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Mission Journals - The Neverbeast
Mission: The Neverbeast
Status: Complete
Dragoons: Anteela, Dariandaros, Braxis, Vae'Lyra
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Mission Journals - The Neverbeast
Cid called Darian and I into his office, Vae'Lyra and Braxis were in there.  He asked what we know about the "neverbeast"?

I had never heard about it.  Vae'Lyra also had never heard about it.

Cid said that in the goblin legends it was a creature that showed up every 5,000 years and destroyed the island.  That signs were pointing to it waking up at this time.

Our mission was to go find it, and then come back and get others to help stop/subdue it.

After talking the V, B and D it was decided that Vae'Lyra and I would go to the library looking for information and that Braxis & Darian would go to the mages to see if they had some information.

Nightleaf in the library suggested that we go look in the myth and legend section.  Siegfreid showed up and started "helping" with looking for information.  I don't think he or Vae'Lyra were doing much searching, they kept getting distracted by what they were reading.  I don't know why the universe is punishing me by putting me in a library with two bookworms that I have to keep reminding them why we are here.  {why me????}

... Amazingly the mages have something helpful.  All I have is a headache from all the dust the books were giving off.  Some clerk had the audacity to tell me to "reshelve" the books.  Why??  that's his job.

We report back to Cid, get our stuff and head home to Slaney.

When we arrive I head home, I invite Opie along, I know he and the mayor do NOT get along.

Braxis shows up, said that some fishermen had seen some rock pile on a rock outcrop that had not been there before.  He and Darian are going to go look at it.


Braxis comes to the house and tells Opie that Darian is STUCK to the pillar made of rocks and yellow slime.  I follow, boy can Opie run fast, he must be working out with Jax.

Braxis and Vae'Lyra catch up with me just before I get to the pillar.  yes Darian is stuck to the top of the tower.  No Opie in sight.  Darian is just waving his wing (one is stuck to the pillar), eventually Braxis figures out that Darian wants me to follow Opie's tracks.

Vae'Lyra uses a couple of spells to free Darian.  He describes the beast as a largish fuzzy looking bear with a rats tail.  We follow the tracks and eventually come upon Opie and Braxis.  Braxis starts to talk to the creature in goblin and makes friends with it.  Darian goes to get a fish after Braxis figures out it is hungry.  It rejects the fish, poor Darian.

Opie jumps up on the beast and rides it, along with the rest of us, it won't let Darian ride.  I wonder why the beast does not like him.  Braxis asks it to take us to the "neverbeast".  It takes us to the volcano, and builds another pillar.  It then travels on to Elf Town.  Mages try to attack it, but Vae'Lyra stops them, after pointing out it looks NOTHING like what the beast is supposed to look like.  Explaining that the beast is taking us to the "neverbeast".  They are going to try to destroy the pillar instead.

It then heads off to the 4th location.  Braxis gets is to communicate well enough that we figure out the beast is trying to PREVENT the storms that the comet will create.  Darian volunteers to head back and try to stop the mages from destroying the pillar.

That rat Darian, never told me the 4th location was in SNAKE land!!!!  I find out when we approach the wall, I am doing fine until Opie mentions the carvings on the wall.

... next thing I know I am in that temple next to the beast ....  wait how did I get in this room ...  flying, lightening, pain ... DARIAN!!!!  ....

I wake up on the floor.  Something had happened to Darian.  As I rush out of the building I see Darian laying on the ground next to Braxis with a BEAST standing over them.  It had huge wings, 6 legs, horns and was gargantuan in size.  THE NEVERBEAST.

As it walks away is shrinks and becomes that bear with the rat tail that we had been riding on.  It had been the neverbeast all along.

The beast wants Braxis to come with it, so we all hitch a ride.  It takes us somewhere to the inner part of the island.  It has a cave here, the forest is sure growing fast to cover up the cave.  At least there are 5 of us to tell the story of how the Neverbeast saved the island.

We go back to the Academy and report to Cid, that all was well.  That the beast apparently wakes up every 5,000 years to save the island, not destroy it.

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Thu 14 Feb 2019
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Mission Journals - The Neverbeast
Today Cid contacted us saying he had a mission for us.  I was excited to see that we would be working with Vae'Lyra and my brother Braxis.

We are to work on finding "The neverbeast".

I sent Teela with Vae'Lyra to the library.  She might have a chance on keeping Vae'Lyra focused on the job at hand.  Braxis might get involved in a card game with some of the library assistants and forget why he was there  (haha).

So Braxis and I are going to the mages, which is good because the mages are used to seeing him around, since he comes with Vae'Lyra for her training.

...  Wow the mages even have some information about the neverbeast.  Some of them are linking with beast with a comet, which is suppose to come close in 2 days!!!  They say that the beast is gargantuan in size, has huge bat wins, demonic horns, is furry and has 6 legs.

Important thing is that it needs to build 4 pillars on the island.  they are estimating that the pillars will be built close to the village Slaney, Elf Town, the volcano and the serpentfolk.  Yippee!!! I get to deal with AnTeela and the snake people again.

the mages say they will send scouts to the serpent folk and the volcano.  They have already got people looking for the pillar here by Elf Town.

We need to head to Slaney and find the pillar.

Off to dig Vae'Lyra and Teela out of the library.

We report to Cid and then head for Slaney village where one of the "pillars" is suppose to be built.

Teela and I head to her father's house when we arrive.  Opie is invited to come and eat with us.

Braxis shows up and says that some fishermen have seen a rock pile being built on a rock outcrop.  Braxis invites me to go with him to take a look.  Ooooo brotherly outing.

Wow!!!! the rock pile is 40 feet tall!!! and put together with some type of yellow slime.

Braxis and I try to freeze it.  Stays stuck together.  I fly up to the top and after trying to freeze the rocks, try to push some off of the pile.

My paw got stuck!!! to the rock.  As I try to pull away somehow one of my wings gets stuck to the slime!!!

Braxis flys off to get Opie.

While I am stuck to the pillar and Braxis gone.  A strange fluffy bear like creature with a rat tail comes up to the pillar.  It picks rocks up in its mouth and then spits them onto the pillar.  It floats rocks in the air and slowly comes up the side of the pillar.  I do what any sane creature does, I tried to paralyze it.  Nothing happens!  It then starts to put rocks around my feet.  I then try to sing to it, it spits a rock in my mouth.

Opie eventually shows up, he laughs, HE LAUGHS at me.  "Oh he is going to die when I get off this pillar".  I motion for him to follow the tracks of the creature.  He eventually figures out what I am trying to tell him and he follows them.  Soon Braxis, Vae'Lyra and Teela show up.  I motion for Braxis to follow the tracks, he quickly figures out what I want him to do (He is really smart, sometimes).

Vae'Lyra uses an acid spell and a grease spell and finally manages to free me.  We follow Opie and Braxis.

Braxis and Vae'Lyra figure out the creature responds to goblin.  Braxis makes friends with it by feeding it coconuts.  It does NOT like me.

Braxis asks it to take us to the "neverbeast".  Opie jumps on the beast, it does not react so the group rides him.  I have to fly because the beast won't let me ride.  rrrr  The beast takes us to the volcano!!! I think that is all the way across the island.  During the night he builds another pillar.

He then takes us to the north to Elf Town, the elves try to hurt the beast, but Vae'Lyra stops them.  Tells them to try to destroy the pillar instead.

Off to the 4th location.  While we are traveling Braxis has the bright idea to ask the beast to grunt 1 time if the towers would bring the lightening, 2 grunts if they are to stop the lightening.  The beast grunts twice!!!!

I then start flying back to stop the mages.  I finally arrive and stop them from destroying the tower.  Find out from the mages that the serpent folk are planning on attacking the beast and killing it.

I fly as fast as I can, It is going to be a LONG night. ...

I fly into the serpentfolk lands, I can feel Teela (she is hysterical - nothing new around the serpentfolk) - at least I can use her to gain a direction to go in.

I yell out as I enter the temple "Watch out... serpentfolk ... kill ... beast".

Oh no!!! the serpentfolk did attack the beast!!  Wait, they are healing it.

As the beast wakes up it walks out of the temple and into the courtyard.  Soon rocks are flying around and it is building another pillar.

A bad storm comes in, soon there are tree limbs and other debris flying all over.  Everyone is going inside the buildings and hiding.

The beast starts to climb up the side of the pyramid.  Braxis and I go with him, clinging to the fur on his neck.  He is starting to grow horns, wings and get larger in size.  He is the NEVERBEAST!!!!

Soon there is lightening hitting all around us.  It hits a wall close to us and rock fragments fly all over.  The beasts eyes are cut.  Braxis climbs into his face and shields his cut eyes.  I climb up and hold onto the fur of his head and try to direct him.

Electricity is being attracted to his horns, he shoots it toward the glow in the sky.  The beast is hit!!!  We are falling...

Opie tells me that we died when the lightening struck the beast.  Because we died our other half also died.  He tells me that the beast brought Braxis back, then started walking away and that Opie yelled at it until it brought me back.  Sheesh.

Teela, Vae'Lyra and the other serpentfolk come out of the buildings.

As the beast walks away it changes back into its cute large bear form.  It nudges Braxis to come ride it.  We are taken to the center of the island.  It makes for a cave and Braxis goes in with it.  [Braxis tells me they are friends and wanted to say goodbye to it].  As Braxis comes out, you can see the forest plants growing quickly to hide the cave.

We then head back to the Academy and report to Cid.

Poor Opie, he had to confess that while under his guardianship both dragoon pairs had died, but as Cid could see, we came back to life.

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Mission Journals - The Neverbeast
Vae'Lyra's Mission Journal
A Summary of The Neverbeast

The Neverbeast appears to be an ancient creature, possibly a Magical Beast, that awakens once every 5000 years. Its awakening coincides with the passing of an astrological event, a comet. The Neverbeast resides in a secret location on the island of Ko Phi Phi Lee. I will not disclose the exact location of the Neverbeast, should curious adventurers decide to attempt to find it.

The Neverbeast was first thought of as a creature of destruction. Miss-information gleaned from the poorly preserved writings of ancient Goblin tribes led scholars to believe the Neverbeast was the source of the islands possible doom. The truth is quite the oppostite. The Neverbeast awakens to save the island (and possibly all of Golarion).

The Comet: More research must go into the Comet itself, but from observation, it is clear that it was meant to strike our planet. The Neverbeast used a storm of hurricane proportions to gather enough energy to strike the Comet and change its path.

After which, the Neverbeast returns to its slumber and awaits the next time the Comet will arrive.

It is my hope that more information can be passed down properly, and that the generations to come will hold onto the truth. The misunderstandings of the past almost lead to the death of the Neverbeast before it could complete its task.

On a side note: Once I have the skill and magic to do so, I will do my best to place protective wards on the Neverbeast and its sleeping grounds, as well as a magical beacon that will call those who wish to help the Neverbeast to its side in 5000 years.

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Mission Journals - The Neverbeast
The Neverbeast Mission Journal

Let me begin by saying that dying hurts. Yes. You read that correctly. Dying hurts. Granted, I suppose there are worse ways to die than electrocution. I hope to NEVER find out how any of the other ways feel.

So this all began with a 'simple' Mission to find out more about the Neverbeast and the possible destruction of Ko Phi Phi Lee. Let's just say no one really knows anything. We split up. Dariandaros and I went to the mages to see if they knew anything--and all they had was a bunch of old, poorly written notes by Goblins. And I don't mean the Goblins in Chief Bobo's tribe. No...old, illiterate, and ignorant Goblins. Superstitious...and probably stupid. They had the Neverbeast described as some gargantuan, destructive, beast of DEATH! Of course, they were wrong.

Now, we found out that the Neverbeast would build four pillars along the island (I still can't believe the Goblins actually got this detail right!). We thought that maybe destroying the pillars would save the island from some giant electrical storm (yes, the one that will kill me). I am so glad we failed.

Turns out the Neverbeast is this REALLY CUTE AND CUDDLY creature that was building the pillars so that it could harness the energy of the storm to STOP the destruction of Ko Phi Phi Lee.

We decided to help it, and well, attempting to help this thing was harder than it seemed. Turns out we had to stop the mages from destroying a pillar. We had to travel into the Serpentfolk lands (good thing we are on good terms with the snake people). They tried to kill the Neverbeast (WHO COULD ATTACK SOMETHING SO CUDDLY!!!). We convinced them to save it instead.

When the storm came, the Neverbeast transformed into the Gargantuan, destructive, beast of death that had been described. It needed our help however. Dariandaros and I assisted it as it flew into the storm. It as blinded and we protected it and guided it up. Well, I don't know anything after that, because I died. Yes. The storm killed me. And Dariandaros.

I do know that they told me the Neverbeast saved me (and Vae'Lyra). It didn't want to save Dariandaros (let's just say it didn't like him)....but was convinced otherwise.

I know I will never get the see the Neverbeast again, but one day my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will return to the island and help the Neverbeast.

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