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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
The party settles in for a winter among the woodsmen and their old friend 'Blackfeather'

The opportunity for smoking pipe, rest, study and reflection is great as the leaves turn color and fall to the forest floor.  The Nights start getting longer and a cold chill fills the air.

In mid November Radaghast returns to Rhosgobel shortly before the harsh winter winds find the Anduin Valley.  By late November the forest is covered in a thick winter snow.  With the arrival of the snow-hunting becomes easier to track and find game, it appears that even the spiders don't like snow and cold and have disappeared.

Radaghast informs you that he escorted a young Hobbit named Perrin to Beorn to help the little one get home to the shire.  He is quite taken with Hummond and has lots of questions of the Shire.

Winter gets harsher and the group celebrates with Blackfeather the pre-wedding celebrations-ranging from hunts, to feats of strength.

Gundri and Thiriswen are also invited to attend pre-wedding activities with the Dawn Maiden.

Asgrim, Gundri and Thiriswen are all part of the actual wedding party.

It is obvious that 'Blackfeather' and the 'Dawn Maiden' are in love and with Blackfeathers recent success vs the Spiders has gained near complete authority in the village and Radagasts eyes.

In early Spring Woodsmen leaders from across Mirkwood arrive (East Bight, Mountain Hall, Woodman town, Woodman Hall and the Black Tarn for the week of wedding celebrations that will end with the Annual Folk moot of Wilderland.  The wedding and week of celebration go with no serious problems.

OOC:  Post your Fellowship actions here.  Next Adventuring phase will start with the Folk Moot

On one of the pre-wedding hunts you find strange prints that almost appear as a hobbit walking on all fours.  By mid November they are gone and do not reappear.

Also you can use Riddle, Traditions or History to do a speech, song or other celebratory event at Blackfeathers wedding. DC 12
   -Success earns you a feather pendant from Blackfeather (Advantage with any reaction with woodmen from Rhosgobel)

   -If you break 20 your event is spoken across Mirkwood by the woodsmen and you gain an elegant carved wooden mug commemorating your event-that gains you advantage with any woodsman in a 'non-combat setting'

Gundri and Thiriswin can also do a Riddle, Traditions or History roll for activities with the Dawn Maiden.  A song, speech, a token of your people for her wedding garments, etc.  DC 12
   -Success gains you advantage with any woodswoman of Mirkwood.

   -DC 20:  Will gain you as a close confidant of the Dawn Maiden.  Similar to having her as a Patron.

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Fri 9 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
These were happy days for her friend, and so Thiriswen seemed in a good mood.

She helped with Blackfeather's wedding - it was an awkward, but well-meaning stay and though she slept little and wandered often even in the dead of winter, she was always at hand to help when her help was needed. The footprints they found in November kept her puzzled for quite a while as she tried to figure out exactly what it might have been.

Finding nothing, however, she simply assumed it was a goblin - or an unlucky hobbit that happened to have some kind of accident. Still, she ranged as far as she could, even daring to wander near Dol Guldur quietly, to observe what was going on in the depths of the woods.

She does little celebrating, the moody elf inclined to stay mostly within herself and far away from others. Though, sometimes her companions could hear her singing late in the evening, after the stars had come out, though finding her was always tricky until she emerged from a thicket or hopped off a tree branch.

Notable was the speech she gave at Blackfeather's wedding - it was simple, but fond, and spoke highly of him and his noble heart.

1st Traditions:
14:16, Today: Thiriswen rolled 15 using 1d20+2 with rolls of 13.  Traditions.

2nd Traditions:
14:16, Today: Thiriswen rolled 5 using 1d20+2 with rolls of 3.  Traditions.

Fellowship action:

1. Open Rhosgobel as a sanctuary.
2. Heal Corruption at Rhosgobel. (Success with a 17)

3. Bonus Warden Action: Ever Watchful, will ask around travelers and people over the months for local news and happenings to keep up to date with what's going on in the region. (Success with an 18).

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Fri 9 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
Asgrim was glad to help out around Rhosgobel and with various task for the wedding. In truth he was far more happy spending his time hunting, cutting wood or simply sitting near the hearth with a good drink as he listened to the stories of his companions.

During the wedding he attempted to fit in but he was never quite comfortable in large gatherings. He had planned a toast to his friend and had hoped it would be memorable but when it came time it was far from what he had hoped. Ending up short and easily forgettable.

10:17, Today: Asgrim rolled 3 using 1d20+1 with rolls of 2.  History.
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Fri 9 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
Gundri tries to lose herself in the celebration, and does manage to focus on the ceremony. She makes a toast to the bride and groom. She expresses her fondness and hopes for them with a poignant aphorism about seasons in the forest. The Men of the woods murmur their appreciation and Blackfeather offers her a gift.

Gundri tries to share in the traditional celebrations with the Dawn Maiden, but her concentration wanes. Gundri pleads fatigue and retreats to her own quarters. There she resumes the work that has been occupying her for some days. She fills papers with writing and clicks beads on her abacus. She calculates rationing, consults weather almanacs, and plots routes around Dul Godur.

Buying a leather corselet, a broadsword, a horse, a saddle, some athelas potions, and some shadow-thorn.
Can anyone find the part of the book where it says what Horses cost? This is infuriating.

Fellowship Action:
Research Lore on Dul Gudor and the goblins there.
Rolled 12. Blew it.

Are there secret entrances to that part of the land?
What sort of hazards are there in the foliage & greenery?
What traps might the Necromancer have left behind?

Would also like to use Lore of the Lost on Fenbridge Castle.
 - When hearing about a region or ruins for the first time, may know something about it & how to find new information.

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Sat 10 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
Valtharr wintered in Rhodgobel. He thought about heading home to tell tale of his adventures, but it would take too long and the roads were dangerous... and home stank of fish.

He spent his days hunting game with the woodsmen and his nights drinking and swapping tall stories. They were a rough folk but honest and welcoming, and he enjoyed their company. He ate boar and venison, rabbit and pheasant, anything they could catch with bow or spear. His aim was steadily improving, and he showed them a few tricks for staying quiet, tricks even the woodsmen didnít know.

He was glad to see Dagmar and her party depart. He had done his best to be friendly, but not too friendly. It had been a while since he had enjoyed the affections of a good woman, but he feared her affections may well break him! So when time came he waved her off with a promise to visit if he should be passing her way, a promise he didnít want to keep.

He helped as best he could with wedding preparations, whether it was gathering food or helping with the decorations. He was looking forward the the wedding, having never attended such a grand affair. When his turn came he offered them a story, an old tale from his home. It was a tale of lovers on the lake, one from the land and one from the water. A doomed love, for they could not exist together in either realm. But is was a tale with a happy ending, for a powerful wizard witnessed their forlorn love and helped them. One night they were transformed into giant otters, able to live together in water and on land. Finally, they were free.

The tale was well received, with many a damp cheek on the faces of even the hardiest of souls. He was rewarded with a Blackfeather Pendant as a prize for his story.

Action 1 - open Rhosgobel as a Sanctuary
Action 2 - heal corruption
Also levelled up and bought some new gear

09:59, Today: Valtharr, Son of Valbrand rolled 14 using 2d20+1, dropping the lowest dice only with rolls of 2,13.  Heal Corruption DC13.
09:36, Today: Valtharr, Son of Valbrand rolled 13 using 1d20+2 with rolls of 11.  Traditions.
08:47, Today: Valtharr, Son of Valbrand rolled 6 using 1d8 with rolls of 6.  Level 3 hp .

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Sat 10 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
Hum had been busy during his long rest at Rhodgobel. At first, he focused on cooking for his companions and the few Woodsmen that were their guests. His meals consisted of hearty coney stews, honey baked bread, roasted venison or boar from the hunts, and much more. The stout hobbit also hummed and sang wherever he went and spent some time composing a song to be sung at The Blackfeather's wedding. A song he often changed and rewrote over his long winter's break.

Many a day was spent talking among his Fellowship. Some of their conversations were about a mysterious tower to the south of Rhodgobel but north of Dol Guldur. Hum had shown them the note Quickfeather had nearly died to bring to them and The Blackfeather. The tower was said to house a host of orcs. The winter snows prevented them from immediately investigating the place, but Hum hoped they would. Orcs so close to the Woodsmen's lands bode ill for them and all free-folk.

As Hum passed his time, he often sought out the songs of the Woodmen as he had done with the Erringmen of the caravan. Songs of the hunt and their lives living near the forest of Mirkwood. Once he walked about in the evening while smoking his pipe, Hum heard a lovely voice singing in elvish off in the wood, and he followed it. Though he never could find Lady Thiriswen, he was certain it was she. Her voice reminded him of a faraway land and mayhaps a time long past. Many a night was spent listening to those elvish songs that brought both smiles to his lips and tears to his honey-brown eyes.

It was not until November that Hum found out what became of Perrin, his cousin, and friend. Radaghast The Brown had taken him to see Beorn so he could help the Hobbit cross the Misty Mountains and return to the Shire. Though Hum was most sad to lose Perri's company, he soon found himself a guest at Radaghast's own cottage. Hum and The Brown Wizard spent many evenings talking about the Shire and his latest adventures. Hum told the Wizard about the slavers that had captured him, the slaying of the spiders, the encounter with Dagmar, and the note about the mysterious tower. Hum had never been in the presence of a Wizard and found his ways both strange and wonderous at the same time. So much so, that he pledged his service to him.

At last, came the wedding itself! Hum had offered to help with the feast's cooking in The Blackfeather and Dawn Maidien's honor. While doing so, he listened to his companions while giving speeches, toasts, and telling stories to both the bride and groom. When at last, it was his turn, Hum found himself quite nervous. The Hobbit cared for the Woodsman greatly and wanted it to be special. Radaghast himself, his new Patron, was present as well! Yet, in the end, his voice and song were pleasing enough to earn him a silver feather pendant in thanks.

10:04, Thu 08 Oct: Hummond Goldworthy rolled 9 using 1d20+2 with rolls of 7. Performance Check!
Should be 13 as Hum's Performance is now +6 not +2. Thanks!!! :)

07:47, Thu 08 Oct: Hummond Goldworthy rolled 7 using 2d20, dropping the lowest dice only with rolls of 7,1.  Investigation- Ever Watchful. Failed

Fellowship action:

1. Open Rhosgobel as a Sanctuary.
2. Take Radaghast as a Patron.

Hum will try to order a Dwarven Short Sword if he may go for 3g 10s, Dalish Fireworks 1g (a possible gift for Blackfeather's Wedding), 3 flasks of oil 60cp or 5s, 3 extra Pocket handkerchiefs for 3s, and a pony. Plus, Hum's Standard of living at 12g. For a total of 16g & 18s! Not sure of the price of a pony, but I will deduct all of this if you approve.

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Sat 10 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
GM - note I now have Treasure Lore as a feature, in case I overhear any gossip before or during the wedding celebrations!
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
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Year 2947:  Winter Fellowship Phase (OCT 2947-May 2948)
The winter is long and cold, but Blackfeathers house is warm and comforting.  The party finds great comfort and relaxation.  The wedding is a great affair with many of the lords of the other woodland halls attending.  The wedding celebration is timed to take place before the annual Folk moot.


Everyone gains Rhosgobel as a Sanctuary.  House rule-This allows the player to select a Woodsman heirloom in addition to their own culture.

Gain the feather pendant: Thiriswen, Valtharr, Gundri and Hummond (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

Gain an elegant carved wooden mug commemorating the wedding and your speech:  Gundri (Advantage with any woodsman in a 'non-combat setting')

-Valtharr heals corruption (-2 Shadow points)
-Thiriswen heals corruption (-2 shadow points)
-Asgrim attempts to heal corruption and fails
-Hummond spends as much time as he can talking with the Wizard Radaghast (Patron)

HP rolls:  If you fall below 1/2 round up and add your CON Bonus.  ie. you have a d8 for Hs and roll a 2-round up to 4 and add your CON Bonus

I can't find the horses either-just use the PHB and change GP to Silver Coins

Hum-Except for the Dwarf short sword-the rest of your purchases are fine.  You are just a traveling companion of Gundri and not quite worthy of such a gift.

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