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Meanwhile, on the ship.....
This thread is for conversations in between sessions so that we can keep the action moving when we sit down together.

Right now, you are all onboard The Mandalorian Discount, headed back to your safe house on Cadomai Prime. It should take you around 2 or 3 days to get back.
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Meanwhile, on the ship.....
After meditating for a few hours, I check to make sure that everyone is okay, and offer to have the conversation about being called a murderer by Kasmar.

"If you want to hear this, I'll tell this story, but it is long. I urge you all to listen... It will explain much, and may inform how we move forward, if you still want me to move forward with you at all."

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My Story
So, I gather everyone into the main area, to have the awkward conversation of how I am a murderer. Throughout all of this, I am seated, and don’t stand up or move around.

"I introduced myself to you as Sest Otuum, a Jedi Consular and researcher. It is a lie, a cover identity, created for me by the Council. My real name is Extar Frotak. I am a Jedi Sentinel.

“I told you that I did not serve in the Mandalorian Wars. That is also a lie. I did follow Revan, and am one of only two Jedi to return to the Order after Revan left Republic space. Mostly, that is because I was not in the fleet when he left...

“Kasmar called me a murderer. I do not deny it. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you my immediate history, to help you understand why the deception was given to me to carry out…

“When I was a Padawan, Revan came and visited my group on Dantooine, before I had been chosen by a Knight or Master. He told us of the genocide of the Cathar, of the many atrocities on Vanquo, Althir, and countless worlds where the Mandalorians had mercilessly attacked innocent beings.

“You must understand, Kel Dor culture strongly emphasizes swift and sure justice, and the Republic was unable to avenge these atrocities. Revan, Alek, and others believed that it was the responsibility of Jedi, who had the ability to intervene, to do so. I followed them, forsaking my Enclave…

“I was assigned to the Jedi Knight Zam Rotor to complete my training. For the first part of the war, I did not see much action. During my training, Zam and I were part of the Republic task force that retook Iridonia, the homeworld of the Zabrak. The Zabrak have a strong individualistic bent, and value strength. Many willingly allied themselves with the Mandalorians. After the Republic reclaimed Iridonia, we were assigned with a group of Jedi to a counter-espionage unit. Our goal was to reduce the amount of Mandalorians and allied Zabrak on Iridonia by capturing them and turning them into the Republic. We were stationed out of Warton, a small frontier town, but with a decent spaceport.

“While there, Zam and I captured three Mandalorians for interrogation. I was assigned to watch over them while Zam went ahead to arrange for speeder transport. However, they were talkative Mandalorians, and were bragging that they would not be kept for long. I feigned anger and confusion, and one of them revealed that the mayor of Warton was a Mando-sympathizer, and that they would be free in a day. I thanked him for the information, proud of my successful interrogation. We knew that somebody in Warton had been helping spies and saboteurs escape, but did not know who.

“In their anger at being deceived into revealing their mole, they swore that they, personally, would do to my planet, Dorin, what they had done to the Cathar, revealing that all three of them had been there. They gleefully recounted how they had shot and killed Cathar women and children, herding them into the sea to drown or be boiled alive as the Mandalorian fleet targeted their position and bombarded them from orbit. As they bragged, I grew angry. I rationalized my anger. I told myself that they might escape, and never face justice! So, in my anger, to keep them from doing to anyone else what they had done to the Cathar, I took justice into my own hands. I slew them, bound and helpless as they were. I arranged the bodies to look like they had tried to escape, planting their confiscated weapons on their corpses. I was commended for preventing their escape, though Zam said it was a pity that I could not take any of them alive. I never told him the truth…

“For my actions, I was promoted. Months later, I was attached to a scout unit under Meetra Surik at Dxun. She was trying to push the Mandalorians off the moon, and my unit was given the responsibility of locating their forward base in our sector. As we scouted, I felt uneasy. I my inexperience, I assumed that it was the moon itself, and possibly my proximity to Freedon Nadd’s tomb. Not heeding the Force, I lead my men directly into an ambush. As the blaster fire started, and the soldiers quickly cut down, I panicked and ran. I avoided the ambush, miraculously, and nearly ran headlong into a large camp. I avoided the sentries, barely, and managed to sneak in and realized that this was the camp I was searching for. I copied their transmission codes, their plans, and left undetected. When I returned to Meetra's camp, I told her that our unit had been ambushed while I was infiltrating the camp, not that I ran in fear. Those codes and plans allowed her to form an offensive that, while costly, drove the Mandalorians from Dxun…

“Finally, I was attached to a ship as a Jedi Commander at Malachor V. We were a part of the ‘bait’ fleet, to draw the Mandalorians in. Our ship, already heavily damaged, was shredded by Mandalorians, but we held on. Eventually, I gave the order to evacuate, and we left in escape pods. Most of them made it to the surface of Malachor V; mine pointed the other way. I was lucky. Not 15 minutes later, Revan gave the order to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, crushing the planet and all ships too close, Republic and Mandalorian alike. As that wave of death and destruction rippled out in the Force, I was overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

“I woke up a week later, in a cave on a nearby system. A group of Rodian refugees had settled on one of the planets there, hiding from the war. One of them was a shaman, a Force Adept. He recognized me as a Jedi by my lightsaber, though he didn't realize how strong I was in the Force. I later learned that it was a result of Malachor V that he couldn't sense my power. In any case, he tended my wounds for the next few weeks, while we awaited the Republic ships that were to retrieve us. However, the rest of the group weren't fond of Jedi, so he kept me apart, secret, from the main group. I learned in conversation with him that he had a precious item: an old Jedi Holocron" (I pull it out) "This one. As you can see, it is slightly damaged, but it functions well enough. He had learned how to access it, and was allowed to learn from it. Pride, as a Jedi who survived Malachor V, drove me to demand it of him. He refused, and I stole it from him in the night. When he learned of this, he attacked me, and, rather than disable him as I easily could, I toyed with him, and struck him with a great blow. Unfortunately, he was old, and the strike, rather than merely disable him as I had intended, killed him. As I tried to access the Holocron, an image appeared, but, rather than instruct me, informed me that I was not worthy of accessing its knowledge. It has been dormant ever since. I have striven to live my life in a way to be worthy of its knowledge.

“After that night, I brought his body to the refugees. I had resolved to tell them the truth, but I was too afraid. Instead, I told them that he had saved me, tended to my wounds, but that the strain of healing me was too much, and I was unable to save him. They thanked me for returning his body, and I informed them that the Republic would be here soon to rescue them. We waited together, and I realized how weak I was, letting my emotions rule me. I vowed to never be mastered by them again, and resolved to return to the Order to face my penance.

“When I finally returned to Dantooine, my lightsaber was confiscated, and I was told that I had been tried in absentia, and condemned as a war criminal for participating in the Battle of Malachor V, and that my name was stricken from our records. I confessed all of my crimes to them. I did not, however, tell them that I had the Holocron, stored on the Jedi ship that had retrieved us; something held me back. While waiting for their decision on how to deal with me, I was placed in a cell with another prisoner. He was a dark side adept, captured from another planet, and he asked me why I, a devotee of the Dark Side, wore the robes of a Jedi. I was confused, and told him that I did not follow the ways of the Dark Side, but he insisted that he could feel the strong taint on me, that I had given myself over completely. It was true that I had done evil things, but I had not given in to them. I assumed that he was simply mistaken, and told him so, and he became angry, telling me that, together, we two, strong in the Dark Side, could overpower these puny Jedi. At that moment, Master Zhar Lestin approached the cell, and retrieved the Adept. He tried to strike, calling upon me as his brother that this was our moment, and he unleashed all of his (admittedly small) power upon Master Zhar in a blast of lightning. Master Zhar easily deflected it, and I struck the Adept from behind, stunning him enough for Master Zhar and the guard posted outside of our cell to restrain him. Master Zhar looked at me curiously, and told the guard to bring the Adept with him to the Council chambers. They were gone for a half hour, at the most, before he was returned to another cell, next to mine.

The next day, the Council summoned me, and I was prepared to take whatever they deemed fit. Rather than punish me, however, they showed me a holo-recording. The day before, Master Zhar had brought the Adept before the council, and told him to tell them about me, what he sensed in me. He laughed, telling them how blind they must have been to not feel the utter darkness rolling off of me. He was sent out, and the recording ended. Master Vandar asked me if this was what the young man felt, I told him that it seemed to be. He asked if I had given myself over, and I told him no. He turned to the rest and asked if they sensed any deception in me. Vrook said he wasn't convinced, and Vandar asked me to lie to them, and try to hide it from them. Confused, I did so, telling them that I was born on Onderon, and they all looked at Vrook. He sullenly told them that he was still not wholly convinced, but would accept the rest of the Council's decision. At that point, I asked them to explain what was going on. Master Dorak spoke up; they believed that I had been changed by Malachor V. When they looked at me, in the Force, they perceived my power to be equal to their own, and detected no trace of the Dark Side. Master Zhar had sensed the same thing the day before, listening in on our conversation in the cell, and curious at the claims of the other prisoner. He was convinced that I was his equal in power (far below them), and had given myself wholly to the dark Side, as he himself had. Master Dorak believed that I had been affected by Malachor V. When someone attempted to perceive me in the Force, they saw me as a reflection of themselves, their power and devotion to either the dark or the light. However, it did not extend to my thoughts, as they had proven when asking me to deliberately lie to them and attempt to conceal it.

The Council offered me a choice: be exiled, like Meetra Surik, or use my talent to infiltrate Dark Side groups and destroy them from within, in a way that no other Jedi could. I chose to stay. They created a new identity, Sest Otuum, Master Dorak's new apprentice, and I spent a year and a half training in methods of infiltration and deception. The Council sensed some disturbance on Cadomai Prime, and I was sent to look for any evidence of a Dark Side group. I believe what they sensed was the theft of the statuette. I was also to set up a satellite enclave there. This was my first assignment. During our break in, I blackmailed Neela Koorish into becoming a willing mole for me in Czerka. You all know the rest.

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My Story
Inder slaps his knee and laughs, "Hah! I knew it!" He allows a brief pause for quizzical stares and dramatic effect.  "When we first met, I thought there was something familiar, but I dismissed it, believing I was suffering from the human inability to tell individuals of non-human races apart. But I HAD seen you before - at Dxun, with Mitra!"  He mutters briefly under his breath, "Hell of a woman."

Inder shrugs off any worries of murder in the past, "I'm no moral arbiter by any means, so as long as you're not murdering old men to steal their stuff when traveling with me, who am I to judge?  The war brought out the worst in a lot of people."

A glint of curiosity appears in the corner of Inder's eye. "Any chance I could get a look at that holocron?  All that history bound up in a little cube..."

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My Story
In reply to Inder (msg # 4):

"So, you were the reporter following Meetra like a lost puppy? I do vaguely remember you. I believe that you were at my promotion ceremony."

Nodding with remembrance, I agree: "Yes, Meetra was a hell of a woman, and a hell of a commander."

Gesturing towards the others, "I will have to make my report to the council on Dantooine soon. However, to prove my loyalty to you all, I will not include any information that would infringe upon your privacy. I will make no mention of your Force-sensitivity, Inder" nodding my head to Vialiah " nor of your brother, Vialiah." gesturing to Petrov "And, frankly, I have no idea where I would even begin trying to explain your presence, Madame Petrov" and to Dh'rang "or trying to explain our project."
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My Story
In reply to Inder (msg # 4):

Pulling out the Holocron for Inder "Interestingly, it isn't a cube." It's not a cube, it's shaped like a d8. "Jedi holocrons are cubes, and Sith holocrons are pyramids. I've never encountered one like this before. After we reach Cadomai Prime again, I'd be happy to let you try and access it, though it generally requires a trained Force-user to acti-."

Shaking his head suddenly "There's that kriffing stubborn pride again. You are more than welcome to peruse it."
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Dh'rang's Tale
Dh'rang wipes down his vibro-axe absently while listening to Inder and Sest/Extar reminisce about the war and their parts in it.  When they are finished, he talks about Togoria and his time in the Togorian Free Militia while cleaning his slugthrower.

Togoria is known for being harsh planet.  Many different climates, many different species of prey and predators.  Togorians are top predators, but life is dangerous there sometimes.  Sometimes tribes fight, usually not to death, but things happen.  Males and females spend most of lives apart, but mate for long-term, maybe life if we like each other.  Males spend most of life in nomad tribes, hunting in wilds.  Females spend most time in cities, are better mechanics, so they build things.  Is strange culture for outsiders, they say "How do you have cubs when males and females stay apart so much?"  We are around each other just enough, stay too close and do nothing but fight.  Outsiders can't tell difference between Togorian fighting and Togorian mating, get scars from both.  Is way of things, I guess.

My sire was Murtaugh, clan chief of Tearing Fangs.  Was strong, much respect from clan.  Led many good hunts, fair chief, didn't go to war unless we had to.  Mother is J'tassa, is sergeant-major of armory in Togorian Free Militia.  We don't have standing army, besides, who is stupid enough to take Togoria?  But, sometimes people are stupid, we catch them and stake them out for liphons to eat.  Liphons and worms got to eat too.  We're not xenophobic, just don't go away from cities without us or try to kill our game.  Is really only rule about coming to Togoria.  Wilds are males territory, cities are females'.  You want to live?  Stay in cities.  Get lots of complaints from people we stake out for liphons.  We say "shouldn't have gone out of city."

We patrolled wilds a lot in TFM.  Sometimes poachers, slavers, or other idiots try to land ships away from cities.  We have many problems with this before when we try to be "nice cats," we get screwed.  Idiots try to catch cubs and sell them for pit fights or something.
 Is why we are so harsh about trespassing.

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My Story
In reply to Inder (msg # 4):

I appreciate you not making a story of my missing brother, Inder.

I look around at everyone, sigh and say I guess I should go into a little more detail about him though...

My brother's name is Koa and I came along on this mission to try and find out if he is dead or alive.

When we were at the ball I figured out that Koa is alive and all I really want to do right now is find him.

I look at Sest

I am a little surprised at you, Sest, but so far you haven't given me a reason to distrust you so I am expecting you to help me find Koa since I followed your instructions in the tomb even though that didn't work out the way I planned.

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My Story
In reply to Vialiah (msg # 8):

"Yes, addressing the other bantha in the room... I was trained and taught about how to handle Force spirits. While my knowledge is by no means infallible, I know of no reason why that did not work... When I do go to Dantooine, I will seek the advice of the Chronicler, Master Dorak. If he does not posses the knowledge that I seek, he will know where to find it.

You also have my full cooperation, and any resources that I can bring to bear, in helping you to find your brother.

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My Story
To Extar -
Inder almost sulks slightly, Well, "Lost puppy" isn't the word I would use...more like "daring & death defying journalist, who marches into danger despite no military training" but whatever.

If it's not Jedi or Sith, what in the holy frell is it?
(Galactic Lore - 18) to see if Inder's historical studies might have heard of something similar.

If Extar has the holocron with him, Inder takes a look after conversations are over.  If it is back at the safehouse, he takes a look after writing the articles and making sales as per the other thread.

To Fluffy -

Fascinating. I had wondered why I had never seen male and female Togorians together in my travels.  Not that I've met a lot of Togorians, mind you.  You guys seem pretty rare around the galaxy. I tried to interview a Togorion once, but he only responded in grunts.  I got the feeling that either my questions pissed him off, or he was enjoying pissing me off...or both.

To Vialiah -

What can you tell me about your brother's disappearance?  Not to "toot my own horn" but I've got a variety of contacts around the galaxy - from core worlds like Alderaan and Coruscant to backwaters like Junction and Nar Shadaa.  If you can give me more details, I'll put out some feelers and see if they can find anything.  I warn you though, trying to find one person in a galaxy of trillions is not going to be easy.

On himself -

"There is not really anything to say about myself that you can't read on the holonet already. I'm a fairly public figure - I don't mean a celebrity or anything, I just mean that vast majority of my life is recorded in my articles.

My parents were hyperspace explorers, mapping routes on the Outer Rim.  After one too many close calls they left me in a boarding school on Alderaan when I was about fifteen.  I only saw them one more time.  I assume they died in one of the hyperspace accidents that are so common to the profession.

I left Alderaan after school by hitching a ride with a group of smugglers and have bounced around the galaxy since then surviving by freelance writing.  I've written on the lives of smugglers in Hutt Space, Pit-Fighters on Juction, Corruption in the Republic Navy, Issues surrounding Republic colonization, Slicer culture in the Coruscant underworld, and, of course, the Mandolorian War - an article which,
" his voice takes on a note of pride, "won the 21093 Award for Excellence in Journalism."

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My Story
In reply to Inder (msg # 10):

Extar does have the Holocron with him. He hands it to Inder "Feel free to study it, if it will open to you. I can show you how to reach out to it, if you wish."

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Dh'rang's Tale
In reply to Fluffy (msg # 7):

Listening to Dh'rang, Extar is genuinely interested. "I have never met a Togorian before. I had heard that some of your people served under the Mandalorians during the war, but I never had the... Pleasure? Misfortune? of meeting one. Very few things inspired terror among our troops, however, like that of rumors of a Togorian, except perhaps of a Mandallian Giant..." Extar shudders "I tended wounds early in the war, but battles that involved Mandallian Giants generally didn't leave many wounded behind..."
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Mon 12 Feb 2018
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My Story
In reply to Extar (msg # 11):

"Frell yeah, let's try to open the mystery box - er, mystery octahedron? I'd want to know what was in this thing even if I hadn't discovered force sensitivity - for the history alone!"

Inder follows whatever directions he is given.  He doesn't really expect to be able to open the thing, but the chance at locked away secrets and history - it's just too good to pass up.
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My Story
Oh good, time for bonding. Petrov hadn't done much of that since before the war ended. With Coelle it usually meant killing something, same for Dh'rang, although he seemed to want pets now. Sure sign of boredom, no wonder he'd been so quick to bring her along. With Mace bonding had meant timing him cleaning his weapon blind-folded, inspecting his armor and equipment. He'd been a good kid, his armor mounts had been nearly as meticulous of her own. Bonding with Falin...well, that had led to Mace.

Thinking of them made her want to shoot something. A lot. Oh, the others were talking. She hoped they didn't want to hug and get in touch with their emotions. Right now touching her emotions would require proper safety procedures and a sealed suit, and even then run the risk of getting shot a little bit.

Dh'rang was waxing eloquent about the ins and outs of Togorian society. She didn't pay close attention, she'd heard it before.

Martel was waging war against his liver, which no doubt looked camouflage by now.

Vialiah's brother turned out to be alive. Were Petrov less jaded she might find it a sign of hope.

Inder found something shiny to play with so long as the boys shared.

Heh. His real name was Extar, humorous considering one of the few Jedi she knew the name of was Exar, not that this one was so competent or trustworthy.

What was he saying? Blah Blah Blah...Mean old Mandos...Blah Blah Blah...poor me...Blah blah blah...I'm a whiny, uppity hut'tuun. More or less what she'd expected.

Best to just go to the shop, but she'd thrown in with these misfits, at least for now. She didn't have to adopt them, but they did need to be able to rely on one another and work together, which meant a certain degree of trust. Frell.

"Before you get totally engrossed in that," she was trying to be diplomatic, or polite, or something. She'd been raised by a grizzled Togorian Mandalorian, a punch in the face was considered polite so long as it didn't knock out teeth.

"I concede some factions went too far in the war. Some embrace their darker nature. I disagree with "innocent victims" though. They were guilty of being weak, and not being able to defend themselves. The Cathar had fought us off before, but the so-called mighty warriors grew complacent, while we grew stronger.

All those we fought had an opportunity to embrace strength, to join us. I was raised by a Togorian, we followed a Taung."

She couldn't remember talking this much in a while, and quickly debated how much more to say. "You followed one of the few Jedi worthy of respect, and when things went wrong, you went back to those shriveled-ball hut'tuuns with your tail tucked between your legs and begging forgiveness. It seems to me, you lack strength of conviction, it's why you yourself were deceived on Korriban, that and hubris, but you can't help that, you're a Jedi.

One last thing. We Mandalorians didn't kill and conquer with magic. We used blaster and blade, similar, if not identical, to what everyone else we fought had."

She turned her attention to Vialiah. Her story was the one that hit closest to home. "If it's what you want, we'll find him. Just... prepare yourself, you don't know what we'll find."

She stood and looked to Inder. "After Dxun I changed my armor and identity to escape the price on my head long enough to recover from losing everything. My name is Alina Medve'deva, The Beskar Bride."

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Tue 13 Feb 2018
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My Story

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My Story
Inder's face paled in surprise and his mouth seemed to move of its own accord in sync with Petrov's words, "The Beskar Bride. Holy Frakkin crap, the Beskar Bride."

He paused to compose himself, then began again.  "It's like seeing the propaganda posters come to life.  Your face was plastered from Rhen Var to Ord Mantel.  One of my editors called you one of the greatest propaganda coups ever produced by the Mandalorians.   Whoever came up with the campaign was brilliant.  You can only recruit so many people with the "Bloodthirsty warrior" shtick.  But the young woman saved from the harsh galaxy, trained as a warrior with honor, defending her family against all that's a recruitment line.  The 'family poster' may have been the first time many people saw Mandalorians as anything other than monstrous invaders."

He briefly paused to think again, as if his mouth moved too fast for his thoughts and had to wait for his brain to catch up.  "I thought you were dead?  Now my memory gets fuzzy here this late in the war, so many things trying to kill or eat me, but wasn't there a charge of war crimes?  Something about a Republic delegation killed under flag of truce, or something?  It never made sense to me.  You were the poster girl for 'battle with honor' and you committee war crimes?  I almost investigated it myself, as something always seemed, well, wrong, about the whole thing. It set off my journalist senses.  Never had the chance before I was out."

Inder absentmindedly stroked his goatee.  "I don't remember reading any reports of your family - you;d think the republic would have made something out of the potential propaganda of their deaths if they were killed by repub-"  Inder cut off halfway through the sentence, realizing he was casually referring to the possible deaths of the family of a very angry Mando-Lady.  Deciding that he would prefer not to be horribly mutilated, he changed his approached. "I-uh-er-My apologies. I assume something happened to your family, or you wouldn't be here.  My condolences. What I was trying to say was I would have expected the Republic military to make something of your husband's death - the way they did yours - if they were involved.  The Beskar Bride and family just 'disappear' and no one tries to take credit? Always rubbed me the wrong way."
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Tue 13 Feb 2018
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My Story
In reply to Petrov (msg # 14):

Extar is still sitting, listening to the Beskar Bride, and his hands begin to clench. “Guilty of being weak? I did not realize that was a punishable offense. Of course, being a Mandalorian, you are exempt from that, correct? You are not weak, despite both of the last two Mandalores being defeated by hu’tuun—but wait, Ulic and Revan were not cowards, were they? They had their magic, they had their lightsabers, the weapons of the hu’tuun Jedi, but they were themselves not. Why? Because they beat you, and being beaten by a hu’tuun is unthinkable for a Mandalorian.

“Strength of conviction! If you had any strength of conviction, you would recognize that you are weak. But no, your people are the exceptions. You are the frelling Mando’ade! The Vode frelling An! Hu’tuun An I name you! Cowards all!

“You say the people of Cathar, the women and children, deserved to die for being weak? What does that make the one who attacks them? Proving your strength against a weakling is no brave thing, is it? Hutts prey upon the weak! Why are you different? What separates you now from a Hutt,
” He says this next phrase with utter contempt, almost spitting it out “Beskar Bride? Hu’tuun An! Cowards, unwilling to engage in a real fight!

“Hutts spend years building up their forces, Hutts spend years attacking beings too weak to defend themselves, Hutts hide their true intentions! Warriors challenge their enemies head on! You spent nearly a decade taking small border worlds, unwilling to challenge the Republic! Rather than come out and challenge us Jedi to a fight, you stayed in the shadows, slinking around, like Hutts!

Extar raises his voice, nearly shouting at her now “I murdered men in cold blood and covered it up! I fled my men, who counted on me for leadership! And when faced with the reality of what I had done, I returned, willingly, for judgment! I was ready to die because I had broken my convictions! Have you been punished, for losing to the Jedi? For being weak?!

Extar’s voice drops now. “No, I forgot. You aren’t weak. You lost to Jedi every time we fought, but it was because we had magic, not ‘blade and blaster!’ Of course, the Cathar had no defensive fleet to drive away your dreadnoughts and no planetary shield to resist orbital bombardment, and you attacked them with weapons that they did not have.

“When Jedi attack with weapons you do not have, we are hu’tuun. But when you attack defenseless worlds, you are honorable! Your ‘convictions’ change like the wind.

Extar calms himself with a couple of deep breaths. “I returned to the Order, not because the Council was right in staying out of the War, but because they were the ones who could give me the just punishment I deserve. Instead, they gave me mercy. My convictions haven’t changed, Mandalorian. Give me a reason to, and I’ll fight your people, or any aggressor, again and again until they all flee or I die.

“What about you? Would you condemn yourself to death for being weak? For losing your war? Or are your ‘convictions’ just words?

Extar stands, and walks toward his door. “You do not owe me an answer, Mandalorian. You owe yourself one. You owe your people one.” He walks out to his room to meditate.
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Tue 13 Feb 2018
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My Story
"I don't think he likes me," Petrov shrugged as Extar walked out. "And that's the problem with Jedi, they don't know how to handle their emotions." She turned off the voice modulator, a gesture, even if she weren't ready to remove the helmet.

Turning back to Inder, "I faked my death. Reasonably easy when you are mostly known by a suit of armor. I was, and presumably still am, labeled a war criminal. A Republic delegation came to discuss peace. I was tasked with security. You remember what Dxun was like." It wasn't a question, that place, in those days, not nearly enough time had passed to wipe away those memories.

"Securing the area meant as much keeping the wildlife out as it did anything else. Turrets, traps, we had it surrounded and everything was working properly before they arrived. A Senator had put together a treaty to bring an end to the war. I never heard the details, I don't know if Mandalore knew precisely what the treaty entailed. The rumor was the Republic wanted their territory back and a cessation of hostilities, as well as curtailing Mandalorian expansion. In return, they would recognize the non-Republic territories we had taken as ours. I'm sure there were more details than that, and nothing from a government is going to be that short and simple.

You can imagine the opposition on both sides. You may remember the debates. I remember vehemently changing my mind multiple times. On the day they arrived, the perimeter malfunctioned. I don't know how, I had personally checked every piece I could as many times as I could. As the first traps went off, the smell of blood filled the air, and the animals came."

Her helmeted head lowered slightly as she thought back to that day. "Needless to say, no more talks about peace. And afterwards no one outside of the Mandalorians, and not all of them, saw us as anything but murderous butchers." She gestured toward the door Extar had left through. "Sure there were bad ones, show me an organization without some. Even the Republic and Jedi attempted genocide, according to the stories."

"As far as punishment? Ask Vialiah if I've been punished. Some things, like not knowing, are worse than death."
 Togorian Hunter, 10 posts
Tue 13 Feb 2018
at 20:15
My Story
Dh’rang shakes his head at the Jedi’s back.

Is lucky ship in hyperspace, Alina not risk explosion right now.  War was bad time for all, whether Cathar deserve death or not is not Dh’rang’s place to say, but Dh'rang thinks they were weak.  Should have armed themselves, not be victims.  Galaxy is dangerous place, no room for cowards and pacifists, especially on Rim.  Be more like Togoria, band together, fight Mando’ade, impress with skill and honor, get job offer instead of annihilation.  Every species not big and strong like Togorians, not have heart for fighting.  Ehhh, their loss.

Think Jedi should stick to contemplating navels, not trying run galaxy.  Think they know better than us, think gives them right to run our lives.  Will bite them in shebse eventually.  But Dh’rang is just simple hunter, no time for philosophy.

We eat now, yes?

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 GM, 15 posts
 Your cashier
Tue 13 Feb 2018
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My Story
Just a couple of things:
1) You have no clue who produced that holocron, or when.
2) Over the course of the trip, you figure out how to reach out to the holocron's personality, but it seems to be waiting and doesn't open.
 Jedi Sentinal, 16 posts
Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 02:15
OOC: So, I'm gonna play it where Extar doesn't know anything else after he left the room, and will probably be in his room until the ship gets back to Cadomai Prime. If anyone wants to have a conversation, he'll totally have one, just in his room.
 Mando Merc, 9 posts
Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 21:38
Petrov turned to go work on implements of destruction. At least they hadn't blown up anything while traveling at hyperspace, but the journey wasn't over yet, maybe she should go reprogram a droid.
 Togorian Hunter, 14 posts
Sun 15 Apr 2018
at 12:58
Meanwhile in the workshop
While Sexstar mast- I mean, meditates with the Money Man and the small angry human on the ways of navel gazing and saber-jockeying, Dh'rang will join Alina in the workshop so we can build a giant stun baton (I was calling it a disco stick until I realized that's a euphemism for a stranger's johnson).

And while we're not working on that, we'll work on my armor.  At the very least, I can hand Alina tools, hold things steady, and generally just give her a buddy to talk to if she wants to.