Stop the Serial Killer - IMPORTANT INFORMATION.   Posted by Gamemaster.Group: archive 1
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Sat 29 Jun 2019
at 02:39
Stop the Serial Killer - IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Since this was supposed to be a 'one-shot' mission just for the weekend, I do not want to prolong it any longer.

I will be closing the threads at the end of the day on Friday, July 5. Please post and get the roleplay moving!!!

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Sat 10 Aug 2019
at 22:42
Stop the Serial Killer - IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Just a reminder...

Don't forget about your Journal Entries! I'm speaking to myself as well. Margo has posted hers, but no one else (including me...) has posted.

From experience (including current experience) the longer we wait, the harder the Journal Entries become!! If you have any questions, please ask them! I'm opening up this thread in case you want to post your questions here...even if it is who did what and where did they do it.
Dungeon Crafter
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Thu 2 Apr 2020
at 02:17
Stop the Serial Killer - IMPORTANT INFORMATION
It has been awhile, and some people haven't turned in their Serial Killer Journal! I know I just turned in mine (today!!).

So please consider working on it. If we need to, we can post Margo's Journal for you all to read (it was very detailed) to give you a reminder on what happened! Just let me know!!

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