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Sun 16 Dec 2018
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Elf Town - Inventories
As I come up with an inventory for each shop that you request inventories for, I will post them below. I will update those inventories here. If something new is added, I will mark in in orange. If something is sold out, I will mark it in red.
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Sun 16 Dec 2018
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Four Brother's Blacksmith Shop
Elias (Alexanders apprentice) runs the Blacksmith shop. He has several younger apprentices who assist him in the forging and selling of goods, though Elias has final say in price.


ArmorPriceIn Stock
Padded5 gp4
Leather15 gp2
Studded Leather35 gp4
Wooden25 gp3
Chain Shirt125 gp5
Armored Coat75 gp2
Mwk Full Plate2500 gp1
ShieldPriceIn Stock
Buckler5 gp7
Light Wooden Shield4 gp5
Mwk Heavy Steel Shield200 gp1


WeaponsPriceIn Stock
Dagger4 gp20
Light Mace8 gp2
Sickle8 gp30
Heavy Mace22 gp1
Morning Star12 gp3
Short Spear3 gp5
Bayonet9 gp6
Heavy Crossbow60 gp3
Blow Gun5 gp1
Hand Axe10 gp6
Kukri10 gp5
Sap2 gp3
Shortswords15 gp5
Throwing Axe10 gp3
Double Chicken Saber6 gp1
Light Flail10 gp2
Rapier30 gp10
Scimitar20 gp2
Mwk Scizore330 gp1
Sword Cane55 gp1
Great Axe30 gp1
Great Sword60 gp1
Halberd15 gp3
Heavy Flail20 gp3
Ranseur15 gp2
Trident20 gp6 5
Comp Longbow110 gp6
Comp Shortbow85 gp5
AmmunitionPriceIn Stock
Arrows (20)1 gp60 Arrows
Bolts (10)1 gp30 bolts
Blow Darts (10)5 sp10 darts

Custom Items:

The Blacksmith is willing to make custom items. He is currently working on several projects. You may put your order in.

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