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Character Creation
1. Relook at the House Rules (Especially Skill stacking and Proficiency).

2. Select your Culture, Class and Background. Characters start at Level 1.
   -As you build your character a few things to consider so you don't get disappointed picking skills and equipment you will never get to use.
   -I don't anticipate that the game will get west of the Misty Mountains (Maybe Rivendell)-focus will be on the Wilderland.
   -Lots of time in terrain that is not horse friendly. If you wish to play a Rider of Rohan-pm me and we can look at an acceptable alternative for your horse.
   -Same with other cultures that may have an item/ skill of little to no use in Wilderland.

3. Starting Abilities are 15,14,13,12,10,8 arranged in any order.

4.  HIT POINTS:  All characters receive maximum hit points at 1st level.  Hit dice are rolled normally after that.  Be sure to apply any modifier for your Constitution bonus.  After 1st level characters will roll, if you get below your class's 1/2 way round up to the 1/2 way.  EXAMPLE:  A Slayer rolls a 2 for HP, the character would round up to 6 HP.  This is done before you add your Constitution bonus.

5.  STARTING EQUIPMENT:  Per AiME Players Handbook.  (Any item not found in the AimE PHB has to be approved by me)

6.  Age and the passage of years in an integral part of the flavor of AiME.  Expect your character to age and possibly marry and have children as part of the fellowship phases.

7.  Choose any Character sheet that you like from other 5e games or the resources here on RPOL.  IF you can't find a sheet PM me and I will get you one.

8.  In your Biography Line 1 belongs to you to describe yourself, line 2 add your AC, HPs and Mulligans.

9.  Send me a PM that you are done so I can do a once over.

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Tue 2 Jun 2020
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Character Creation

At this point all new characters will start at Level 2 with 500 XP

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