   (Dex +x)
 Animal Handling   +x   (Wis +x)
 Arcana            +x   (Int +x)
 Athletics         +x   (Str +x)
 Deception         +x   (Cha +x)
 History           +x   (Int +x)
 Insight           +x   (Wis +x)
 Intimidation      +x   (Cha +x)
 Investigation     +x   (Int +x)
 Medicine          +x   (Wis +x)
 Nature            +x   (Int +x)
 Perception        +x   (Wis +x)
 Performance       +x   (Cha +x)
 Persuasion        +x   (Cha +x)
 Religion          +x   (Int +x)
 Sleight of Hand   +x   (Dex +x)
 Stealth           +x   (Dex +x)
 Survival          +x   (Wis +x)

1st Level Spells Known :
Cantrips Known : xx
Spells Prepared : xx


Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Use quote to call out special rules

  1. backgrounds equipment, exp, hero points

Add your Questions at the bottom, and remove the spoiler instructions when you are done

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