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Sun 14 Jan 2018
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Request to Join

 a.  This game is set in Tolkien's Middle Earth using the new Adventures in Middle Earth (DnD 5e) rules.  It will take place during the time frame between The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings.

 b.  House Rules are set up to help maintain the Tolkien flavor, game flow and enhance the gaming experience on RPOL.  You MUST have the Adventures in Middle Earth players Hand Book; either hard copy or in PDF.  The DnD 5e players handbook will also be useful-but not required.  No experience with this game is necessary and new players are welcome.

 c.  I run the game Rules Light, if you like recite verse and quote from rules then this is probably not the game for you.

 d.  Middle Earth is Magic light.  Few magic items and even fewer spells.

 e.  Do you want to play in a game where you can adventure in Tolkien's Middle Earth and explore an aspect of his world that is a bit of a blank canvas.

2.  If you are still interested in playing.

 a.  Send me a PM with a short outline for your character, that will include-

   1)  Culture, class and background

   2)  Outline: How did you end up in Esgaroth at the Pot and Barrel Inn in early April 2946. What has drawn you to Wilderland?  Is this your land and you want to take up arms to defend it? Are you searching for something that was lost?
      -I am looking to see that you have some base Tolkien knowledge to help enhance everyone's experience.
      -As you think about your character the vast majority of this game will be in Wilderland-From the Misty Mountains in the east, West of the River Running and staying, North of Rohon and Gondor.

   3)  Statement that you have the Cubicle 7 Adventures in Middle Earth Players Handbook.

   4)  What other LOTR games have you played or products do you own?  I am drawing heavily on MERP modules, The One Ring Supplements, and Adventure in Middle Earth supplements.  To enhance your experience want to ensure that I alter/ adjust anything you might have played before.

3.  I'm going to take my time with RTJs (at least a week) to ensure that you have the opportunity to present a well thought out character and that those selected blend together for a good party.  Definitely not a first come first selected party.

4.  At this time I'm thinking of about 4-5 characters for the game.

5.  Again the posting rate will be about 3 times a week.  I would call it a moderate posting rate.  Intent is to have fun and not become a burden.

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Fri 9 Feb 2018
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Request to Join
Here is the current party:

They are in Rhosgobel and its Spring TA 2948 (7 years after the Battle of 5 Armies)

Gundri                  Dwarf (Erebor)          Seeker of the Lost; Treasure Hunter-4
Asgrim                  Dunedain                Lure of the Road; Wanderer-4
Valtharr                Man of the Lake         Lure of the road; Treasure Hunter-3
Hummond                 Hobbit                  Loyal Servant; Warden-3
Ghostwalker             Woodsman                Driven from Home; Warrior-2
Jeffer Dunhill          Hobbit                  Lure of the Road; Wanderer-2
Ingorwen                Dunedain                Harrowed; Scholar-2

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